5 Things You Should Consider Before Moving Out

By Victor O

It feels liberating to finally live on your own, whether that be the thrilling experience of a college dorm or an apartment. It is a different ball game. We don’t want you to learn the hard way; these tips will prepare you for ‘adulting.’

Image credits: rnaol / Unsplash

1.  Interior décor is expensive

You probably won’t know how expensive curtains are till you need them. Take things slow and focus on necessities such as wall paintings and furniture first. Splurging on fur rugs and high-ended China vases might leave you stranded later.

2. Always carry out maintenance checks

That tiny crack in the wall or dripping shower head might be too small to worry about now. But it could end up costing you tons of money. Routine checks on everything in your house will help you detect issues before they get worse. Fix that tap head today!

3. Save for contingencies

Life happens, and on some days, it might be your turn. It is always good to have spare cash for those unprecedented issues. Be it a broken thermostat, infestation or even a stained carpet, prepare.

Image credits: Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

4. You will have to do it yourself

Hate to break it to you but moving out, especially to live on your own, means you have no one to pick up after you. Things will be the way you leave them, so your trash will not take itself out, and your laundry will not do itself. Everything is your responsibility.

5. Get a flatmate

Having a flatmate means you both chip in for all expenses. It significantly reduces your household expenses, cost of furniture and other necessary property. But make sure you move in with someone whose lifestyle’s compatible with yours.