45+ Times Bad Parkers Got A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

By John A

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We all are familiar with the frustrations that might accompany us on our daily commute. Even when you’ve arrived at your destination and are ready to park, the “fun” doesn’t necessarily stop. It’s time to take a deep dive into the world of people who have done some horrible parking jobs. From people who felt the need to hog several spaces, to people who were just in a hurry, to those parking jobs that really leave us scratching our heads. There are all sorts of wacky and selfish parkers out there. However, there are some bold citizens out there who are taking these folks under their wing, one by one, making sure that they’ve learned a lesson. Let’s take a look at some of the worst parking jobs of all time!

Park Job Worthy Of An Award

This driver has carelessly taken up more than their dedicated space, which is one of the most irritating habits a driver can have. Apparently, this driver thinks that their car is important enough to take up double the amount of space they actually need.

Image courtesy of Giggdy/Reddit

This bad parker has won themselves an unofficial award! The person who made it (and rightly so!) said that the driver feels like they are entitled to two parking spaces. One highlight, though, would be the fact that this driver has managed to park in a perfectly straight line. Bravo!

Signed, Sealed, And Wrapped In Plastic

When an important package is sent via mail, it often comes wrapped in a heavy layer of protective plastic wrap. From the looks of this photo, it seems like there was some extra plastic floating around, and it was put to good use to teach this driver a lesson.

Image courtesy of Suzie Stone/thetab.com?

While the driver may have thought that parking in two spots was a good idea, that must have changed as soon as they discovered their vehicle covered in plastic wrap. Imagine how tough it must have been to unwrap. We guess his Christmas gift came early!

Princess Parking

Although it’s called a parking lot, drivers can’t just park their vehicles wherever they want to. This driver, however, has opted to take full advantage of the striped curb that is clearly not a parking space, claiming it as their very own special spot.

Image courtesy of sum33/Reddit

A bystander clearly disapproves, taking a creative measure to dethrone the person who thought to magically turn the spot into VIP parking. This parking spot princess will likely think twice before creating a new spot in the future. Does she want a crown to go with that?

Hatchet Holder

Generally, the term “bury the hatchet” is a figure of speech that essentially means to forgive and forget. And then, of course, some people decide to turn idioms into something far more tangible — not to mention unforgettable. Folks, maybe don’t try this at home?

Image courtesy of hhopper/dvorak.org

It seems that this driver has done something to anger someone who either had access to a dozen hatchets or a large group of hatchet-wielding friends. Either way, this vehicle has seen better days and is sure to have sustained some cosmetic damage. The driver is undoubtedly in for a shock!

A Boot (Or Two?)

Isaac Newton once said, “For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Though this famous quote was said hundreds of years ago and definitely not in relation to parking, the theory certainly stands true in parking lots today.

Image courtesy of turnonthebrites/Reddit

The owner of this vehicle has very quickly learned that their actions have consequences. They set themselves up for this reaction by pulling into four parking spaces. The public decided to strike back with those nasty boots on the tires. They won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Only One Warning

When it comes to blocking people in, there are a few things you could do with your car that could inconvenience another person more. It’s a wildly selfish thing to do. This person has clearly had someone block them in one too many times.

Image courtesy of Imgur/OldManStar

This is the frustrated driver’s warning to whoever blocked them in. By the looks of this letter, this particular driver has a continued talent for blocking this person in, and they’ve had enough. This time, it’s a friendly, passive-aggressive note. Next time? It’s going to be the monster truck.

In Case Of Fire, Do Not Park

Part of getting your license is coming to terms with the understanding that fire hydrants are to be left free and clear — even if they provide a convenient place to park. Not only is parking in front of a fire hydrant illegal, but it’s also a safety concern.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Boris740

This driver has very quickly been made to learn precisely why this rule is in place. Their windshield has been busted through to provide firefighters with access to the fire hydrant connection. Hopefully, they’ve taken a valuable lesson from this experience.

A Messy Lesson

Taking up two spots is bad enough, but this driver has somehow been talented enough to manage to take up four if not five spots! This is an excellent example of someone who needs some practice parking. What did they think all those white lines in the parking lot are for exactly?

Image courtesy of Reddit/WTFbeast

But don’t worry — this driver is unlikely to become a repeat offender after the way that their park job was dealt with. Someone (who was obviously very unimpressed) has made a huge mess on this vehicle in an attempt to teach its driver a quick lesson about parking lot etiquette.

Chained Up

Small cars can indeed have their own set of advantages. The owner of this tiny car was probably hoping to sneak into this parking spot without trouble. After all, the car is small enough that it shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong.

Image courtesy of scribol.com

As it turns out, taking up this spot was a terrible idea. The driver now has to figure out how to undo the chains that have been carefully threaded through the car’s wheels. Without the right tools, the task is going to be nearly impossible, and the driver will be stuck in place for longer than intended.

Famously Bad Parking

Before the days of social media, this driver probably would have gotten away with this terrible parking job with nothing more than a few disapproving glances of passersby. In today’s world, however, this parking job is worthy of digital fame.

Image courtesy of brilio.net

Someone who walked by just happened to take things into their own hands and spent the time to type, print, and post this shaming note on the car for the world to see. Congrats to the driver: they’ve achieved online infamy as a crummy parker.

Over The Line

The genius who parked in this spot missed the yellow dividing line by a mile. Like any respectful road user, they could have got out and checked where the line was before repositioning their vehicle. But instead, they decided to just let it be, and so, this happened.

Image courtesy of jalopnik.com

Another road user witnessed this park job and deemed it a teachable moment. So, to help the driver find the line next time, the other driver taped the line right onto the vehicle. This way, the driver will never be able to use this excuse again.

Trash Talking

To all the car owners out there, may we take this opportunity to gently remind you that signs that are posted along the street are there for a reason. In this instance, a driver has chosen to blatantly ignore the signs telling them not to park there. 

Image courtesy of timetobreak.com

After the dumpsters were moved to block in this driver’s car, though, we’re pretty sure that the message will be clear from now on. This unlucky driver’s vehicle is going to be smelly for the foreseeable future and to make matters even worse, they’ll have to move those grody dumpsters before they can go anywhere. Yuck!

A Friendly Reminder

While practicing poor parking skills isn’t going to destroy the planet or kill off humankind, it is highly annoying, and it’s a particularly common pet peeve, not to mention a very understandable one. Whether you’re a fan of Spiderman or not, you’re bound to be impressed by this person’s friendly parking reminder.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

From the note (is it written on toilet paper?), it’s clear what injustice has been done, and that said, injustice has had a negative impact on someone else’s day. Although receiving this note probably isn’t the day’s highlight, we’d be glad that it’s so friendly.

Not Even A Little Room

It’s not uncommon for small cars to squeeze into itty-bitty parking spots. In parking lots, this isn’t usually a serious offense. But when it comes to clearly marked spots with fairly straightforward reasons for a no-parking rule? It’s best to comply.

Image courtesy of m3r41ck/Reddit

This driver didn’t feel that it was necessary to follow directions and has squeezed his tiny car into a space that, well, isn’t even a space. Upon returning to his car, he’ll find that his car has been built into a wooden box. Good luck getting that out!

Work Of Art

When someone parks like they’ve never driven before, they won’t usually have to face any consequences. If they do, those consequences will likely come in the form of a parking ticket or a strongly worded note on their windshield, but nothing that will keep them up at night.

Image courtesy of boredbug.com

This, however, is something that just might make them lose sleep. This unfortunate driver has had their vehicle turned into a work of red and yellow art because of how they parked. What a nightmare this will be to clean up! 

Detailed Instructions

If you’ve ever been faced with an improperly parked vehicle as you’re searching for your own parking spot and not finding one, you know how enraging it can be. It can be so upsetting, in fact, that you wish you could tell the driver how to park.

Image courtesy of pr1nceshawn.tumblr.com

Well, as it turns out, you can! You could be like this driver, instructing the mind behind this poorly planned-out park job how to park and what markers to use to land the spot. After all, there’s nothing like a bit of friendly guidance, right?

Step By Step

There is a whole flood of emotions that can run through a person’s head when they encounter someone whose parking job is less than stellar. The feelings can be confusing and can change quickly, as is demonstrated by this highly detailed windshield note.

Image courtesy of pr1nceshawn.tumblr.com

In the note, the writer details his thought process in a step-by-step manner, taking the poor parker through every last detail — including the demise of his grammar skills due to mounting frustration. At least it’s not threatening; it’s a logical examination of the consequences of parking like a tool!

Exerting Force

With such a small car, it’s truly amazing how the driver, who surely had plenty of space, just couldn’t resist that odd temptation to inconvenience other people by taking up two spots. Even so, it seems like they’re doing a fantastic job of it.

Image courtesy of elconfidencial.com

It also seems that someone was not pleased with the sight of the tiny car in two large parking spaces and, instead of letting it slide, dealt with it themselves. The vehicle was flipped: probably with ease and the use of two people, and left in its rightful place.

Award-Winning Parking

Upon first glance, it might seem like the owner of this car has actually won an award and done something worthy of praise. But, as it turns out, it’s just a good old parking award for a spectacularly poor park job.

Image courtesy of iLLBen/Reddit

The parking job is so bad that whoever gave this award went to enough trouble to inflate a bunch of balloons, gather confetti, and somehow put everything inside the vehicle. Not to mention the printing of this very prestigious award!

A Sweet Surprise

Chocolate sauce? For the sake of this driver’s sanity, we sure hope so! The driver of this vehicle is about to come back to a sticky surprise, and according to whatever substance was used, it could take quite a while to be rid of it.

Image courtesy of birminghammail.co.uk

Judging by the appearance of the sticky brown smears on the hood of this vehicle, it looks like someone felt like getting creative. This situation is equal parts humorous and creative, not to mention the person who wrote it must have licked their finger with pure satisfaction afterward.

No Offense Here

Most of the time, we can appreciate the condemnation of a lousy parking job. In this case, though, the method used in order to try and teach this errant driver a lesson seems slightly overkill – even if the driver was parking with their eyes closed.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

The paint portion of this? Great! Paint and a strict warning are great ways to help bad parkers whip themselves into shape, not to mention ensuring a decent amount of work scrubbing to get that off the window, but bringing Helen Keller into it? A step too far if you ask us.

DIY Parking Violation

When a handwritten note just doesn’t do the trick, sometimes things need to be made that much more official in order to get the point across. This frustrated road user has gone out of their way to create their own version of a parking ticket.

Image courtesy of diaforetiko.gr

Complete with space for the date and time, as well as the make of the vehicle, this handmade ticket is about as official as an unofficial ticket can get. To make its authority truly known, the ticket even wishes the driver of the vehicle a whole host of problems. 

VIP Parking

Yes, it’s annoying when someone messes up your vehicle’s paint job with their door. But that doesn’t mean that you can just park wherever you want. As per the rules of the parking lot, you should stay within your lines.

Image courtesy of Imgur/warmyourbeans

This driver clearly just doesn’t get the point of the lines. Someone with a handy piece of chalk has made a point of calling out this bad parking etiquette by creating the driver a particular spot, passive-aggressive memo and all.

Shopping Cart Conspiracy

Looking at this photo, we aren’t totally sure what happened. The driver seems to be within their dedicated lines, so we’re thinking this was either a tasteful prank or that the driver parked way too close to someone else.

Image courtesy of SomethingSurprising/Blogspot

Either way, the driver of this vehicle is in for a big surprise when they return. These shopping carts look like they’re all locked together, which is bound to take some effort (and time!) to undo. Better hope they’re not in a hurry to get somewhere!

A Trashy Park Job

From afar, there doesn’t appear to be too much wrong with the way this person parked. However, by the looks of what’s happened to the car, this driver seems to have made someone rather upset with the way they left their vehicle.

Image courtesy of mentertained.com

The vehicle’s hood has been covered in a layer of large trash bags that undoubtedly smell bad. They might even be leaking all over the hood and damaging the paint — yuck! This is what we call the definition of a trashy park job.

Mother Nature Isn’t A Fan

This picture is the perfect example of Mother Nature’s sick and often cruel sense of humor. It appears that even she’s getting in on the act of teaching bad drivers a thing or two about the rules of the road.

Image courtesy of Imgur/mubeenazam007

A strong wind during a rainstorm has knocked trees down, and each person who’s in a dedicated, clearly marked parking spot has been spared vehicle damage. The person who decided to create their own spot, on the other hand? Not so lucky.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

The person riding this bike likely thought they were being clever by parking in a spot for large vehicles. They also probably thought that their bike would be in the same place that they left it when they came back.

Image courtesy of Reddit/likeon

They turned out to be wrong. Their bike was seemingly picked up with ease and tossed straight up into a nearby tree, their spot being taken up by a much larger vehicle. Finding their bike probably took them longer than expected. 

Team Work

We can all pretty much agree that bad parking is annoying, although there’s very little we can do to stop it from happening. According to this photo, though, something can be done when drivers unite and band together for the greater good.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

A group of drivers teamed up to barricade this vehicle in, effectively teaching the driver a lesson. Now, the driver of the vehicle trapped inside the circle will have to wait patiently for the others to return before they can go anywhere. 

Movie Star Slide

For most vehicle owners, the look of the vehicle is just as important as its functionality. A good paint job, shiny rims, and a clean windshield are the icing on the cake. But if that’s the case for this driver, they’re in for an unpleasant surprise.

Image courtesy of Imgur/youandmeandrainbows

Someone who is clearly tired of this vehicle blocking the public path has been secretly training to be a stunt man. They have been sliding across the vehicle’s hood to get around it and have decided to share this information. Isn’t that kind of them?

Potato Uprising

Most bad parkers have made their hobby of inconveniencing others into an outright habit. When this happens, they might expect to have their actions brought to light through a well-mannered note or a parking ticket. But some people are far too creative to let bygones be bygones.

Image courtesy of Imgur/eldowns

This habitually bad parker probably wasn’t expecting to come back to an entire warlike potato clan on their hood. Between the well-written letter and the carefully crafted spud clansmen, it’s likely that this repeat offender got the message loud and clear.

Bigger Fish To Fry

Generally speaking, parking spaces are fairly designed so that they can accommodate all sizes of vehicles. This being said, this small car didn’t really need all three of the spaces it’s taking up — and really didn’t need to park perpendicular to the lines.

Image courtesy of net.hr

The driver of the monster truck realized this as they tried to pull in and saw the car parked haphazardly. Instead of driving around to find a different spot, the driver pulled right into the spot despite the car being there. Luckily, the truck was big enough to fit right over top.

A Mile Away

Perfecting parking can sometimes be tricky, depending on the location — especially when it comes to parking close enough to the curb but not too close to get out. Most drivers are pretty good about correcting their poor parking if it’s a matter of distance.

Image courtesy of Imgur/chemistrydoc

This driver, on the other hand, seemed to have just pulled up without even making an effort to nail the distance. Despite the driver obviously not caring, another driver clearly did. As a result? An award for best parking job ever. Congrats!

A Law Is A Law

Laws are laws for a reason — and no one is above them. This is a commonly known fact and should always be kept in mind when on the road. As such, you’d think that law enforcement officers would be regular sticklers for keeping in line with the law.

Image courtesy of Acid Cow

However, as is clear in this photo, that’s not always the case. But it’s okay, because another officer came along to call this one out on his shenanigans. Hopefully, the officer had to pay the fine and didn’t sneak out of it!

A Little Something Extra

As cool as the trend was, you rarely see any vehicles with a sidecar in the modern world. They are a thing of the past. Or, are they? It’s hard to say for sure because this vehicle has one of its very own. 

Image courtesy of skaties.lv

Okay, so maybe the vehicle didn’t come with a sidecar, but regardless, it’s stuck with one now! This driver must have really annoyed someone enough so that they took revenge on the driver by turning a dumpster into a sidecar and attaching it to the vehicle.


If you’ve ever purchased something that was held together using a zip tie, then you know how impossible it can be to break with your bare hands. This driver has unnecessarily taken up two parking spots, and another angry driver broke out the zip ties for revenge.

Image courtesy of filipe272003/Imgur

Whoever did this has zip-tied a shopping art to the door of this vehicle. Honestly, we think it’s a genius idea: simple, not too taxing, and yet still endlessly frustrating for this driver. The zip tie won’t harm the vehicle, but it’s guaranteed to be a nuisance.

An Axe A Day

Ah, there’s nothing better than parking in two spaces and having all the space in the world to get out, wing your door open, and be a general small-scale menace to society — except, perhaps not having an ax in your hood.

Image courtesy of delfi.lv

Do you agree with us? It’s highly likely that this driver does, too, now that they’ve had an ax quite literally planted into the hood of their car. While the ax likely didn’t do any severe internal damage, it certainly got the point across.

Surrounded By Trash

They say that you should fight fire with fire. So, following this idea, how do you fight a trash park job? Surround the offending vehicle with trash! It’s hardly a conventional method but is very likely to put this driver in his or her place and remind them to watch their park job.

Image courtesy of People’s Daily China/YouTube

We can appreciate the time and effort it took to put this whole thing in place, while the driver is probably just thankful that this form of revenge comes sans physical damage to their vehicle. Let’s hope that stink goes away quickly.

Not Your Spot

Bad parking is an offense that many drivers take very seriously, and some truck owners really feel entitled to park genuinely anywhere. Whoever owns this truck has probably been told not to park there more times than one could count, but for whatever reason, just didn’t get the hint.

Image courtesy of Imgur/yadinguslover

Eventually, the rightful owner of the parking spot got tired of warning the truck’s driver. What happened as a result? The owner scratched a very clear message right on the side of the truck. After something like this, it’s hard to imagine the truck’s driver ignoring the warnings anymore.

Utmost Inconvenience

When it comes to dealing with people who lack parking skills, there are a few ways one can go about handling the problem. You could opt to have the vehicle towed, call the non-emergency services number, or dole out a helping of justice on your own.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

If you choose to do the latter of the options, then you could follow in this driver’s footsteps and write a note telling the offender how highly inconvenient their parking is. Leaving a heartfelt note almost always seems to do the trick.

Barricaded Inside

It’s understandable that sometimes you’re in a hurry and need to park, get out, and leave in record time. Regardless of how much of a hurry you find yourself in, though, it’s common sense to avoid parking in unapproved parking spots.

Image courtesy of El Comercio

But if you do happen to park where you’re not supposed to, you might fall victim to a bit of street justice, and perhaps rightfully so. Take this person, for example, who found themselves barricaded inside a wall of shopping carts.

Just For You

From the way some people park, it seems like some of the population believe that they’re above the rules of the road. It’s like some people feel that they can do what they want with their vehicle, and that the laws that apply to the rest of society magically don’t touch them.

Image courtesy of brilio.net

The lines in this everyday parking lot are for parking between, and that’s a fact that this driver just hasn’t managed to grasp. Fortunately, a passerby created them their own special spot with sidewalk chalk, to give them that special treatment they clearly feel entitled to. 

Show-Stopping Parking Skills

Some people’s parking debacles make you want to take action. They make you want to send them a message that will ensure they’ll never mess up someone’s day that way again. Clearly, the person who wrote this message understands the feeling we’re describing.

Image courtesy of lifebuzz.com

While it’s unlikely that these unique skills described in the note will be put to practice, the threat of having a public vigilante carve curse words into their vehicle is probably pretty terrifying. But is it enough to stop the terrible parking jobs? We hope so.

Parking PSA

Have you seen the movie Office Space? If so, you know who Bill Lumbergh is. You also know how great he is when it comes to creating meme formats — but, as it turns out, he’s also great for doling out his share of parking PSAs.

Image courtesy of diaforetiko.gr

The person who wrote this note is a definite fan of the film, and their seriously hilarious doodle shows it. The doodle isn’t only funny, but it’s also straight to the point. So if the owner of this vehicle could park in their own designated space? That’d be…well, great.

Leaving? Nope.

For the most part, sports cars sure look hot, which is part of why their drivers have so much confidence. This is all fine and dandy, until it starts causing an uproar in parking lots. The way that this sports car owner parked, for example, didn’t go unnoticed.

Image courtesy of Reddit/SavageSylvester

Thanks to the way the sports car was parked, its driver is going to have one heck of a time getting back into their car. They shouldn’t be upset, though; the other driver was only parking in the amount of space that was left for them.

Spot Reservation

Owners of big trucks have a reputation for being terrible drivers. It’s thought that their main goal is first and foremost just to show off and have “the loudest vehicle on the block”. Some truck drivers feel a need to dispel these myths, as they give truck lovers a bad rep everywhere.

Image courtesy of brilio.net

But, of course, there are always those select individuals who go on proving that our preconceived notions about big truck owners are sometimes quite right. The driver has driven right over the lines and received a lovely note in return.

Squished Like Sardines

It’s such a pain to deal with when someone decides to park too close to you. It sets you up for possible paint damage, not to mention difficulty getting into the vehicle. It’s one of the worst forms of vehicular punishment.

Image courtesy of business2community.com

That being said, though, it can also be a fantastic way to get back at a bad driver. Here we can see a great example of what can happen to drivers who abuse their parking privileges and ignore those so very clearly demarcated lines.

A Team Affair

It’s refreshing to see members of the community banding together in order to achieve a goal or to celebrate a common interest. Here, we see a group of five black cars joining forces in the common goal of exacting retribution.

Image courtesy of brilio.net

By the looks of it, the driver of the car in the center made a poor decision in choosing to park against the fence. His or her fellow black car drivers teamed up to express their lack of appreciation for the action. Good luck getting out!

Buses Only

Public bus drivers are bound to see a wide array of interesting things on their routes, not to mention their fair share of obstacles. From rude passengers, to car accidents, and brazen road users, the job can’t be described as easy.

Image courtesy of Reddit/ikidd

At the end of the day, drivers just want to park their bus and go home. This is made impossible when the designated bus parking is taken up by cars that could have easily found parking elsewhere. These bus drivers aren’t having any of it.

Too Hot To Handle

People, people, people. Sometimes your lack of understanding of how the world works is rather remarkable. We all know fire hydrants are clearly marked as no parking zones. Some still park in front of them, of course, but are risking a lot when they do.

Image courtesy of trinxter/Imgur

The mayor and his team just might realize why these rules are around after they return to their vehicle. Luckily for her, the windows were already open. Had they been closed? They would have smashed in; you can’t get in the way of the fire department trying to prevent an emergency.

Backdoor Parking

The only time that someone should ever park the wrong way is in case of an emergency. So, looking at this photo, there had to have been an emergency taking place that would have justified this rather unconventional parking job, right?

Image courtesy of twentytwowords.com

Nope. Actually, the driver of the offending vehicle just really needed to get the last table by the window. Or were they going to fall down from hunger and couldn’t manage to park properly? Either way, they’re good and stuck now.

Cement Blocked In Place

It’s no surprise that these large cement blocks are heavy. Weighing more than 300 pounds a piece, they’re not meant to be moved. And that means they can be quite handy when it comes to trying to teach someone a lesson.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

We think that whoever moved them in front of this car understood that and moved them there on purpose. The whole scene looks like something out of a comedy show, but for the driver, it was certainly not going to be funny.

Warning From Grumpy Cat

With her permanently frowning face, the late and great Grumpy Cat is an absolute staple on the Internet. He’s the center of memes and funny videos, and can be instantly recognized and named by most of the social media-using population.

Image courtesy of suntecautoglass.com

She doesn’t like many things and apparently bad parking is one of the things she hates the most. This clever warning is equal parts humorous and equal parts dead-serious. It’s also much less harsh than the other scary things that people did to bad drivers!

Best Friends Forever

Parking illegally, the driver of this van made the choice to place their vehicle in the wrong direction, leaving that bright red ride in an unfortunate place. But don’t worry! The driver of the bulldozer wasn’t going to let the van get lonely.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Instead of leaving the van by itself and allowing the driver’s bad parking job to go unnoticed, the bulldozer cuddled right up against the van. Isn’t it cute the way the two vehicles seem to be spooning? Best friends forever — or, at least, until the driver of the van at last figures out how to extricate himself.

Parking Intervention

After a decent amount of time working with someone, you’ll come to learn their everyday habits. This includes what they eat for lunch, if they’re on time, their favorite excuses for tardiness, and of course, how they park their car everyday.

Image courtesy of brilio.net

These coworkers have been forced to park out back one too many times. But since they are friends with this poor parker, the situation is perfect for a passive-aggressive intervention, which they’ve dealt out quite well. Hopefully this is a humorous way to get the point across.

Rocked It

With any luck, the driver of this vehicle has some serious lifting skills — not to mention a good sense of humor, too — because like it or not, they sure are in for a surprise when they get back to their car.

Image courtesy of yaplakal.com

Their awesome parking job has won them a most esteemed trophy: this heavy rock on their hood. The rock, which was surely given after a fellow road user decided that this parking was unacceptable, seems to say: “Congratulations! You rocked this terrible park job.”

Detective Work

At first glance, this seems like a rather surreal practical joke. The toilet and globe don’t seem to have anything to do with parking…or do they? Also, who just happened to have these objects readily available? Okay, the globe maybe, but the toilet bowl?

Image courtesy of vkmag.com

We took a bit of time to think it over and have managed to decode the cryptic message. According to what the position of both things say, it’s clear that the person who placed them wants the driver of this car to know that they’re the worst parker in the world.

Stuck It To ‘Em

It’s a blessing that we as humans have the ability to express displeasure in a variety of ways without even having to employ the use of words. In this case, words would have cheapened the overall effect of this prank.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Although whoever did this could have just as easily (probably much easier, actually) had a quick chat with this errant driver, they chose to lay out a meticulous revenge plot. This black car has been given a bright yellow facelift.

Sign? What Sign?

Like bicycles, motorbikes often have designated parking spaces. This is both for the convenience and safety of the cyclist. The driver of this truck appears to have missed the signs, no matter how clearly and boldly written they may be.

Image courtesy of Imgur/MoneyshotMcGee

Since the SUV owner didn’t mind parking in the motorcycle parking spot, the motorcyclist didn’t mind blocking this SUV in. What’s good for one is good for the other, after all. But still, how is this car going to get out? We hope he didn’t squash the motorbike.

Taking The Trash Out

This spot isn’t a parking spot and it’s not particularly hard to see that. The driver of this vehicle, however, must need to put their glasses on or renew their prescription all together, because they’ve made the decision to park there anyways.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

The bad parking job of the vehicle’s owner didn’t phase whoever took their trash out before this was taken. They simply put their trash in the vehicle since it was blocking the garbage can. Block the trash? Get treated like trash.

Drum Roll Please

Can we get a yippee for the parking of this vehicle? No? Well, how about a drum roll? This idea was a pretty creative one, but we wouldn’t want to be on the other side of this picture. We’re hoping the guy had a good day despite this mess.

Image courtesy of the chive.com

Sure — oil drums! Or are those empty beer kegs? Well, we can only hope they’re empty, because otherwise, what a pain to lift them. The person who arranged these around this car was evidently unimpressed about something. Probably the parking, we guess.

A Dose of Humor

Humor is one of the best ways to deal with some of the things that life throws at you. When humor is involved, the situation is made lighter and less hostile. The Simpsons is known for its humor, which makes it ideal for helping break bad news.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

The guilty party on the receiving end of this note is about to have a laugh, despite the seriousness of it. What’s more, those are some seriously good doodling skills. Hopefully, there are no hard feelings and a lesson is learned.

Jacking Around

Car jacks were made to help road users solve their car troubles. But jacks also prove to be helpful for handling some other tasks, like, for example, getting tasteful and harmless revenge on someone who can’t park to save their life.

Image courtesy of Acid Cow

This form of revenge is sweet. It’s nondestructive, humorous, and easy enough to exact without drawing. attention. To add an extra layer of insult to injury here, there are two jacks in place. What’s even funnier is that compared to some of the other cars on this list, this one is just barely over the lines. Look out!

Cart Revenge

Riddle me this: when you cross a person searching in vain for a parking spot at the grocery store and someone who doesn’t know how to park, what do you get? Your first response was probably: a giant headache. But what you weren’t banking on was: cart revenge!

Image courtesy of brilio.net

Cart revenge entails a handful of empty grocery carts, a poorly parked vehicle, and a bit of time — as well as a sense of a humor. Whoever carried out this act of revenge had just enough time to teach this driver a quick lesson.

Disclaimer: This article was first published on daveswallet.com and is published here with approval.