Adulting 101: 40 Essential Gadgets To Get When Moving Out For The First Time

By Jhoana C

Living with parents has numerous benefits. There will always be someone to do minor repairs for you, prepare your meals and, if you’re lucky, wash your clothes, too. However, fun times don’t last forever. The time will come when you need to grow up and act like an adult, and we mean more than just not eating ice cream for breakfast.

You’ll need to say goodbye to dad installing new shelves, mom cleaning the toilet, and your tall younger brother reaching things for you. So, if you want to live alone comfortably, you need to get these lifesavers! They are life-changing, and they are going to make a world of difference. You’ll thank us for coming up with this list, and we expect you to make good use of these tips.

#1 Fire extinguisher

If you’re going to live on your own for the first time, you need to know that safety is of paramount importance. After all, there’s going to be no one helping you out in the middle of the night if you need to put out a little fire.

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A fire extinguisher should be one of your first purchases for your first home because the last thing you want to do is burn the neighborhood down. Your neighbors are not going to like you if that happens, and you’re not going to score popularity points.

#2 Towels

Towels are the kind of things we took for granted when we were living with our parents. We didn’t care about them, and most of the time, we paid no attention to the material or care instructions on towels. Why would we bother?

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However, if you’re no longer living with your mother, you’ll appreciate the importance of towels that thoroughly dry and absorb moisture without being too heavy. Go get yourself nice towels that you can use not only to dry yourself but also to wipe any spills on the table or counter.

#3 Keurig Coffee Machine

Owning a Keurig coffee machine is crucial if you’re someone who can’t function properly in the early morning without caffeine in your system. Yes, we know a lot of people just like this, and you shouldn’t talk to them unless they’ve had some coffee.

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With the right coffee machine, you’ll only spend a few minutes preparing a good cup of joe. Aside from the fact that the Keurig is fast, it’s stylish too and comes in a variety of colors to suit whatever your kitchen décor and theme is.

#4 Infrared thermometer

Thermometers everywhere in the world were sold out during the height of the lockdowns, and if you don’t have one yet, consider this a sign to head to the nearest store and get one. It’s important to know what your temperature is when you’re feeling unwell.

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It is not enough to merely touch your forehead, chest, or back and guestimate your temperature. Things just don’t work that way, so leave the guessing to someone else and make your mama proud by getting a reliable infrared thermometer.

#5 Shelf liners

You never appreciate the little things until the time you live by yourself. You might not have paid any attention to your kitchen when you were living with your parents, but you’ll be spending more time in it once you’re by yourself.

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If you want a kitchen that doesn’t look like a hurricane just went through it, you should have shelf liners on the ready. This will help you save money by ensuring that anything breakable doesn’t move around and get broken.

#6 Safety Alarm

This is useful whether you are a man or a woman, and no, they are not just for the elderly. Having a personal safety alarm means you can call for help whenever you need to, and this gives you and your family peace of mind.

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Accidents and other mishaps can occur at any time, and we don’t need to be told twice that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Nowadays, personal safety alarms come in all sizes and styles, and some are small enough to be discreetly worn.

#7 Plunger and brush set

Cleaning the toilet is not a job people would happily sign up for, but still, somebody’s got to do it, and if you’re living alone, that somebody is, surprise, surprise, YOU! Plungers and toilet brushes are your best buddies come cleaning time.

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The last thing you want is to have a nonfunctioning toilet when the guy or girl you’re trying to impress comes over for that dinner invitation. You can’t expect a second dinner if your toilet looks like it belongs in a truck stop.

#8 Mug organizers

We never knew mug organizers were a thing until we were well into adulthood. Growing up, we saw mugs hung on racks or hooks and always thought that those were the best ways of storing them. It turns out there is another way of organizing them.

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If you have limited kitchen space, mug organizers are the way to go because they allow you to stack mugs on top of each other, and they can be easily adjusted to accommodate mugs of all sizes. Simply brilliant, right?

#9 Pans of different sizes

Constantly eating out can put a massive dent in your budget, and before you know it, you only have enough money to buy yourself a pack of potato chips. Living alone means being financially independent, too, so don’t make yourself broke and prepare meals at home.

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Not only is this an excellent opportunity to save money, but it’s also the perfect chance to exercise your culinary muscles, and you’ll need pans of different sizes to prepare lovely meals at home. Every kitchen should have pans of various sizes.

#10 Set of cleaning items

If you have a clean home, you’ll look forward to spending time in it, putting your feet up, and relaxing. However, if your home looks like a pigsty, nobody would want to set foot in it, even you. So you need a set of cleaning items.

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Invest in good cleaning items such as brooms, brushes, spray bottles, sponges, and the like. They don’t cost too much, but they will make a huge difference when it comes to ensuring that your home is as tidy as it can be.

#11 Flashlight

Another staple that must be present in all homes is the flashlight. If you don’t have it yet, rush to the nearest store because you never know when you might need it, and no, we don’t mean just a single flashlight; you need to get a few.

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You don’t want to end up hitting your head while groping in the dark if there’s a storm and the lights are out. Flashlights should be placed in strategic locations around the house so you can easily reach for one should you need to.

#12 All-purpose cleaners

The benefits of a clean house are endless. It reduces stress, increases productivity, reduces the chance of illness, improves creativity, promotes better sleep, and controls allergens. Who wouldn’t want those? We sure do! Plus, it keeps your parents from nagging every time they visit.

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Needless to say, you need something that will help you make sure that all the surfaces and corners of the home are in top shape, so get yourself an all-purpose cleaner. They can be used in pretty much every room.

#13 Step ladder

Now that dad is no longer at your beck and call to fix things around the house for you, it’s time to man up or woman up and get yourself a reliable handyman ladder. It will help you reach items on the cupboard, at the very least.

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If you need to change a light bulb, you don’t need to call on a neighbor because you’ll be able to do it yourself. Trust us; step ladders are going to be your new best friend once you move out of your parent’s home.

#14 Carbon monoxide alarm

Annually, at least 420 people pass away in the United States alone due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, and at least 100,000 people in the same country visit the hospital’s emergency department for the same reason. That sounds pretty scary, right?

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To stop becoming one of the casualties, make sure to install a carbon monoxide alarm in your new place. This is a matter that’s not to be taken lightly. CO does not have any smell or color, so people rarely notice when they are inhaling it.

#15 Wall hooks

Home organization can be made easier with the help of wall hooks. Unlike years before, wall hooks no longer need to be hammered in anymore. You can get those heavy-duty ones that can stick to the wall and can carry up to a certain number of pounds.

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They are especially useful when it comes to hanging pots and pans and even some wall decorations. No hammering is needed, so now there is no excuse not to have a tidy and well-organized home. Make sure you have plenty of these hooks at your disposal.

#16 Reusable bags

We all need to be responsible citizens of the Earth, and one way of ensuring that there is something left for future generations to enjoy is to reduce and recycle. Let’s do away with single-use plastics; the world doesn’t need them.

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When you have grocery runs or need a bag to put things in, opt for reusable bags instead of single-use plastics. Not only will you save money since some establishments charge for the use of plastic bags, but you’ll also be helping the environment at the same time.

#17 Dryer balls

Taking your clothes to the laundry shop all the time can easily cost you a fortune, so save some moolah by doing your own laundry. After all, it isn’t as hard as it might have been decades ago because you don’t have to do it by hand. Just throw clothes in the washing machine and transfer them to the dryer after.

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Sounds easy, right? But if you want your clothes not to get damaged, always remember to read the care instructions and get yourself dryer balls. They prevent clothes from clumping together in the dryer because they tumble between layers and separate the fabric.

#18 Lighter

You may not be a smoker or have promised to lay off on cigarettes, but you still need a lighter in your home. You can use them to light candles, start a fire for your weekly barbecue, or help out a friend who needs a smoke.

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There are endless varieties available, and you don’t need to get the traditional ones. Make sure you have a few of them in the home, especially in the kitchen or barbecue area, because you never know when you will need them.

#19 Flatware set

We don’t expect those living alone for the first time to have an array of expensive flatware, but if you want to eat comfortably without having to use your fingers when not necessary, you should get yourself a decent set.

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Again, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive, and you’re not expected to buy gazillions of forks, spoons, and whatnot but do make sure you have enough in case you decide to host a few friends in your new home.

#20 Blow dryer holder

Anyone who has got long and thick locks know how difficult it is to get hair dried thoroughly, but thanks to modern invention, drying time can be significantly reduced. However, it can be difficult to position your elbows and arms when blow-drying hair yourself.

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To make things a lot easier, the blow dryer holder has been invented, and if you don’t have one yet, we suggest you buy one and get it installed ASAP. It’s going to make a whole world of difference, and you’ll thank us later for it.

#21 Black box

We don’t mean the black box on airplanes but a fireproof box which is sort of a hold-all for your important documents that you need to save in case of a fire. We all know how much of a hassle it can be to get your documents in order, so make sure they are safe.

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Storing all your important documents such as passport, birth certificate, and IDs has its benefits. You’ll no longer have to look all over the place to locate them, and if you need them, you can reach for them easily and quickly.

#22 Booster

We disagree with people saying that it is primarily women who need boosters or battery chargers. That is a silly thought. This should be a must-have for everyone, regardless if you are male or female. No one is exempt from car troubles, after all.

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If you have one stashed away in the trunk of your car, you don’t need to look so helpless every time your car won’t start. You don’t need to wait around for help because you can help yourself; you’re an independent person now!

#23 Start learning lifehacks

While this isn’t exactly a device, per se, it is something that people who decide to live alone should know. Actually, even if you still live with your parents, life hacks can help you every single day. These are smarter and faster ways to do things at home, and you will benefit from knowing them.

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For example, one way of saving on those energy bills is to use a shrink-adhesive installation on windows. This will trap the heat inside the home and keep the cold out, so you no longer have to shiver from bitterly cold nights, and your wallet will be happier when it’s time to pay bills.

#24 Convection oven

If you plan to do a heavy load of cooking in your new home, even when you’re working in the office during the daytime, then you’ll make life easier by getting yourself a convection oven. Convection ovens can do a lot of things, allowing you to prepare a variety of food.

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You can toast bread, bake pastries and cakes, broil a few dishes, and even come up with roasted meat. It will make your meals fancier than they really are, and your tummy is going to be pleased. Plus points if you’re entertaining.

#25 Key finder

If you’re like most people who consistently lose your car keys or home keys, we know what to buy for you when you finally move out of your parent’s house, a key finder! On the joys of having one, it is a life-changing device we can’t recommend more.

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These things come with a Bluetooth-enabled tracking device that is connected to an app on mobile phones, and who doesn’t have mobile phones these days? Now you can quickly locate your keys and don’t have to be late looking for them.

#26 Level tool

One of the most essential elements of a good toolbox is a level tool. You will be reaching for it when you need to hang something, such as shelves or pictures, and ensure that they are not skewed. Nothing is more embarrassing than having things falling down from the shelves because they are at an odd angle.

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If you want to ensure something is perfectly straight, get yourself a level tool. It doesn’t cost a lot, so get one from a reliable brand. If you’re not sure which, ask dad, but please don’t ask him to go to the hardware with you to get it.

#27 Tool kit

We don’t expect you to become experts in carpentry or DIYing suddenly, but you do need a reliable toolkit because when dad isn’t at your beck and call anymore, you are going to have to do the repairs by yourself.

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Tightening a few loose screws and hammering a few nails will be a lot easier and quicker when you have the right tools, and you certainly don’t want to pay for little things such as those. You can easily do them yourself.

#28 First aid kit

Minor scratches and cuts can happen anytime and anywhere in the home, especially when you’re alone and there’s no one else to do the housework and minor repairs but you. A first aid kit will come in handy during these situations.

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A first aid kit has more than just a few gauzes; you will also need something to clean yourself with and painkillers, among other things. But when in doubt, you can always message that nurse or doctor friend of yours. They’ll be able to help.

#29 Zipper friend

Have you ever tried pulling the zipper down from the back of your dress while wearing it? Not easy, right? Truth be told, it has got to be one of the most challenging things to do in life. So, what’s a single girl living alone to do in situations like these?

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That’s where the Best Friend zipper comes in handy. Now you can zip yourself up or get out of a zippered dress without any problems and without requiring the help of anyone else. All independent women, throw your hands up!

#30 Instant pot

You must have heard of or come across the instant pot, whether in your own home or in your friend’s home. They are indispensable, especially for new parents, people who are not fantastic cooks, and people who want to eat healthily.

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Instant pots can make a variety of magical dishes which will make your mouth water, but the consensus is that they work best for slow cooking. Just add all the ingredients, set them to cook for a few hours, and you have yourself a lovely meal.

#31 Power strip

The lowly power strip doesn’t get all the recognition it deserves, but it will become your close friend when you move out of your parent’s home because you’re going to power a few devices and appliances in your new home.

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If you’re like most people, you have a television, PlayStation, sound bar, mobile phone, and of course, a few accent lights here and there. Just make sure you don’t overload the power strip, and you find out what its capacity is.

#32 Water purifying system

Nobody wants to drink dirty water, and when you move out with no one to look after you and your health, it’s crucial to invest in a water purifying system. True, you can drink straight from the tap, but if you knew what’s in the water, you wouldn’t dare.

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You don’t need to get bulky water purifying systems. Many are available today and are portable, so in case you need to move somewhere else, you can easily take them with you. Invest in a good water purifying system, and you won’t regret it.

#33 Jar opener

Any person living alone, be it a man or woman, should have a handy jar opener. Let’s be truthful; we sometimes don’t have the strongest of wrists or grips to open jars easily and quickly. Yes, even big, strong gym bros may struggle with opening jars.

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So, why submit your wrists through the pressure and the pain when you can easily do the task with the EZ Off jar opener? There are a few other brands, too, if you can’t find this particular one. Now you need not lose your temper and patience with a jar.

#34 Bracelet clip

This item is a godsend for women around the world because aside from zipping your dress from the back, there is nothing more difficult than clasping the loop on your own bracelet. Doing this thing alone can easily take at least 5 minutes.

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Stop wasting your precious time and get yourself a bracelet clip. With the loop held in place by the clip, you’ll be able to wear the bracelet in no time. Let’s all make use of modern inventions that made life easier.

#35 Meal kits

Need to whip up something but don’t have the culinary aptitude? Don’t worry; you can be a chef in no time with the help of meal kits. Meal kits are enjoying the height of their popularity these days and will make people think you can cook even if you don’t know how to.

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It’s more complicated than just simply getting takeouts but not as difficult as the meals mom used to prepare. Now you can have decent meals without breaking the bank, and you get to exercise whatever culinary talents you have at the same time.

#36 Knife sharpener

On the topic of cooking, if you have ever tried to slice through tomato skin with a dull knife, then you’ll know just how vital this following tool is. You will be pulling your hair out while trying to saw into a measly tomato.

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That is where a knife sharpener comes in handy. At some point, most knives will dull after repeated use. There is no need to get a new knife set every time this happens. Just get yourself a knife sharpener so you can enjoy that tomato without all the stress.

#37 Spices

The key to any tasty dish is spices. While you may think your mom has some supernatural powers that make every dish she cooks taste good, the truth is that she just knows how to manipulate spices to get the desired taste.

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So, if you’re looking to recreate some of your favorite childhood dishes, then figure out which spices were used to create them and make sure you have those in your pantry. Some of the more common spices include paprika, cayenne, and cumin, to name a few.

#38 Canned goods

To be honest, we think that Dooms Day preppers get a bad rap. While some of their methods might be a bit extreme, they do have some helpful survival tips that we can all learn from. For example, we should have emergency canned goods in our pantries.

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Even if the zombie apocalypse does not start any time soon, having canned goods in your home is vital in case you are stuck with no electricity or when payday is just too far away. Trust us, a can of baked beans goes a long way!

#39 Stain remover

We already discussed the importance of dryer balls, but another laundry day essential that you should keep around is some good ol’ stain remover. If you’re anything like us, then you always seem to wear white on days when you coincidentally eat the messiest food.

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There is no need to get rid of your beloved white tee if it gets a ketchup stain on it. Just get some stain remover, and it will take the stain right out. Just make sure that you are using the correct stain remover for the color of clothing you are trying to wash.

#40 Measuring cups

Moving out on your own means that you will be cracking open a recipe book pretty soon. Until you develop some cooking instincts, it is best to follow recipes to the letter to avoid messing up. The last thing you want is to add too much salt or sugar to your food.

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Something that will help you keep track of how much you add to any recipe is a set of measuring cups/spoons. You can find some that are dishwasher friendly, so you don’t have to spend too much time washing up afterward.