Everyday Hot Glue Gun Hacks To Get Stuck On

By Bruna L February 8, 2024

Everybody loves a good life hack, and there seems to be one for just about anything you can think of! You can’t really escape them whenever you go online, and while some of them are pretty silly, others are helpful, especially when it comes to arts and crafts. If you’re like us and love DIY stuff, then you know one of the most versatile items you can have at home is a hot glue gun! They can be used not only for your crafting projects but also for all sorts of minor repairs around the house. But did you know they have so many more uses? That’s right. If you love your arts and crafts and enjoy life hacks, this is the article! Here are glue gun hacks we wish we’d known about sooner!

Temporary door stopper

Slamming doors are annoying, but things get even worse if you’re renting an apartment and cannot damage anything. Know that wall your bedroom door keeps slamming into? The paint is badly scratched now. Guess who’s not getting their deposit back?

Image Courtesy of tiphero.com

To avoid this problem, just grab some hot glue, a bottle cap, and tape. Attach the tape to the wall and hot glue the bottle cap to it. Now your door won’t slam anymore and, when you move out, you can easily remove your door stopper without causing damage.

Keep your rugs in place

Most people have carpets at home, but in some rooms, you simply can’t have one. For those rooms, it’s common to have rugs instead! One big problem with rugs, though, is that they tend to slip and slide all over the place when you walk on them!

Image Courtesy of Facebook/TheKrazyCouponLady

If that happens in your house, you don’t have to deal with it anymore. We have the perfect solution for this problem. Hot glue! Apply it to the bottom of your rug, wait for it to cool, and it’s done! It will provide enough friction so that it won’t slide around anymore!

Fairy lights everywhere

Fairy lights are a great way to touch up the vibe of any room, be it interior or exterior! They set the mood for a cozy evening with your friends or family and look pretty good in pictures. It’s no surprise they are so trendy at the moment!

Image Courtesy of telegraf.com.ua

If you want to have these fantastic decorations at home but don’t want to damage your walls with nails, you can easily use hot glue. Just hang your fairy lights wherever you want them and use a small amount of hot glue to fix them in place. It’s that easy!

Safer cutting boards

If you enjoy cooking but can’t afford expensive cutting boards made of wood, you know how hard it is to prepare meat without everything sliding everywhere. Plastic cutting boards may be the cheaper option, but they sure make the process harder.

Image Courtesy of chascrazycreations.com

If you want to solve that problem, but don’t want to invest in better equipment, don’t worry! All you need is your trusty hot glue gun. Just place a dollop of glue in every corner of the board, and it will create enough friction to keep everything in place.

Slipping hangers no more

If you use those cheap plastic hangers to store your clothes, you know the frustration of trying to hang them time and time again, only to have them slide right off the moment you turn your back. If you’re tired of that, we have the perfect solution for you.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/PaperJesus

Just apply some hot glue to your plastic hangers. Once the glue cools down, it will provide enough grip so that your clothes will never slide off again! The glue won’t damage your clothes either, so you don’t have to worry about that.

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