Millennial Terms And Phrases That Simply Need To Go

By Victor O

The world is constantly evolving, meaning we are leaving certain things behind, such as flip phones and boot-cut jeans. Just like these items that were once fashionable, we’ve had enough of many millennial terms, and it’s about time they went out of use. These terms and phrases top the list:

Image credits: Karthik Balakrishnan / Unsplash

1. On Fleek

The term used to express perfection in relation to make-up made its first appearance in a 2014 clip on the last standing millennial social media app- Vine. This indicates how long it has been around and the need to retire the phrase for trendy ones such as ‘peng’ or “it’s giving perfection.”

2. Basic

Millennials coined the word in the 2010s to denigrate people who adhered to prevalent trends such as Yoga pants, UGG pants, and other things that were out of style. It appears the term has become basic now (the irony) and needs to go too.

Image credits: Louis Hansel / Unsplash

3. Bae

A once popular term of endearment coined from African American Language (also known as African American Vernacular English). It has been used widely by millennials to refer to significant others, and many brands used it to target millennial markets, such as the 2014 “Mountain Dew is bae” campaign. It has had a good run, and it’s just right it fades out too.

4. Cool Beans

As if ‘cool’ was not enough, millennials decided to take it up a notch. “Cool beans” was popularly used to express the approval of a person or style. Even though it dates back to 1985, it was highly popularized in the 2000s. Unfortunately, it has to be retired, and next time it’s at the tip of your tongue, replace it with way cooler terms like ‘sheesh’ or ‘drippy.’