Adult Problems Nothing Could Have Prepared You For

By Victor O

We wish our problems were finishing that 11th-grade essay before morning or deciding what to wear to school. We would give anything to return to those simpler times because it’s clear nothing could have braced us for:

1. Finding happiness

Adulthood is a rat race of finding purpose and trying to make money that we forget to truly enjoy life. It is recommended to have a constant and healthy source of dopamine. Have an indulgence. It can be the food you treat yourself to, a sport of interest, or anything that brings you genuine happiness.

2. Not enough free time

Nope, you will not have enough time to skate all day or play Xbox till you wear out, so get enough of those now. Adulthood is a vicious cycle of waking up early for work, tedious commutes back home, sleep, and repeat. You will have to put active effort into making time for yourself.

3. Workplace politics

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You’d think you left the mean girls back in high school. Unfortunately, adult workplaces have a fair share of bullies who have grown up too.

4. No bedtime, but…

There’ll be no annoying voice telling you it’s past your bedtime. You can stay up all you want, but unfortunately, you might not have the luxury of time. If you want to function well in your tasks for the next day. It stinks, right?

5. Lack of clarity

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Growing up, we wanted to be pilots, doctors, or engineers. Unfortunately, life happens, and demystification sets in fast. And even if you’re on the path to being any of those, every day is a struggle to validate yourself and your goals.