35 Funny Photos Of Bad Drivers That Make Us Question How The Heck They Got A License

By Aakash M

This article was originally published on drivingtodays

Do you remember the exciting moment you held your shiny new driver’s license in your hands? Even if you don’t, we bet you surely remember the feeling of freedom that came along the first time you hopped in the driver’s seat by yourself. Suddenly, you feel like an adult, like the whole world is your oyster.

However, you realize quite quickly that the open roads bring out the nasty side of humanity. We’re sure you’ve had moments behind the wheel when you questioned how in the heck some drivers passed the test and obtained a license! However, thankfully, it’s another day with another niche Facebook group that celebrates exactly this: mocking the worst driving offenses they catch.

If you’ve been following Driving Todays, you know that we always pick out the best pictures for your entertainment. So buckle up and take a ride in the fast lane. These pictures will thrill you, but let them be a stark reminder to stay safe out there!

Getting witty

We think drivers need these messages on the back of other vehicles. Whenever an aggressive driver comes close, they get a stark reminder of what could happen if things go wrong. It’s always best to follow the speed limit, but you don’t need us to tell you that.

Image Credits: Facebook / Jaydhel Mark Buenbrazo

If not, then you could indeed test your airbags on the back of this truck. But again, you’d never have to do that if you simply followed all the rules while driving. It’s the best thing one can do to stay safe on the road.

Wait, what?

We are completely sure this is not what they meant when they made a sign that said “green vehicles.” To be technical, the guy who parked his car is correct because there’s no specification about what green means in the context.

Image Credits: Facebook / Ti Le N

That’s one argument that the car driver could make, but then again, nobody’s that dumb not to understand what people mean by green vehicles. Besides, this guy snapped a photo of it. Clearly, we are not the only ones thinking this way. We have to hand it to him because it’s funny!

Problem solved

It looks like people had a specific problem with Ford motors, so the company decided to address it. Ford, being Ford, listened to their customers and the serious issues they were having. They were asking for a place to nap while waiting for the tow truck.

Image Credits: Facebook / Peter Buitenhuis

The moral is that Ford never fails to deliver. We understand they made this the so-called place to nap while you’re waiting for the tow truck, but it looks incredibly comfy. We’ll find plenty of other reasons to nap here besides waiting to be towed!

Looks wonderful

Wait. Is the owner of the car trying to tell us something indirectly? Well, we get that it’s Sonic, but there could be more to it. Maybe he’s trying to say that the car’s as fast as the character. Or perhaps it’s a sign that there is an aggressive driver behind the wheel.

Image Credits: Facebook / Achmad Yanuar Diansyah

Either way, we’d say that the design is super original and creative. It’s also really cute, because of course, it’s Sonic! It has to be cute! Painting Sonic above the tires is a clever idea. To the person behind the design, you did a great job.


Now that’s what you call a good meme for the motorheads. They’ll know what we’re talking about here! It looks a bit exaggerated, but it’s based on a true phenomenon! There is certainly something about Honda drivers and those loud exhaust pipes.

Image Credits: Facebook / Ti Le N

Also, now that we think about it, we’re always awoken by these harsh noises, usually at three in the morning. They’re undeniably loud, which is a given. It’s so much power on such a small car. But souped-up Honda drivers have no shame.

Simply brilliant

This next driver is described as a bright soul, and we see why literally and metaphorically. Why should you ever care about your safety when you can ruin one of the most essential features in your car with something as random as a gaudy rhinestone decoration?

Image Credits: Facebook / Rick Price

Well, the owner of this car won’t realize that until the moment they actually need them. Firstly, we are praying this bright soul never gets in an accident. Secondly, if they do, we hope the airbags will cooperate accordingly!

Happens always

You can relate to this particular situation, right? It’s so darn true! Whenever there’s a car ahead of us, it’s literally the slowest car in the world. Whenever we merge into the passing lane to leave it in the dust, it suddenly feels the need for speed!

Image Credits: Facebook / Brad Markell

Maybe these cars are purposefully wanting to cause trouble. Maybe they always wait for the car behind them to pass so that later on, they can play mind games to piss off the other drivers. You never know someone’s intentions behind the wheel.

You have been warned

It’s better not to take these words lightly, although it looks like a joke. No matter how you interpret it, if these guys actually end up following through with their word, then these drivers have no choice but to watch it.

Image Credits: Facebook/ Ti Le N

Not only will that force them to follow the speed limit, but they also have to avoid major potholes. Oh, and let’s not forget that it could cause traffic congestion. We have a feeling this road is infamous for pissing off angry drivers.


If this were a movie scene, it would make people go crazy with laughter! No offense to the car and the makers, but from the looks of it, it feels as if people could run faster than this car can drive. Also, it looks like it would roll over when it tries to turn.

Image Credits: Facebook / Lilian S Saleh

That car is called a “pea” for an excellent reason. It’s green, small, and round, making it look like a little pea with mirrors, wheels, and headlights. It seems like it can fit two people. And we have to say, it looks way too adorable to be a car.


Here’s a normal photo of three geniuses on a typical day. They’re just trying to unlock a car. Give them a break! They just want the keys. They’re working pretty hard, considering that they’re using tools to try and open it.

Image Credits: Facebook/ Peter Butenhuis

Unfortunately, they forgot one crucial tool. We’re talking about brains here. If they would whip that one out, they may be able to break open the window that’s already broken. There’s plastic on it for a reason, and that reason can’t be good!


Have you ever seen those vintage bikes with the side cabin? They’re actually really comfortable for the person who sits on the side. But this guy decided to put a spin on this. He turned the side cabin into an actual car. That’s some genius stuff.

Image Credits: Facebook / Peter Butenhuis

He made it looks incredible. We love the tan color, and he executed the look of the vintage beetle perfectly. It’s even more impressive because it’s close to the size of an actual beetle. However, we think the little green pea we saw above is a tad bigger.

Great accuracy

This one is a lucky coincidence, and the person who captured this photo must be awarded for their timing and attention to detail! We’re not sure about which moon they’re searching for, but they’re definitely in the right place.

Image Credits: Facebook / ?????? ????????

We’re happy they took it because the moon would be on the other side of the sign in a few hours, and his opportunity would be gone. What a beautiful moment of serendipity. We hoped he framed this photo!

Time to guess

Because this design is one of the most unique ones we have come across, and also, we don’t know if we should even call it a design or not. We tried taking stabs at what it could possibly be, and we think we have a pretty good guess.

Facebook/ Tran Send

That extra-large spoiler isn’t a spoiler. That’s what we think. It looks like some sort of a bookshelf. Actually, that’s exactly what it is. We have no other interpretation. Call it a car with a built-in bookshelf that can ironically hold zero books while driving.

Climate concern

There you go. Well, we just said that. We have no idea what this so-called kit is doing. We don’t even see anything happening here. Oops, hold up. It looks like this whole thing is being used to improve the air inside the car.

Image Credits: Facebook / Ali Panahi

Wouldn’t it impact the car in some or the other way? There has got to be a more efficient solution than welding in a hefty piping system. But we gotta hand it to him. If only he could seal the windows, then it might actually work!

Easy transport

Does this guy choose to sit inside that box, or has he been quarantined because he just can’t stop farting in the cabin? If that’s that’s the case, then we understand the punishment. Also, we need to know who Granny White is.

Image Credits: Facebook / Tanveer Singh

He looks like he has been punished by a senior employee, and as part of the punishment, he needs to spend some alone time in that box to understand that he can’t keep acting up—poor guy. We feel for him!

A new perspective

This is what we mean by taking things to the next level. We’re positive that the locking pin must be lying somewhere on the road a few miles back. However, this guy had to improvise. And improvise he did.

Image Credits: Facebook / Stephen Rushton

On the bright side, these guys installed those hooks on the car the way it had to be done. You might see sparks shooting up from the pavement when that’s not done properly. Lets this be a harsh reminder to always remember your locking pins!

An essential tool

This meme is highly appropriate. Police should be called human scarecrows, and they love to post up on every blind corner to catch speedy drivers. It almost always works. How can we know unless we have someone to tell us?

Image Credits: Facebook / Rashad Yaqub

This, however, is a level up from genius. If you want to innocently scare the bejeezus out of someone, then doing this would definitely work. There’s no police car waiting for someone to whip around the corner. It’s literally a fake!

Where is E.T.?

Well, this, ladies and gents, is either a failed stunt or a photo shoot based on the movie E.T. No matter what it is, we know it’s dangerous. This biker is uncomfortably high, and the trees are close to each other. It’s pretty scary to view, and we feel anxious.

Image Credits: Facebook / Sami Pir

We hope this guy didn’t come tumbling down after they took this image. However, we’re still amazed by it. Out of nowhere, you see this guy on a tree on a bike. We’re convinced this is an outtake from E.T.

Parking skills

If you want to annoy people with a car in a public place, this is probably the best way you can do that. The guy who parked this car must have really pissed people off. But hey, he was just trying to leave the door accessible, right?

Image Credits: Facebook / Kelby Edmonson

That could probably be the reason why we’re seeing this image. He’s pretty precise with his parking as well. The center of the car is exactly on the line, helping him take up two parking spaces but making sure the door is visible.

Another one

Here’s another improper parker. The previous guy had a few skills, at least. But let us be really honest here. This one doesn’t have any skills. He knew that which is why he decided to park far away from others.

Facebook/ Chris O’Quinn

It’s like the driver probably forgot to hit the brakes while parking. Maybe they’re learning how to drive a car, but they need professional guidance if that’s the case. Parking is a really important aspect of learning to drive a car, guys!

Predicting the future

No matter how much we joke about it, that gift would surely be appreciated by anybody tired of the rising gas prices that have swept the nation. From the looks of it, that tank he’s holding is gonna be costly.

Image Credits: Facebook / Lillian S Saleh

We don’t know about earlier, but according to today’s prices, this puppy would have cost this guy a lot. Basically, a lot more than any average gift for a girlfriend. It’s the times we are living in. It is just so ironic.

It’s time for math

Now, this one is all about how you perceive it. There are three things. It might look to you like a lame joke, something hilarious, or super strange. If you like math, we promise you will get hung up in this equation.

Image Credits: Facebook / Ti Le N

So, which one is it? If you ask us, it’s the second one for us because it’s genuinely funny how the model of a car gets turned into a mathematical equation. The person who discovered this stuff is really creative.

DIY hack

This is what you call a risky life hack. There’s no 100% assurance that the mattress above is safely secured. It could come sliding down anytime, and all it needs is a moment of the driver’s absent-mindedness, which could happen to the best of us.

Image Credits: Facebook / Ti Le N

For instance, what happens when someone gives this guy a thumbs up, and he tries to reply back with a smiling thumbs up? He’ll surely give a thumbs up in that case, but that’s also when the mattress comes sliding down to its death.

Design 100

We’d give 100 points for this design, and there’s only one reason behind it. It gets 100 points because it’s something your grandmother would 100 percent approve of. We won’t go into how good or how bad it looks, but if a grandma is behind this, it has our hearts.

Image Credits: Facebook / Ti Le N

You never know what could’ve happened here. Maybe a grandma was tired of her teenage grandchildren borrowing her car. Then, she thought of this design, which would prevent them from taking it. That’s quite the innovative solution if you ask us.

Dumbing down

Honestly, this one is legit and much-needed on the highway. There are so many reckless drivers who do not respect other people driving around them, especially truckers. Sometimes, it’s almost as if they don’t know what an indicator means.

Image Credits: Facebook / Ti Le N

In that sense, it’s wise that this person decided to dumb things down a bit. We hope it will make it clear to all those hasty drivers out there. This guy forgot to mention the middle blinky light. That means “big truck goes back.”

Last option

When you have tried everything, but the car simply just doesn’t start no matter what you do, there’s only one option left. Yes, that’s right. Pray. That’s all you can do, and that’s all this lady is focusing on. We should learn a thing or two from her.

Image Credits: Facebook/ Ti Le N

When you can’t pay for it, pray for it! It’s either that or the lady has called the priest to bless the vehicle for a long journey. If it’s not that, then the lady has called him to perform the last rites of the car before she gets rid of it.

The rings

The meme tells us that there’s one similarity between Saturn and this car, which is the ring. The ring has encircled the car as if it’s Saturn. Other than that, we really can’t understand what’s happening in this image.

Image Credits: Facebook / Nyima Lama

Also, the spookiest part is that the trunk of the car is open, and we can see a pair of feet there! Whose feet is that? Is the guy being kidnapped, or is the situation worse than that? Things just got really serious quickly.

Being practical

Well, yes. After taking a look at this image, that’s what we think the lady is doing. She very well understands how gas prices are through the roof, so she had to take things into her own hands, literally.

Image Credits: Facebook / Johnathan Dawkins

She thought of trying something different. Well, honestly, she could’ve tried public transport, cycling, walking, or numerous other things along those lines, but she thought of driving a pallet jack. We don’t understand how people think sometimes.

Heel Mobile

It took us a while to digest what was happening here. It’s a four-wheeler that looks like a bike from behind but is actually some sort of a gawky car. That’s quite a small part. The main attraction about this car is that it is basically a giant heel.

Image Credits: Wikimedia / Tom Harpel from Seattle, Washington, United States / CC BY 2.0

Well, we can still understand that. What about the performance, though? Does it ride nicely and comfortably? We definitely don’t think so. Look at how the wheel is positioned below where the person is supposed to sit. One sudden brake, and he learns that he can fly.

Modern solutions

This is what happens when you are overly concerned about security and when you don’t trust the company that manufactured your car. But, while thinking about all that, this is also the outcome when you don’t use common sense.

Image Credits: Facebook

This guy has fixed a latch on the doors of the car, which is a good thing for now. We get it that it’s like a double-security measure. But what happens when someone who tries to break into your car simply opens up the latch?

It’s over

For this car, it’s game over, and for the owner of this car, we can’t even begin to imagine the look on their face when they see this situation. That’s a sweet-looking Nissan sports car that has been half buried in cement.

Image Credits: Facebook / Ti Le N

We hope that nothing like that ever happens to anyone else. On the other hand, if this happened because this guy deliberately parked at a construction site knowing they were working, then it’s probably his fault. In that case, those guys (ce)meant to do that!

It’s a prank!

It actually is a prank. From the looks of it, it’s a Volkswagen Polo, but apparently, somebody stuck a socket on it to make it a Volkswagen Polo Hybrid. Well played! Seriously, we applaud you. But we don’t think that’s going to fool anybody.

Image Credits: Facebook / ?????? ????????

If you are trying to mess with somebody, it could be a hilarious prank to do in that case. We’re just kidding on this one, but you could also try charging this so-called hybrid car by strapping a generator on it and plugging it in.

Fixed it

First of all, if this car was in an accident, it shouldn’t be driving around at all. We can see that it’s in horrible condition, and it’s not safe. Secondly, duct tape or belts won’t fix it or keep it together. It’s not a broken pipe. It’s a car.

Image Credits: Facebook / Mihkel Loiv

It needs professional attention, but you don’t need us to tell you that. We can imagine this car’s fenders giving up on it and folding upwards. That’s going to be the start of a massive disaster that could be avoided if this car is genuinely repaired.


What are these people trying to do here? We get that they’re trying to transport the ladder from one place to another, but we hope we aren’t the only ones who can see how unsafe it is. A slight tilt of the ladder could cause an accident.

Image Credits: Facebook / Oky Kurnia Alam

It’s also quite surprising how somebody managed to take a photo of it, the adjacent rider is normally looking at what’s happening, and nobody else on the roads seems to care about what’s happening here. Well, maybe such risks are common.

A little bit of everything

Do you know what happens when you mix many styles into your car’s design to make it look cool? This is what happens. It ends up looking like nothing but a big mess or something cool, according to some people.

Image Credits: Facebook / Faith Jeffrey Ozerkan

We’re no car experts, but we can surely say that the car in this image isn’t a Ford. So, what’s the point of the Ford sign on the grille anyway? Also, the headlights look like it’s trying to copy Range Rover. Again, we can’t be sure.