Hack Or Wack: 40+ Viral Life Hacks That Have Been Proven To Work

By Harpreet K

This article was originally published on morehackz

Life is a complex journey filled with challenges, responsibilities, and constant demands. As a result, we often seek ways to simplify and enhance our daily routines in our quest for efficiency and effectiveness. This pursuit has given rise to a phenomenon known as “life hacks.”

Life hacks are clever strategies, shortcuts, or techniques that optimize different aspects of our lives, from productivity and organization to health and well-being. Today we feature a couple of them tested by a guy named Andrew who uses the “This is hack” username on the internet.

We are certain you have come across most of these hacks on the internet. Though some are undoubtedly intriguing, sometimes you can’t help but wonder if they work. That’s where Andrew comes in. Stay tuned as we take you through the ones he tested so you wouldn’t have to!

1. Tie the already-cut packet

Opening a package can sometimes be tricky, especially if you’re not using all the content at once. Sometimes you can mistakenly cut the wrong way, which leaves you with a problem. To rectify that, you can use the following life hack. First, cut the top in a ‘v’ shape.

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Ensure you cut efficiently to prevent any spillage. The two long sides you end up with will enable you to tie a secure knot. By using this hack, you can effectively seal an already-cut packet and keep its contents fresh.

2. Use a cover for drainage

To improve drainage in your sink, choose a filter that is appropriate for your sink size and drain opening. Look for one with small holes or a mesh to catch food particles while allowing water to flow through effectively. Place the strainer over the drain opening in your sink.

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This helps remove any loose food particles and prevents them from blocking the drain. Once the waste has accumulated, remove the strainer and dispose of the trapped particles. Finally, rinse it under running water to remove any remaining debris and place it back.

3. Cut the perfect egg

Cutting a boiled egg by rolling it under a knife is a clever life hack that can help you achieve clean and even slices. To begin, select a flat surface, such as a cutting board or countertop, and place the boiled egg on it. Ensure the surface is clean and stable.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Take a sharp knife and position it at one end of the boiled egg. With the knife in position, apply gentle pressure and start rolling the egg back and forth underneath the blade. Keep moving until the knife cuts through the egg completely.

4. Use a spoon to balance the strainer

When using a strainer or colander to drain liquids from cooked pasta, vegetables, or other ingredients, one common challenge is holding the strainer steady while pouring. This hack addresses that issue by using a spoon to balance the strainer on a pot or bowl.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

The use of a spoon to balance the filter not only provides stability but also enhances safety during the straining process. Struggling to hold a filter with one hand while pouring hot liquids can lead to accidents, such as burns or spills, so this is such a lifesaver.

5. Clever apple peeling

Peeling apples by hand can be time-consuming and laborious. Still, with the help of a drill and a simple peeler knife, you can simplify the process and save valuable time in the kitchen. To execute this life hack, you will need those two items and an apple, of course!

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

The drill rotates and automatically peels the apple as you hold it against the blade. Start by securing the apple onto the end of the machine, hold the peeler in the other hand, then start the drill. Careful, though. This one requires extremely steady hands.

6. Use Grease-proof sheets for cleaning

Grease-proof sheets, typically made of materials like parchment paper or absorbent paper towels, absorb and trap grease effectively. When placed on greasy surfaces, such as countertops or stovetops, the sheets quickly soak up excess oil, preventing it from spreading or smearing.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Additionally, you can use them to clean surfaces like taps, as shown above. These sheets really make them sparkle by removing limescale. By placing them on top of a countertop or stove, you create a barrier that prevents the grease from coming into direct contact with the surface.

7. Easy parsley cutting with a grater

You will need a box grater with small or medium-sized holes for this hack. Box graters are commonly found in most kitchens and are typically used for shredding or grating ingredients. Hold it firmly with one hand, ensuring it is stable on a flat surface.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Next, take a bunch of parsley in the other hand and position it against the grater, with the leaves facing the holes. Using gentle pressure, run it across the grater in a downward motion. The parsley will pass through the holes, resulting in finely chopped pieces collecting beneath the grater.

8. Place a hot jar over the butter

For this hack, you’ll need a clean glass jar with a wide open mouth that can accommodate the amount of butter you intend to melt. Start by boiling some water. Next, carefully pour the hot water into a jar and ensure you fill it.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Let the jar sit for a few minutes to allow the heat from the water to warm the glass. Then, remove the hot water and wipe it dry to ensure no water remains inside. Finally, place the preheated jar over the butter brick, and it will melt quickly.

9. Iron sheet on the iron board

In the realm of life hacks, some simple yet ingenious solutions can make a significant impact on our daily routines. One such life-saving hack involves using an iron sheet on an iron board. Ironing boards traditionally consist of a fabric cover over padding.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

While this facilitates smooth ironing, it may pose safety risks, particularly when ironing delicate or synthetic fabrics. The improved efficiency of ironing on a stable surface allows for more precise movements and better control over the iron, resulting in wrinkle-free clothes in less time.

10. Pack those wine bottles

To do this, choose plastic bags that are durable and thick enough to hold the weight of a couple of wine bottles. Start by opening one bag up, then insert one bottle, ensuring that it is positioned vertically and upright.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Begin twisting the bag tightly from the middle. Next, place a second bottle in the other half of the plastic bag. Now you can transport both bottles together without them touching each other or creating any noise. This hack will also decrease the chances of bottles breaking.

11. Use cello tape for water tricks to take a photo

Covering your phone camera with cello tape can be a useful life hack to protect it from water while capturing photos or videos in wet conditions. But did you also know this tape can also help you take interesting photos like the one below?

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

The process is really straightforward, as seen below. Simply sprinkle some water on a clear sheet of paper spread tightly across the middle of the tape and place that on the photo you want to take. Then, use another camera to take the picture.

12. Use a wooden spoon to avoid milk overspilling

When heating milk on the stovetop, it tends to bubble and boil rapidly, leading to potential spills and messes. But putting a wooden spoon across the top of the pot makes it act as a lid, allowing steam to escape and preventing excessive pressure buildup.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

The spoon acts as a barrier, reducing the intensity of the boil and helping to control the temperature more effectively. This prevents the milk from bubbling over and eventually spilling. This, in turn, helps to minimize splatter and mess in your kitchen.

13. Smiley face toast

Start by taking a piece of bread to form a face. Make eyes and a smiley face by cutting bread from specific places. Then, soften the bread by adding some moisture to it. Pluck out tiny pieces to form eyes and a smiley face and put the slice in a toaster.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

When you take the bread out from the toaster, you will notice that the face will be dark brown, and the features are more evident. This hack will be quite beneficial when serving breakfast for the kids in the morning.

14. Use a straw to remove strawberry stems

For this one, select a straw that is wide enough to accommodate the size of a strawberry stem. Hold the strawberry with one hand, ensuring that the stem is facing up. Next, take the straw in your other hand and align it with the center of the strawberry’s bottom, where the stem is located.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Gently push the straw into the strawberry from the bottom, aiming to pierce through the center where the stem is attached. Apply light pressure as you insert the straw to avoid crushing the strawberry. The straw will pass through the center, removing the stem along the way.

15. Use fire to remove the cork

First, remove the foil or wax to reveal the cork. Then, using a lighter, aim the flame at the bottle’s neck. This makes the air expand and push the cork upward. Rotate the lighter around the neck of the bottle.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

In a few minutes, the cork will move higher and out. Remember, this method should be used with caution, so it’s essential to prioritize safety. Be mindful of the potential risks linked with creating pressure within a sealed bottle, and always take necessary precautions to protect yourself and others from potential injury.

16. The trick to killing mosquitoes

If you’re looking for a life hack to catch mosquitoes, here’s a simple method that uses apple pieces. Just get a ripe apple, a knife, a glass, and paper. Slice the apple into several small pieces, approximately 1 inch in size.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Mosquitoes are attracted to the scent of ripe fruit, and the apple will serve as bait to lure them in. Simply roll the paper as shown in the photo and place it over the glass containing the apple pieces. The mosquitoes will get it, but they’ll have no way out.

17. Use a garlic crusher to crush butter

While a garlic crusher is primarily designed for crushing garlic cloves, it can be repurposed as a makeshift butter crusher. Prior to trying this, make sure the butter is soft. When it’s in that state, it’s easier to manipulate with the garlic crusher.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Cut the desired amount of butter into smaller pieces. This eases the process of crushing it. As you squeeze, the butter will be forced through the small holes of the crusher, resulting in a crushed texture that makes it easier to spread on things like bread.

18. Save the cake

Traditional cake storage typically involves using a plastic container, especially if you just want to spare a slice. The problem with this method is that it can lead to a bit of a mess as you try to dig out the cake from the deep container.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Putting the cake on the lid and then covering it with the container saves you the trouble of having to do that. The lid enables you to easily cut a piece when you need to and prevents the cake from moving within the container.

19. Cheese-cutting hack

Now that we are on the subject of cheese, let’s explore how you can slice it easily. You will need a sharp peeler with an easy grip. A standard vegetable peeler or a Y-shaped one works well for cutting cheese.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Set the cheese on a flat surface, and push the peeler’s blade into the cheese, starting from the edge. Move the peeler smoothly along the cheese surface, maintaining consistent speed and pressure. If you prefer thinner slices, place the blade close to the top and move the peeler more lightly.

20. Add water and cover the pan for perfect eggs

Adding water and covering the pan is a great life hack for achieving perfectly cooked eggs, especially when you want them to be soft and tender. Allow the water to heat up in the pan until it starts to simmer or gently bubble.

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Carefully crack the eggs one at a time and gently slide them into the pan, ensuring they are evenly spaced apart. Then, add a bit of water and place a lid on top of the pan to create a seal that will trap the steam inside and decrease the heat.

21. Use balloons to cover your jars

To do this, ensure that the jars and balloons are clean to maintain the freshness of the contents. Inflate a balloon to a size that’ll fit over the openings of the jars. It’s important not to overinflate the balloons, as they need to stretch to fit the jars securely.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

The balloon should completely cover the jar, creating a seal to keep the contents protected. Finally, release the open end of the balloon to allow the air inside it to escape, which will then leave the jar covered and sealed.

22. Use a straw to add a key to a keychain

Cut the straw to an appropriate length, ensuring it is long enough to fit comfortably on the keychain. Next, take the key ring and slide it through the straw. This will ease the process of fitting the key without hurting your fingers.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Hold the ring fitted with the straw in one hand, ready to attach the key. Direct the straw through the hole carefully until you get to the ring itself. Finally, slide the keyring until it is firmly secured in place.

23. Remove the cover from the sauce bottle

This is a hilarious one seeing as it makes fun of another ‘hack’ in the process. To remove the cover from a sauce bottle, look for a small tab or indentation on the sealing. This tab is designed to help with easy removal.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

It may be located on the edge of the cover or near the bottle’s neck. Gently lift it and pry the cover upward to break the seal. As you lift, apply even pressure around the circumference of the cover. This will help loosen the seal and prevent it from tearing or breaking unevenly.

24. Rub your taps with candle

Rubbing your taps with a candle is a useful life hack to help prevent mineral buildup and keep them looking shiny. The wax from the candle creates a protective barrier on the tap, making cleaning easier and preventing water stains from forming.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Select a plain, unscented candle for this purpose. Take the candle and rub it directly on the surface of the tap. Apply gentle pressure while moving the candle back and forth to transfer a thin layer of wax onto the tap. Finally, rub the wax off with a dry cloth, and you’re done!

25. Wash the broccoli upside down

Washing broccoli upside down is a practical life hack that can make cleaning and removing any dirt or debris from the florets easier. Simply hold the broccoli upside down, with the florets facing downward and the stem pointing up, and run the water.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Gently swish the broccoli back and forth in the water, ensuring that the florets are thoroughly rinsed. Let it soak to loosen any dirt. Then, lift the broccoli out of the water, keeping it upside down, and allow the excess water to drain off naturally.

26. A clever way to make a rose in a glass

If you need to twist a cloth tightly and securely to make a rose within a glass, using a whisk can be a helpful life hack. Start by selecting a cloth or towel that you want to use for this and place it on the table.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Hold the whisk handle firmly and use your other hand to hold down the cloth. As you twist, the cloth will be pulled tightly and make a beautiful pattern that resembles a flower. Continue until the cloth is tightly twisted and stays in place, then place it in the glass.

27. Use two protractors to cut paper

Using two protractors to cut paper without scissors can be a creative life hack when you don’t have access to scissors but have a geometry set nearby. To begin, decide where you want to make the cut on the paper.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Take the first protractor and place it on the paper, aligning it with the desired cutting line. Take the second protractor and align it with the first protractor but below the paper. Using a controlled and steady motion, move the protractors along the cutting line, applying pressure as you go.

28. Spray water on the jeans to loosen them

Spraying water on jeans to make them a little loose is a simple life hack that can help you feel more comfortable in them. Simply fill a spray bottle with pure water and ensure it is set to a delicate mist setting. Then, lightly spray the water over the area you want to loosen.

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Focus on the waistband, seat, and any other areas that are too tight. Keep them on for a little while until they are completely dry. The moisture will eventually cause the fabric to expand, which will help to loosen the jeans.

29. Change the duvet cover in 60 seconds

Changing a duvet cover can be a frustrating and time-consuming task, but using the inside-out method can make it quicker and more manageable. First, spread it out on your bed or any large, flat surface with the inside of the cover facing up.

Image courtesy: hometalk.com

Reach inside the cover and grab the top corners from the outside, pulling the duvet cover inside out. While holding the duvet cover corners from the inside, reach down and grab the top corners of the duvet itself. Lift the duvet cover and duvet, shaking them out together.

30. Use a tiny toothbrush to clean shower heads

Mix equal portions of white vinegar and hot water in a container. If you prefer, you can also use a descaling solution recommended for cleaning shower heads. Submerge the shower head in the cleaning liquid or pour the solution over the shower head so that the nozzles are fully immersed.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Take the small toothbrush and gently scrub the nozzles and surfaces of the shower head. Use circular motions and put gentle pressure to remove any buildup. Finally, run water through the shower head and make sure the water flows freely.

31. Put the entire trash bag roll in the trash can

Putting the entire trash bag roll in the trash can is a practical life hack that allows for easy and convenient access to trash bags. Choose a roll of trash bags that fits your can’s size. Make sure you always purchase good-quality bags for this.

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Remove any packaging or ties from the trash roll. Unroll a sufficient length of bags, keeping them all connected, and carefully place them inside the empty trash can. Now, when the bag is full, you just cut it out and place a fresh one from the ones at the bottom of the can.

32. Cook a pancake in the microwave on a plate

Cooking a pancake in the microwave is a quick and convenient life hack for when you want a simple meal. Use a safe plate that can hold the pancake mix without overflowing, then pour the mixture onto the prepared plate.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

To prevent the pancake from sticking to the plate, lightly coat it with non-stick cooking spray or a small amount of oil. Place the plate with the omelet mixture in the microwave. Cook for about 2-3 minutes. Once it’s done, add syrup and enjoy.

33. Removing corn kennels

Place the corn cob in the microwave without any husk or silk for a little while. This will slightly cook the corn and loosen the kernels, making them easier to remove. Allow it to cool for a few minutes until it’s comfortable to handle.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Hold the cooled corn cob vertically with one hand, gripping it firmly near the top. Then, get a corn peeler or similar pan with a center hole, and place the narrow end of the corn cob into the hole. The pan will catch the falling kernels, minimizing the mess.

34. Using colored paper to change the light color

First, choose the colored paper that corresponds to the kind of vibe you want to set up. For example, consider using red or orange paper if you want a warm and cozy ambiance. Blue or green paper may be suitable if you prefer a calm and serene atmosphere.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Securely attach the colored paper to the light source using tape or adhesive putty. Ensure that the paper is tightly secured and does not obstruct the airflow around the light source to prevent overheating. Turn on the light source to see the color effect created by the colored paper.

35. Easy lemon squeezing hack

Choose a sturdy stick with a pointed tip to help you here. It should be clean and free from any chemicals or contaminants. Ideally, the stick should be long enough to hold and apply pressure to the lemon comfortably. Roll the lemon on a hard surface, applying gentle pressure with your hand.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Then, hold the lemon in one hand and take the sharp stick in your other hand. Insert the pointed tip of the stick into the center of the lemon, piercing through the skin and into the flesh. As you twist and squeeze, the juice will begin to flow out of the punctured hole.

36. Easy way to put pillow cover

Take the pillow cover and turn it inside out. The inside of the cover should now be facing outward, and the opening should be visible. Insert both of your hands into the open end of the pillow cover. Spread your hands out and hold onto opposite corners of the cover’s opening.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Position the pillow in front of you and grab two opposite corners of the pillow with your hands. Keeping a firm grip on the pillow corners, start pulling the pillow cover over the pillow. Once the cover is fully over the pillow, reach inside and locate the opening of the cover to finish the process.

37. Wrap the grater with plastic to grate ginger

Wrapping a grater with plastic is a practical life hack that can make grating ginger easier and more convenient. Take the grater and ensure it is clean and dry before proceeding. Tear off a piece of plastic wrap that is large enough to cover the surface of the grater.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Carefully place the plastic wrap over the grater, ensuring it covers the entire surface. With one hand, grate the ginger against the plastic-covered surface of the grater. Be careful not to grate the paper itself. The plastic wrap prevents the ginger pulp from sticking to the grater’s teeth, making it easier to collect.

38. Hot chocolate and marshmallows

You’ll need Kinder Joy chocolate and marshmallows for this. Start by carefully removing the toy from the Kinder Joy eggs, leaving only the chocolate shell. Using a sharp knife, carefully slice the marshmallows into small pieces. Make sure the marshmallow pieces are small enough to fit inside the chocolate shell.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Take one of the Kinder Joy chocolate shells and place the marshmallow pieces inside. Once you have enough, seal it by smudging the sides. Now, put this marshmallow-filled chocolate kinder joy in milk. It will open, releasing the marshmallows, and the chocolate will sink and eventually mix in the milk.

39. Cook an egg in the microwave

Choose a microwave-safe container that is suitable for cooking eggs. A small microwave-safe bowl, ramekin, or microwave egg cooker are commonly used options. Make sure the container is not too large to prevent the egg from spreading too thin. Use one or two eggs.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Carefully crack the egg into the microwave-safe container. Cook on high heat for about 45 seconds to 1 minute. Check the doneness of the egg by gently touching the center. Season the cooked egg with additional salt, pepper, or other desired seasonings, and enjoy!

40. Nutella and biscuit sandwich

Making a Nutella and biscuit sandwich is a delicious and simple life hack that requires minimal effort. Take a butter knife and scoop a generous amount of Nutella on both sides. Next, place it on one biscuit and then lay the other biscuit on top.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

This will make an instant sandwich. Gently press down to ensure the biscuits stick together. Your Nutella and biscuit sandwich is ready to be enjoyed! You can serve it directly or wrap it in a piece of protective paper to eat later.

41. Use a razor to remove lint

This one is really beneficial for when you need to remove lint, but you don’t have a lint remover. Select a razor that is in good condition and has a sharp blade. A simple disposable razor works excellently for this purpose. Place the garment on a flat surface, ensuring that it is clean and dry.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Inspect the garment for areas with lint or fuzz. Hold the razor firmly but gently, with the blade facing away from you. Begin to glide the razor over the linty areas using light and short strokes. Be cautious not to press too hard to avoid damaging the fabric.

42. Folding the tape to mark the end of it

Saving duct tape by folding it to mark the end is a useful life hack that helps keep you organized and prevents it from sticking to itself, which could eventually lead to wastage. First, locate the end of the duct tape roll.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Peel off a small section of the duct tape from the roll. This exposed section will be used to create the folding mark. Take the exposed section of duct tape and fold it over onto itself, sticky side to sticky side.

43. Get the flanby out of the container

Flanby is a tasty caramel custard snack, but those who know it know how hard it can be to get it out of the container whole. But lucky for you, we know just what to do. Simply take the container and turn it upside down so that the bottom is the top.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

You will notice that the bottom has a sticker. All you need to do now is peel it off, and you will notice that the flanby will immediately begin to drop down. Finally, slip the container off and enjoy your delicious snack as desired.

44. Stamping the toilet paper

Using a tap to stamp toilet paper can be a practical life hack to prevent it from easily unraveling. Moreover, it makes you look fancy. And who doesn’t love that? To begin, locate the end of the toilet paper roll.

Image courtesy – this is hack / ig

Next, fold it evenly, as shown in the photo above. Once you are done with that, run the tap for a few seconds, then close it. Take your toilet paper and press the folded end on the tap gently. Once you remove it, you’ll have a round stamp.