Grocery Tips And Strategies For First Timers

By Victor O

Shopping can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers who need to maneuver towering aisles and choose between several food items. It’s a valuable skill that can save you money and time.

So, if you’re embarking on your first grocery run soon, these shopping-made-easy tips are for you:

Image credits: Allef Vinicius / Unsplash

1. Don’t shop hungry

Hunger makes everything appealing and will make you buy unnecessary foods that eventually lead to waste. Have a quick lunch or some snacks before shopping.

2. Organize your shopping list

With grocery prices rising, it is important to avoid impulse spending. A well-outlined shopping list will help you avoid this altogether. It gives you clarity on what to buy. Even better, categorize the items according to where you’ll find them. E.g., produce frozen food, etc. 

3. Map out your shopping trip

The shorter your stay in the store, the lesser the chances of stumbling on and buying things you did not plan for.   Most local grocers and large stores like Walmart have websites that outline the location of items. That way, you go straight to the relevant aisles.

4. Get frozen items last

Frozen items will thaw as you carry them around the store. It is advisable to add them to your cart or basket when you’re about to pay, so they stay frozen.

Image credits: Artyom Kim / Unsplash

5. Always round up to the nearest dollar

Doing this while picking items will give you a reasonable idea of how much you have spent so far.

6. Don’t buy items at eye level

Stores have expensive products they try to push out. These are usually stacked at eye level for the average shopper to see. Try checking out products over or below, as they might offer better prices and value.