Stroller Hacks To Help Make Any Mom Feel More Prepared

By Abigail T

This article was originally published on morehackz

This is a shoutout to mothers and fathers who deal with their children on a daily basis. Taking care of kids can be a really taxing job, and most days, you wish you had about five more pairs of hands on you to make things a lot easier. But unfortunately, nobody can grow extra limbs, and at the end of the day, there are still mouths to feed, babies to bathe, and kids to put to bed. Don’t you just wish there was some sort of life hack for raising kids? Well, you’re in luck. Whether you’re a parent or a babysitter, the following stroller hacks will make your busy life with kids a whole lot easier. It’s not a guaranteed fix to all your problems, but it will definitely help alleviate some of the stress you might be dealing with.

Save space

Strollers are great for when you’re out of the house with your baby. Almost all strollers are foldable and can fit in the back of your car. But, you can’t deny that, even when folded, they tend to take up space in the house.

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To save some space, you can hang your stroller up. Put strong hooks on the back of your door, or on the wall on the way out. That way, the stroller won’t be in the way of anything. Storing your stroller this way is also less of a safety hazard for young kids who might bump into it and knock it over.

Safety lights

Traveling in the dark with your baby? No matter what the occasion is, you will come across this situation once or twice in the course of your kid’s childhood. To make sure other people see the stroller in front of you, you can install stroller safety lights.

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These things come in handy in the dark, and they’re available for purchase on Amazon. Not only will it keep your kid safe in their stroller, but it can also keep them plenty entertained, as they come in a variety of colors.

Bike locks

Some destinations, like freestanding stores, don’t allow or have no room for strollers inside. You would need to park your stroller outside the venue. This can be risky. Strollers are expensive, and without proper safety, they’re very easy to steal.

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Using bike locks can prevent stroller theft from happening.  You can even use D-locks or chains to properly fasten your stroller to the rack if you want to be extra safe. A stroller is not something you want to lose. It will be a hassle in the end.

Clip on fan

On hot summer days, no matter how you dress your baby to keep them extra cool, chances are they might still overheat. A simple solution to this is to purchase a clip-on fan to attach to your stroller so your baby can feel a slight breeze.

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You can attach the fan on the handle facing your baby. Or, you can also install it on the hood so that it’s blowing wind from above to your baby. This is such a useful hack as it not only keeps your baby cool, it also keeps them calm and prevents any tantrums.

Cooling pads

Another way to keep your child cool on those scorching hot days is to use cooling pads. These are less conspicuous and may be more visually pleasing for those parents out there who would like to maintain a degree of aesthetics in parenting.

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You can purchase cooling pads from Amazon. They are easy to install on the stroller seat. Or, if you’re on a budget, you can also DIY your own cooling pad using fabric, fleece, and water-absorbing crystals or soil moist granules used for indoor plants.

Go hands free

For working parents, it can be difficult to separate time to take care of your kid and time to work. Often, these two things need to happen together. What better way to still take care of work while on a walk with your child than to go hands-free?

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You can purchase any regular car phone holder and install it on the handle of your stroller. That way, you can see all the notifications coming in, and you can respond with a voice to text without even picking up the phone.

Tablet holder

Okay, we don’t condone giving young children too much screen time for various reasons. Many studies have shown the impact of distracting children with their iPads from a very young age. But, if you’re at wit’s end, you may want to resort to giving your child the iPad.

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There are plenty of tablet holders out there that you can purchase and attach to the handle of your stroller. That way, as your kid starts to throw a fit, you can just put Peppa Pig on while you walk.

Jog and stroll

If you’re someone who wants to keep physically active whilst also taking care of your child but are on a time crunch, then this hack is for you. Bring your kid out with you on your jog or bike ride by converting your stroller into a jogging stroller.

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There are plenty of sites that will help you DIY your own jogging stroller. Be sure you follow all the instructions to make the best out of this hack. If you’re handy and love to get down and dirty, this is the hack for you to try and build.

Leash for sippy cups

Parents know better than anyone that sippy cups disappear like socks while you’re out and about. Toddlers will finish drinking and just throw the cup on the ground, unnoticed. Instead of buying dozens of sippy cups to replace each lost one, try out this hack.

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Get a leash for your kid’s sippy cup. Or better yet, get a sippy cup that comes with a leash on it. These are available on Amazon. You can strap the leash onto the child’s stroller when you’re out, or even to a high chair when they’re eating.

Extra holders

Most strollers come with a basket to store all your baby’s stuff, like milk bottles, stuffed animals, and diapers. But when you put stuff in those baskets, they tend to get jostled around, sometimes even spilling milk and water everywhere.

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A way to solve this issue is to make extra holders. Using a shoe organizer, you can create extra organized space on your stroller. Simply cut it to the size of the stroller, and attach it to the handlebars using zip ties. No more spillage!

Shopping with stroller

We all know how much of a hassle shopping while pushing around a baby stroller can be. If you’re doing the monthly shop, you would barely have enough hands to carry everything to the car. That’s where this hack comes in.

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You can clip a carabiner onto your handlebar when you’re specifically out to shop and have many bags to lug around. Then, simply hang your grocery bags on the carabiner, giving you free hands to push the stroller back to the car. Genius, right?

Handlebar grip

If you have more than one kid, and you’ve used the same stroller for all of them, then your buggy might be a little worn out. There is nothing worse on a stroller than slippery handlebars. You need a good grip in order to push your child safely.

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One solution to this is to purchase some handlebar grips and attach them to your old handlebar. These are great because they not only improve your grip on the stroller, they also come in different colors, which can make your stroller easily identifiable in a crowd.

Assembly hack

Some strollers are pretty fancy but are confusing to assemble. You find yourself at the boot of your car wrestling with the stroller trying to get it to unfold and fold it back up again every time. Well, it’s time to get smart about it.

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Get some color-coded stickers and a Sharpie from any stationery store. Then, just stick each sticker on the spots where you need to press, push in, or fold. Write instructions for yourself if you have to. Make things easier for you!

Zip tie grip

Your stroller’s handlebar isn’t the only part of the buggy that needs a good grip. You also need to make sure that the tires are in good condition, especially during the winter and rainy seasons. The last thing you want is for the stroller to skid on ice.

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To improve the grip on your stroller’s wheels, simply wrap zip ties around the circumference of your wheels. This gives you a little extra grip, creates a little more friction between the tire and the ground, and makes it safe for your baby in general.

DIY headrest

The beauty about pushing your child in a stroller is that they can sleep while you’re out and about. But sometimes, children’s heads tend to flop forward when they sleep, and that’s not good for their neck or posture.

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To prevent this from happening, you can purchase head support bands and install them across the sun canopy or the sides of the stroller. They are padded and soft against the skin. That way, the band catches your child’s head every time it flops forward.

Snack tray

Is your baby feeling snack-ish? It’s a risk to give them a small lunchbox of snacks in their stroller because there’s a huge possibility that they will make a mess. They might even throw the entire box to the ground.

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Stroller snack trays are a great way to prevent any mess from happening. These trays come in many cute shapes and sizes and are great to attach to the front of the stroller. Your kid can just reach into one for a snack. No mess involved.

Cleaning the stroller

You might not even think about it, but you do actually have to clean your stroller from time to time. This not only gets the gunk out of the crevices but also ensures that the stroller is clean and safe for your baby.

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Fill a bucket up with warm water and dish soap. You can even make it a family activity by inviting your kids to help out. It can be a little car wash situation! Hose down the stroller when you’re done and leave it in the sun to dry.

Bottle sling

We’ve seen sippy cup leashes. Now, feast your eyes on the baby bottle sling. This product is especially useful for babies who can’t quite hold onto their own bottles yet. You can find it on Amazon or any baby store.

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The bottle sling attaches to the sun canopy on your stroller. All you have to do is slide your baby’s bottle in there, and your baby can reach out any time they want a sip. Although, you have to be careful not to push the stroller too hard. Otherwise, the bottle might swing right into your child’s face!

Keeping balance

If you’re out and about and shopping for a little too much stuff, hanging your purchases off the handlebars can prove to be dangerous. You might affect the balance of your stroller, and it can tip backward, endangering your child.

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In order to prevent this from happening, you may want to consider putting ankle weights on the front legs of your stroller. This way, everything is balanced and the groceries won’t outweigh the stroller. Ankle weights are affordable and can be found online.

Bungee cord hack

Traveling as a big family with children can be daunting. There’s almost no room in the back of the car for any other stuff because the bulky stroller just takes up all the space. Here’s an unexpected product that can help you with that—bungee cords.

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Tie the cord around the headrest of your car and then around your stroller. This keeps the stroller from falling over, but more importantly, confines it to a smaller space so that there is more room in the trunk for anything else you might need to bring.

Luggage tags

When you’re in public, there are many instances where you would have to leave your stroller unattended. The risk of the stroller being stolen exists, but that can be avoided with the bike lock hack. So how do you resolve the risk of accidentally taking someone else’s stroller?

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Or worse, someone might take your stroller by accident! The solution to this is to simply use luggage tags. Tie a tag with your details on it to the handlebar to ensure that you can recognize your own stroller and that people know it’s not theirs.

Rain proofing the stroller

As much as you try to prepare for everything, sometimes the weather just takes you by surprise. The weather app can only be so accurate. Even when it says it’ll be sunny, the rain might end up dampening your stroll in the park.

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You can purchase a universal rain cover for instances like this. They can drape over your stroller and protect both it and the baby from getting rained on. Simply take the cover off and hang it to dry when you get home.

Longer handlebars

Strollers are made for the comfort of the baby, but often the parents aren’t comfortable pushing them around. It may be just a little too short, leaving parents to slightly bend down to push it. That’s not the most ideal situation for our backs, right?

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You can create your own extendable handlebars for your stroller. All you need is bike handles, velcro ties, and PVC pipes. With longer handlebars, you can then comfortably push your baby around in the stroller without feeling the burn later.

Fun with a longboard

If you follow through with this hack, we guarantee your kids will forever remember you as the fun parent. That is, of course, if you don’t traumatize them. Either way, this is still a fun hack to try out while your kids are still in strollers.

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Convert your stroller into a longboard stroller. This won’t be just another ordinary stroll. You can longboard for fun while also taking the kids out for a “ride.” Not only do you get places quicker, but you also get the chance to have fun with your kid.

More skating fun

If longboarding is not your thing, then you may also want to try skateboard. The best part about this is that the skateboard can be both for you and your child. Push your child’s stroller while on a skateboard, or make them push their own stroller.

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This can be a fun little activity, especially when your child is feeling especially active and doesn’t want to be on a regular stroller ride. You can have them on the skateboard while pushing their own stroller—less work for you!

Keeping clean

Strollers are handy when you’re outside, but not so much when you come inside the house. The wheels drag dirt all over the place, and on particularly rainy days, it may even dirty your floor with mud. Not ideal.

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To keep your floors clean as you store the stroller in the house, you can cover the wheels of the stroller with large shower caps. That way, your floor is safe from any dirt the wheels might have caught. Don’t forget to take the caps off before you go out!

Extra storage

This might be a hack that you’re already doing with your stroller, but we’ll leave this in here anyway in case new parents out there are reading. You can hang a big IKEA bag, or any large carrier bag, on the handlebars for extra storage.

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This makes grocery shopping a lot easier, even allowing you to go hands-free. But just be sure not to put too much stuff in there, otherwise, you might tip the buggy over! To fix that problem, see the ankle weight hack above.

Halloween in the stroller

Does your kid refuse to get out of his stroller, even when trick or treating? Well, you can one-up them and make the stroller part of the costume. You’d be surprised by the number of things you can dress up as while incorporating the stroller.

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One of the best costumes we’ve seen is this US government costume. Drape a black cloth over the back of the stroller so it can serve as a backdrop. You can also install fake microphones and little flags on the stroller’s food tray to make it look like a podium.

More bottle holders

If you’re bringing multiple bottles at once, whether it’s for you or for your baby, you might want to try out this bottle holder hack. It allows you to neatly store your bottles and prevents any spilling from happening in the stroller basket.

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All you need for this hack is a shoe organizer, which you can attach to your stroller’s handlebar using adhesive Velcro. Put the bottles in each compartment, and voila! You have yourself a more reliable method of storage for all your bottles.

Moment to rest

Sometimes, even if they’re sitting inside a comfortable stroller, children can still be restless. While the purpose of the stroller is to allow them to sleep as you’re on the go, they often stay very much awake. This next hack helps with that.

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Tilt your stroller backward and lean it onto an empty seat. That way, your child can recline all the way. It may be a little risky, so just make sure that you have your eyes on the stroller at all times. Hold the handlebar down or weigh it down with something heavy.

Double stroller hack

Got two kids around the same age? Finding yourself having to push two strollers on your own? Try out this hack to convert your strollers into a tandem. This is a great way to make your work less of a hassle.

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Purchase stroller connectors on Amazon, and simply strap the two strollers together side by side. Not only is your work alleviated, but your kids also have a seat buddy and they won’t be lonely or restless on your walk.

Bike trailer switch out

Want to stay fit while still spending time with your kids? A bike trailer might do the trick for you. Instead of putting your kids in a conventional buggy, put them in the passenger seat of a bike trailer and bike them around town.

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This is a great family activity that keeps both you and the kids occupied. The children will enjoy zooming through the city or the countryside, while you get a little cardio in and enjoy the sights. Just don’t forget to put on helmets for safety!

Keep the stroller visible

Walking around in the evening can be a good pastime and provide stress relief. However, if you’re doing that with your child in a stroller, it may be a good idea to apply this next hack to your life to keep you and your baby safe.

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Stick reflective tape around your stroller, especially the front part and the handlebars. This can help incoming cars see you as they pass. While this isn’t as fancy as the colorful lights option, it can still help with improving safety.

Pool noodle handlebar

This isn’t technically a stroller hack, but it is one that will help with baby care in general. Baby carriers can hurt to carry after a long period of time. Make the journey comfortable for you by using pool noodles.

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Cut a pool noodle to your desired length and then slip it over the middle of the handlebar. Slip the handle of your baby carrier into the pool noodle, and you’re done! A more comfortable carrying experience for both you and your baby.

Stroller flag

We’ve mentioned a couple of hacks that can make your stroller recognizable in a crowd. But, it wouldn’t hurt to introduce another one in case the previous ones don’t really fit your style. Instead of luggage tags and lights, why not use flags?

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Okay, maybe this style can be a little over the top for some. Bu,t you can’t deny the effectiveness of sticking a small flag on your stroller. If you use a unique enough flag with bold colors, it will for sure stand out in a crowd.

Hammock fun

Children tend to get easily bored. When that happens, you want to keep them occupied and entertained right away before they cause a tantrum. A stroller hammock might be one of the solutions to that. The best thing is, it’s available online.

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You can check out Amazon or Etsy for the perfect hammock for your child. Simply attach the hammock to the handlebar of your stroller and you’re good to go. You can even put your baby in the buggy and your older child in the hammock!

Shopping stroller

Don’t throw away that stroller once your children have outgrown it! You can either donate it to someone who needs it. Or, you can still make use of the body of the stroller to help you while grocery shopping by converting it into a basket holder.

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Remove the seating part of the stroller so that all that’s left is the frame. Then, simply place a couple of shopping baskets in between the frame. You can push around your groceries on your brand-new shopping stroller.

Ride along

If you have two kids, this hack is great for you. It not only allows you to spend time with both your kids. It also lets your older child have some fun while feeling like they’re somehow involved in taking care of their sibling.

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A DIY buggy board is a fantastic way to do this. It provides plenty of fun for both you and the children. And, it can make strollers seem cool to your child who is probably beginning to outgrow it. They’re not a little baby. They’re a big kid now pushing the stroller!

Cell phone carrier

Working parents know that it’s impossible to keep the work calls from coming in at any time of the day. Sometimes, you have to deal with work even while you’re out with your kids. A cell phone carrier on the stroller can help with that.

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Never miss a notification again. You can have your phone right in front of you while you’re pushing the stroller and easily reach in should any emergency arise. It also keeps your phone right where you can see it, so you’re not looking away from your child at any given point.