Keep Your Bedroom Clean By Doing The Bare Minimum

By Victor O

You’re probably reading this with a pile of clothes on the couch by your bed. We’ve all been there, and adulting is hard. But you don’t have to let things pile up. Here are low-effort ways for you to have a clean bedroom all week long:

Image credits: Filippa Kiefer / Unsplash

1. Make your bed every morning

Your bed is a major point of contact in your room. A quick straightening of your sheets in the morning gives your room a tidier look and creates a soothing atmosphere in your room every day.

2. Take trash every time you leave the room

Dirty dishes, snack bags, plates, bread knives, and all forms of trash lying around give your room a bad look. Taking them out every time you leave your room prevents vast piles of trash, which are usually overwhelming to clean up at once.

3. Use a handheld vacuum for pet hair

Having hair strands all over your sheets and couches is sometimes a hefty price to pay for those cute little creatures. This makes your room look messy and unkempt. Portable handheld vacuum cleaners can change this. A quick run through your room with it will factory reset your space in no time.

4. Wearing sweeper slippers

Wearing a pair of sweeper slippers around your room doubles as comfy footwear and a cleaning tool. They make it easy to pick up dirt, dust, and pet hair as you go about your daily activities.

Image credits: Daniel Apodaca / Unsplash

5. Using shelf dividers and vacuum storage bags

Cloth piles are major litters in an average room. Shelf dividers help you organize your clothes into clean sections. Dedicate sections to dirty clothes instead of stacking them on your couch. Vacuum storage bags also compress dirty cloths, which you can fit into your shelf for better storage.