Spring Cleaning: 40+ Tips For A Fresh Home

By Harpreet K

Spring cleaning can be time-consuming, and effective cleaning hacks can help you clean more efficiently and save time. With the right tips, you can streamline your cleaning process, allowing you to get more done in less time.

Moreover, effective cleaning hacks can help you tackle those hard-to-reach areas, stubborn stains, and hidden dirt, ensuring a more thorough clean. 

Utilizing spring cleaning tips can enhance your organizational skills and concentration, leading to heightened productivity. From creating checklists to using innovative cleaning tools and techniques, hacks can boost your productivity and help you achieve your cleaning goals. These hacks often leverage tried-and-tested methods, tips, and tricks that may help you achieve better cleaning results with less effort.

1. Switch to lighter curtains

As the weather warms up, swap out those heavy curtains for lighter options to welcome the freshness of spring and summer into your home. Replace thick, insulated curtains with sheer or lightweight fabrics to allow natural light to filter through and create a breezy atmosphere. This switch can transform your home’s mood.

Image courtesy: Wanelo.co

Consider opting for curtains in soft pastel colors or cheerful patterns that evoke the season’s essence. Sheer curtains also offer privacy while still allowing for ample sunlight, giving your space a brighter, more vibrant feel. Adjust curtain rod heights to showcase the length and flow of the new curtains.

2. Get a pumice stone cleaner for the toilet bowl

If you’re tired of dealing with stubborn toilet bowl rings and stains, a pumice stone cleaner can be a game-changer. Unlike harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers that can damage your toilet bowl, a pumice stone cleaner is gentle yet effective at removing stains and rings without scratching the porcelain.

Image courtesy: Glenmartinlimited.com

Simply wet the stone, gently rub it over the stain or ring, and flush the toilet to wash away the debris. With a bit of effort and some patience, you may easily remove even the most stubborn stains and rings, leaving your toilet bowl looking clean and fresh. 

3. Use garbage disposal cleaner 

Spring cleaning isn’t complete without garbage disposal cleaning. Accumulation of food debris and residue in the disposal system may result in the development of unpleasing smells and blockages. To tackle this, consider using a garbage disposal cleaner to remove built-up gunk and freshen up your kitchen. Look for a cleaner specifically designed for garbage disposal.

Image courtesy: Drain-tech.com

Follow the instructions on the packaging. Typically, you’ll run hot water and turn on the disposal before adding the cleaner. Let it foam and work its magic for the recommended time, then flush with more hot water. By doing this, you can effectively decompose any buildup, eliminate unpleasant smells, and ensure seamless operation.

4. Change old AC filters 

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to replace old AC filters for fresh and clean air in your home. Over time, filters accumulate dirt, dust, and debris, leading to poor indoor air quality and worsening allergies or asthma. The act of replacing filters is an uncomplicated task that has the potential to enhance efficiency.

Image courtesy: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

This practice can assist in reducing energy expenses and prolonging the lifespan of your equipment. Moreover, it can prevent costly breakdowns and ensure your air conditioner operates at its best during summer. So, don’t overlook this crucial step in your spring cleaning checklist, and breathe easier knowing that your indoor air is healthy and clean.

5. Stick some quirky wallpaper 

Is your wall looking a little, well, drab? Spruce it up with some quirky wallpaper! Why settle for plain wallpaper when you can have bold patterns, funky florals, or eye-catching abstract prints? Wallpaper is like a mini makeover for your walls without the commitment of a complete paint job.

Image courtesy: realsimple.com

Moreover, it presents a chance to display your distinctive taste and humor. Interested in making a notable impression? Opt for a daring and striking graphic design. Feeling playful? Choose a whimsical design. The possibilities are endless! And don’t worry if you’re not a DIY pro; installing wallpaper is easier than you think.

6. Waterproof string lights for outdoors 

Installing waterproof string lights can create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in your backyard or patio, allowing you to entertain guests or relax after a long day. Not only do they add a touch of charm and beauty to your outdoor space, but they also provide functional lighting for outdoor cooking, dining, or reading.  

Image courtesy: festive-lights.com

Waterproof string lights are durable and weather resistant, making them ideal for year-round use. In addition, they are available in an assortment of styles. So, whether you’re planning a dinner or a family gathering, consider adding waterproof string lights to your outdoor setup for an unforgettable experience.

7. Remove weeds using a standing weeder

Removing weeds from your garden or lawn may be tedious and time-consuming. However, a standing weeder can make this chore more manageable and more efficient. A standing weeder is a specialized tool designed to remove weeds without bending down or kneeling.

Image courtesy: Jeriuhco / Reddit

It works by using a long handle to grip and extract the entire root of the weed, eliminating the need for chemical herbicides or hand pulling. Not only does this method save precious time and energy, but it also helps maintain the health and appearance of your plants. 

8. Organize your closet 

With the onset of spring and summer, it’s time to revamp your closet. Start by decluttering and donating any winter items you didn’t wear. Store heavy coats, scarves, and boots in clear plastic bins or vacuum-sealed bags to free up space. Organize your spring and summer clothes by category, including dresses, shorts, and swimwear.

Image courtesy: lazada.co.th

Hang up your sun dresses and blouses, and fold shorts and swimwear neatly in drawers or baskets. Make use of shelves or shoe racks to organize your summer footwear. Create a designated section for accessories like sunglasses and sun hats. Don’t forget to review and update your wardrobe as the weather warms up.

9. Clean all mattresses using a vacuum

Regularly cleaning your mattress is crucial to uphold a clean and healthy sleeping space. Using a vacuum cleaner is one of the easiest and most effective methods to clean your mattress. Begin by removing all linens and bedding, then use the vacuum’s upholstery attachment to clean the mattress’s surface.

Image courtesy: raycop.com

Pay extra attention to seams, crevices, and corners where dust, dirt, and allergens can accumulate. If your mattress has stains or odors, sprinkle baking soda on the surface, allow it to stay for a few hours, then vacuum it off. By vacuuming your mattresses regularly, you can prolong their lifespan and promote better sleep hygiene.

10. Install a bleach toilet cleaning system

Keeping your toilet clean can be challenging, but installing a bleach toilet cleaning system can make it more manageable and efficient. A bleach system is a self-contained unit that automatically dispenses a bleach-based cleaner into the bowl after each flush, eliminating the need for manual cleaning.

Image courtesy: Amazon.com

The bleach not only removes stains and odors but also kills germs and bacteria, providing a hygienic and fresh-smelling toilet. Furthermore, bleach systems are uncomplicated to set up and can remain functional for several months before requiring a refill. By using a bleach cleaning system, you can save time and ensure a spotless toilet.

11. Check the water sprinklers

Before spring, it’s essential to check your water sprinklers to ensure they are functioning correctly. Faulty sprinklers can lead to uneven watering, resulting in dry or over-watered spots in your garden or lawn. Additionally, malfunctioning sprinklers can waste significant water by spraying onto sidewalks or other non-essential areas.

Image courtesy: Savor_every_morsel / Reddit

Therefore, take the time to inspect your sprinklers and adjust them accordingly. This can involve replacing broken or clogged heads, repositioning sprinklers for optimal coverage, or upgrading to an intelligent irrigation system. Prioritizing a sprinkler check before spring can assist in conserving water, decreasing water expenses, and supporting the robust growth of plants.

12. A multipurpose rug for outdoor decor 

Adding a multipurpose rug to your outdoor decor and furniture setup is a great option to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the outdoor space. Outdoor rugs are constructed to withstand exposure to the elements and provide a comfortable and durable surface for walking, seating, or dining.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

A multipurpose rug can be used to anchor outdoor furniture, define a seating area, add a pop of color, or protect your deck or patio from scratches and stains. Additionally, outdoor rugs are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical and stylish choice for any outdoor setting. 

13. Power wash the outdoors 

Spring is ideal for giving your outdoor space a fresh and clean look, and power washing is an excellent way to achieve it. Power washing involves utilizing high-pressure water jets to eliminate dirt, grime, and debris from various exterior surfaces.

Image courtesy: Walmart

It can effectively remove stains, mold, and mildew, restoring the original beauty and color of your outdoor features. Power washing is also eco-friendly and cost-effective, as it eliminates the need for strong chemicals and expensive replacements. Plus, it can improve the safety and longevity of your outdoor surfaces, preventing slip and fall accidents.

14. Easy-wash slipcovers for furniture 

Adding floral easy-wash slipcovers to your furniture is a great way to bring a fresh and colorful spring look to your home. Slipcovers offer a convenient and budget-friendly alternative to refresh the appearance of your furniture without requiring replacement. Furthermore, they provide a protective layer against stains and spills to safeguard your furniture.

Image courtesy: Amazon.com

For households with children or pets, these options are highly practical. Choose slipcovers with a cheerful floral pattern to brighten your living, dining, or bedroom. Look for slipcovers that are easy to clean and maintain, such as those made from machine-washable materials like cotton or polyester. 

15. Sunshade triangle for the patio

If you’re looking to enjoy your patio during the spring and summer months, consider using a UV-protecting sun shade triangle. These triangular-shaped shades are designed to block harmful UV rays from the sun, providing a cool and comfortable space to relax and entertain. To safeguard your patio furnishings, these protective covers are offered in a range of sizes.

Image courtesy: Imgur

The majority of sunshade triangles are simple to set up and can be fastened to trees, posts, or other structures using ropes or hooks. Additionally, they are durable and weather-resistant, ensuring long-lasting protection from sun rays. By using a UV-protecting sun shade triangle, you can create a shady and stylish oasis on your patio.

16. Switch to a vinyl bath mat

Tired of constantly washing your cloth bath mat? It’s time to transition to using a vinyl bath mat. Not only are they easy to clean, but they’re also slip-resistant and provide a sleek, modern look to any bathroom. No more worrying about mold and mildew buildup with vinyl mats.

Image courtesy: Dontwasteyourmoney.com

Vinyl bath mats are waterproof and can be easily wiped down with a cloth or sponge. Additionally, they are available in a multitude of vivid hues and patterns, allowing you to select one that complements your bathroom’s aesthetic. Don’t let a dirty and potentially hazardous bath mat ruin your shower experience. 

17. Cleaning pods for the coffee maker

Employing cleaning pods for your coffee maker is a rapid and effortless method to ensure its optimal performance. These pods contain a specially formulated cleaning solution that can effectively remove coffee stains, mineral buildup, and other residues from your machine’s internal components. To use cleaning pods, simply insert them into your coffee maker’s basket.

Image courtesy: D37retauk6rbsf.cloudfront.net

Run the machine just like when you make coffee. The cleaning solution will flow through the machine’s pipes, valves, and reservoir, breaking down and flushing out any accumulated debris. Cleaning pods are available for both single-serve and full-size coffee makers and are compatible with most brands and models. 

18. Throw expired cleaners and chemicals from the garage

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to dispose of expired cleaners and chemicals that you may have stored in your garage. These old and unused chemicals can be hazardous and pose a risk to your health and the environment if not disposed of properly. They can clutter your garage and take up valuable storage space.

Image courtesy: Witzner / Reddit

To safely dispose of expired cleaners and chemicals, check with your city waste management or hazardous waste disposal program for guidelines and instructions. Many communities offer drop-off locations or collection events for hazardous materials, so be sure to take advantage of these resources. 

19. Revamp old metal furniture 

If you have old metal furniture that’s showing signs of rust or wear, spring is the perfect time to give it a revamp! With just a few supplies and elbow grease, you may transform your metal furniture into fresh, stylish pieces using rust-stopping spray paint. Start by thoroughly cleaning the furniture.

Image courtesy: Practicallyfunctional.com

Sand down any rough spots or peeling paint, and wipe away dust. Then, apply a rust-stopping spray paint designed for metal surfaces. Make certain to administer consistent coatings of paint and permit ample drying duration between each layer. After the paint has fully dried, you’ll have furniture that appears as if it’s brand new.

20. Lint cleaning from the dryer 

Cleaning lint from the dryer is an important task that should be included in your spring cleaning routine. The buildup of lint in your dryer’s lint trap, vent, and ducts can impede its efficiency and potentially create a fire hazard. To clean the lint from your dryer, start by removing the lint trap.

Image courtesy: hgtv.com

Then, use a vacuum or lint brush to clean out the lint trap and surrounding area. Next, disconnect the dryer vent and use a lint brush or dryer vent cleaning kit to remove any accumulated lint from the ducts. Reattach the vent and run the dryer for a few minutes to ensure unobstructed airflow.

21. Get new wooden chopping boards 

If you’re looking to improve your kitchen hygiene and safety, it’s time to replace your old wooden chopping boards with new ones. Wooden boards can develop deep scratches and grooves that harbor bacteria and contaminate your food. This can lead to foodborne illness and compromise the taste and quality of your meals.

Image courtesy: Ironmex / Reddit

Therefore, it’s essential to replace your wooden boards every few years or whenever you notice significant wear and tear. When shopping for new boards, look for high-quality, food-grade hardwoods such as maple, walnut, or cherry, which are durable, resistant to bacteria, and easy to maintain. You can also consider using plastic or bamboo boards.

22. Use dishwasher cleaning tablets 

Using dishwasher cleaning tablets is an effective and convenient way to remove stains and odors from your dishwasher. Over time, food particles, grease, and mineral deposits can accumulate in your dishwasher, causing unpleasant smells and reducing its cleaning performance. Dishwasher cleaning tablets are specially formulated to dissolve and remove these residues.

Image courtesy: Pun-in-punishment / Reddit

To use dishwasher cleaning tablets, simply place one tablet in the detergent compartment of your dishwasher and run a hot water cycle. Ensure to follow the instructions on the package for the best results. Regular use of dishwasher cleaning tablets can help to prevent buildup and extend the lifespan of your dishwasher.

23. Use a good carpet cleaning solution

Spring cleaning is the ideal opportunity to give your home’s carpets a much-needed refresh. A good carpet cleaning solution can make all the difference in lifting dirt, stains, and odors from your carpets. Not only will your carpets look and smell better, but a deep clean can also help prolong their lifespan.

Image courtesy: Tommy_gunn_407

When choosing a cleaning solution, be sure to read the label and choose one that’s appropriate for your carpet’s material and type of stain. Remember to conduct a spot-test in an unnoticeable region before administering the product to the entire carpet. With the right carpet cleaning solution, you can bring new life to your carpets.

24. Spring welcome mat 

Placing a floral spring welcome mat is a simple and charming way to add a touch of springtime cheer to your home. A welcome mat not only adds an element of style to your front entrance but also serves a functional purpose by helping to keep dirt and debris from being tracked into your home.

Image courtesy: Farbulouscreations / Reddit

Choose a welcome mat with a colorful and cheerful floral pattern to brighten up your doorstep and make a welcoming statement to guests. A plethora of styles and materials are available for selection, like coir, rubber, and synthetic fibers. Adding a floral spring welcome mat to your front door creates an inviting and stylish entryway.

25. Seashell pillow for beachy vibes 

Placing a seashell pillow in your living room is an effortless and stylish way to add a beachy vibe to your home decor. Moreover, seashell pillows are available in a variety of styles and sizes and can be found in various colors and patterns.

Image courtesy: Etsy.com

They may be used to create a focal point on a sofa or armchair or as an accent pillow to add a pop of color to your decor. Seashell pillows can also be used to tie together a beachy theme in your living room, along with other coastal-inspired elements like driftwood accents or beach-themed artwork. 

26. Install a privacy window film

If you’re on the hunt for an uncomplicated and affordable way to increase privacy in your home, consider installing a privacy window film. Privacy films are a type of thin, adhesive layer that can be affixed to your windows, resulting in a frosted or opaque look that blocks the view from the outside.

Image courtesy: Housebeautiful.co.uk

They are available in various patterns, designs, and colors to match your decor and provide additional benefits like reducing glare and blocking harmful UV rays. Installing privacy films is a simple DIY project that requires minimal tools and skills and can be done in just a few hours. They are removable and leave no residue.

27. Get some hanging hammock chairs

Upgrade your outdoor space and take relaxation to a whole new level with some hanging hammock chairs! These cozy and comfortable chairs can be hung from trees, porches, or even a sturdy hammock stand and are perfect for lounging with a good book, taking a nap, or simply enjoying the fresh air.

Image courtesy: Blueskies2228 / Reddit

They come in a variety of vibrant styles and materials, from bohemian macrame to sleek, modern designs. Hanging hammock chairs are a great way to add whimsy to any outdoor space and may be moved from one location to another.

28. Adjustable umbrella for shade and light

Switch to an adjustable umbrella that will change angles easily with the sun. First, select a suitable location to install an adjustable umbrella for shade and light. Then, take measurements of the space where you plan to install the umbrella to ensure a proper fit. Then, assemble the umbrella according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Image courtesy: Akd7791 / Reddit

Ensure that you fasten it securely to the base or stand. If the umbrella comes with LED lights, connect them to a power source and test them before installation. Once the umbrella is securely installed, adjust the height and angle of the canopy to provide shade and direct the light where it’s needed.

29. Switch to linen bed sheets

As the weather warms up, you may switch up your bedding to something a bit more breathable and lightweight. Enter linen bed sheets! Linen is a natural, moisture-wicking fabric that is perfect for spring and summer. It’s not just about keeping you cool and comfortable on hot nights; it’s also pleasantly soft.

Image courtesy: Cultiver.com

Linen bed sheets are available in a range of colors and patterns, ranging from traditional neutrals to vibrant and cheerful shades, so pick one that complements your unique taste. Despite being a somewhat expensive purchase, linen bedding is worthwhile due to the material’s durability and quality. So say goodbye to heavy winter bedding.

30. Add cute pull chains for ceiling fans

Add a fun element to your ceiling fans with cute and charming pull chains! Ceiling fan pull chains are often overlooked when it’s about home decor, but they can be a fun and functional way to add a little personality to your space. Choose cute animal shapes, colorful tassels, or stylish beaded chains.

Image courtesy: 9liveslinds / Reddit

There are plenty of options to match your style and decor. Not only do they add an exciting element to your ceiling fan, but they also make it easier to control the fan and light functions. Also, they are a simple and affordable way to update your space without doing a significant renovation. 

31. Discard expired pantry items and medicines 

As part of your spring cleaning routine, it’s a good idea to discard any expired pantry items and medicines you may have in your home. Expired pantry items, such as canned goods, baking ingredients, and spices, can lose their flavor and nutritional value over time, making them less effective for cooking and baking.

Image courtesy: Vulpinand / Reddit

Expired medicines may lose their potency and effectiveness and, in some events, may be harmful. To dispose of expired pantry items and medicines, check with your local waste management or pharmacy for guidelines and instructions. Many communities offer drop-off locations for expired medicines, and some also have food waste recycling programs. 

32. Install garage threshold kit

Tired of dealing with pesky insects, dirt, and water making their way into your garage? Installing a garage threshold kit can be the solution you’ve been looking for. These easy-to-install kits create a seal between your garage floor and the bottom of your garage door, preventing unwanted debris and moisture from entering your space.

Image courtesy: Gonna_splat / Reddit

This can help keep your garage cleaner, drier, and more insect-free, especially during warmer months when insects are more active. Garage threshold kits come in a variety of sizes and materials to fit your specific garage door, and they are typically easy to install with just a few simple tools. 

33. Wood polish and conditioner for furniture

Old furniture may start to appear a bit dull and scratched. Before you consider buying new pieces, try using a wood polish and conditioner to revive them. These products can work wonders on old furniture, bringing back the natural shine and color while also filling in any minor scratches or nicks.

Image courtesy: Amazon.com

They work by replenishing the natural oils in the wood, which can dry out over time and cause the wood to look dull and faded. Be sure to select a product that’s appropriate for the type of wood you’re working with and follow the instructions carefully. This will make your old furniture look new again.

34. Use oil stain remover on the driveway and walkway 

Do you have stubborn oil stains on your driveway or walkway that just won’t come off? Oil stain removers are specially formulated to break down and lift oil stains from concrete surfaces. These powerful cleaners can penetrate deep into the surface to remove even the toughest stains, leaving your driveway or walkway looking new again.

Image courtesy: Mhayes_design / Reddit

Simply apply the oil stain remover according to the label instructions, let it stay for the recommended time, and then rinse it off with a hose or pressure washer. It’s a simple and effective solution for improving the appearance of your outdoor space this spring. 

35. Faux tiles for the kitchen backsplash

Give your kitchen a fresh look with the trendy and affordable option of faux tiles for the backsplash. Faux tiles are a great way to create a beautiful and durable kitchen backsplash without breaking the bank. They are available in a variety of strong materials, like vinyl and peel-and-stick, and mimic ceramic or glass tiles.

Image courtesy: Thecrazyoutdoormama.com

Faux tiles are easy to install and can be a fun DIY project, or you can hire a professional for a seamless finish. They are easy to maintain, making them a practical choice for a high-traffic area like the kitchen. Overall, faux tiles are versatile for updating your kitchen this spring.

36. Label confusing light switches 

Have you found yourself standing in front of light switches, wondering which switch controls which light? It’s a frustrating and time-consuming problem, but fortunately, there’s an easy solution. By labeling your light switches, you can avoid the confusion and frustration that comes with not knowing which switch to flip.

Image courtesy: Vrrromvrrroom / Reddit

Simply use a label maker, masking tape, and a marker to label each switch with the corresponding light or room. Besides, this small step can save you time and frustration in the long run, making it easier to quickly and easily turn on the lights you need. 

37. Wash dirty curtains

As you prepare your home for spring and summer, don’t forget to include washing your curtains in your cleaning routine! Over time, curtains can accumulate dust, pet hair, and other debris, dulling their appearance and affecting indoor air quality. Start by removing any hooks or hardware and carefully following the care instructions on the label.

Image courtesy: Thespruce.com

Most curtains can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent. Hang them to air dry or tumble dry on low heat to prevent shrinkage. For delicate or sheer curtains, consider hand-washing or taking them to a professional cleaner. Once they’re fresh and clean, rehang your curtains to enjoy their renewed freshness.

38 Use a rust stain remover on drains

If you have noticed unsightly rust stains on your drains, don’t worry! A rust stain remover can help get rid of those stubborn stains and restore your drains to their original condition. Rust stains may be caused by a variety of factors, including hard water, iron in the pipes, and rusted metal fixtures.

Image courtesy: Yourbestdigs.com

Fortunately, there are many effective rust stain removers on the market that can help. Simply apply the rust stain remover according to the instructions, let it sit for the recommended time, and then flush it down the drain with hot water. With regular use, keep your drains free of rust stains.

39. Vinyl privacy screen to cover ugly AC unit in the yard

Is your outdoor air conditioning unit or another yard essentially ruining your backyard oasis? There’s a simple solution that won’t break the bank or sacrifice style. Just install vinyl privacy screens. Not only do these screens offer an elegant way to hide unsightly items, but they also provide additional privacy and shade.

Image courtesy: Amazon.com

Also, with the variety of colors and designs available, you may choose one that complements your existing outdoor decor. And don’t worry about maintenance; vinyl screens are weather-resistant and easy to clean. So, go ahead and take your backyard from drab to fab with a simple addition that will make all the difference.

40. Apply dog spot repair on the patchy grass

When you’re tired of staring at those unsightly bare spots on your lawn, we have an effective solution. Don’t let man’s best friend ruin your home’s curb appeal any longer. With a little bit of dog spot repair, you can get your lawn back to its lush green glory in no time.

Image courtesy: Sgtpoopers.com

This specially-formulated solution helps to stimulate new grass growth, filling in those patchy areas with ease. So go ahead and toss that frisbee to your dog, and don’t sweat the damage. With dog spot repair, you can say goodbye to those barren spots and hello to a beautifully green lawn. 

41. Install magnetic grill lights after cleaning

If you enjoy grilling outdoors, installing magnetic grill lights can be an innovative and convenient way to enhance your grilling experience. These lights are designed to attach magnetically to your grill’s surface, providing ample illumination for cooking and cleaning. They typically come in sets of two or more and feature long-lasting LED bulbs.

Image courtesy: Amazon.com

Some magnetic grill lights are also adjustable, allowing you to get the light where you need it most. Installing magnetic grill lights is easy and requires no tools or wiring. Attach the lights to your grill’s surface and turn them on when needed. Magnetic grill lights are durable and weather-resistant, ensuring reliable performance.

42. Wash pillows and bedding

Did you know that your pillows and bedding could be harboring a whole host of grime and germs? It’s gross and may cause breathing issues. But don’t worry; it’s an easy fix. By washing your pillows and bedding regularly, you can keep them fresh, clean, and free of harmful bacteria.

Image courtesy: Rachata Teyparsit

Be sure to follow the care instructions on the label and use a gentle detergent. You can also add a cup of white vinegar to run the rinse cycle to break down any lingering odors. And don’t forget to dry them thoroughly to avoid any mold or mildew buildup. 

43. Cover the fencing with faux ivy

If you have unsightly fencing in your yard or garden, covering it with faux ivy can be an effective and affordable way to transform its appearance. Faux ivy artificial foliage will mimic the look and texture of natural ivy, providing a lush and natural-looking cover for walls, fences, and other structures.

Image courtesy: Archiexpo.com

It comes in various forms, including panels, mats, and rolls, and can be easily attached to your existing fencing using cable ties or adhesive. Faux ivy is low-maintenance and does not require watering, pruning, or sunlight, making it a convenient and long-lasting solution. Plus, it can provide additional benefits such as privacy and insulation.