Laughing Lane: 35+ Entertaining And Riotous Bumper Stickers Captured On The Road

By Jhoana C

This article was originally published on drivingtodays

There you are, focused on driving, eyes locked ahead like a pro driver when out of nowhere, you erupt into laughter like a cackling maniac. Come on, spill the beans—did a side-splitting sticker just slap you with its comedy greatness? We all need a good chuckle while cruising around, and thank goodness for the abundance of snarky, witty, and downright hilarious bumper stickers out there. They’re like the comedic sprinkles on the cupcake of life, and we’re never short of a good laugh on the highway!

Sure, some stickers might be as corny as a field of popcorn, but let’s face it—they still deliver much-needed entertainment when you’re on the road, especially during those never-ending solo drives. So, prepare yourself for a dose of hilarity as you navigate through this amusing collection that’s sure to inject some much-needed joy into your journey!

#1 At least the driver wants to be alerted during mishaps

Some workers just report to work and go about their routines but don’t have their heart in their work. Take this guy—he might not be thrilled about driving a school bus day in and day out, but he has turned it into his mission to ensure the well-being of his little passengers.

Image courtesy of scottriklis/Reddit

Has he cleverly placed that sticker there to unleash his inner racecar driver when a kid falls out, bidding them farewell with a speedy getaway? Or is it his sneaky strategy to activate the hazard lights and rush to rescue the tiny tot, giving fellow drivers a chance to join the chaotic symphony of honks?

#2 You really do have to follow the rules

Whether you have a warrant or not, it’s absolutely imperative to obey those road rules unless you have a burning desire to tango with a collision. Now, let’s dive into the realm of uproarious bumper stickers because who doesn’t want to join the wild and wacky world of mobile comedy?

Image courtesy of corg_e/Twitter

If the authorities pursue you, it’s probably not the smartest move to channel your inner Lewis Hamilton on the road. Trust us, you don’t want to get those sirens blaring and those handcuffs clicking. As for the reasons behind that elusive arrest warrant, well, let’s just say we’ll leave it up to your imagination.

#3 Yup, divorce is more expensive

We’re here with a friendly reminder to ponder a gazillion times before taking that leap into matrimony. Sure, throwing a lavish wedding can drain your bank account faster than you can say “I do,” but let’s face it: if you hitch yourself to the wrong wagon, the costs of divorce proceedings might tear your wallet.

Image courtesy of magicwings/Reddit

Seek a soulmate who won’t drive you to gouge your own eyes out in frustration. Remember, love is grand, but finding the right partner can save you from a divorce disaster and preserve your sanity, along with your bank account!

#4 Don’t we all?

Our friends know we adore seasoned actors with captivating voices capable of turning a mundane telephone book into a seductive adventure. Though our lives lack excitement, we’ve already selected a few narrators in case a documentary is ever made about us.

Image courtesy of boopitybapity/Imgur

If the owner of this car happens to be a fan of Morgan Freeman and Sean Connery, we are absolutely destined to be friends. We can already envision ourselves dialing their number, enjoying a delightful dinner together, and engaging in mind-boggling conversations.

#5 They are not meant to be shared

Never before had we considered drawing parallels between parking spaces and underwear, but this sticker undeniably hits the nail on the head. Who in their right mind would willingly share their underwear with another person? Even in the face of an apocalypse, that’s a line we won’t cross.

Image courtesy of personalhale/Reddit

The same goes for parking spots too. One parking spot is only good for one vehicle, it doesn’t matter what type it is. As if words weren’t enough, the designers kindly included the image of two adult men sharing the same undies on the sticker to drive home the point.

#6 Ursula would approve

This car’s owner must be head-over-fins in love with The Little Mermaid, and who can blame them? Ursula was dead set on ruining Ariel’s shot at true love with Prince Eric right from the get-go. This sticker is a playful reminder that even under the sea, love stories can get pretty fishy!

Image courtesy of murfflemethis/Reddit

We’re not sure if the driver of this car is on a mission to wreak havoc on the road, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. The moment we laid eyes on this sticker, our brains instantly went into karaoke mode—we started singing the song of the same title in our heads.

#7 Fox News is Fake?

In a world where opinions on Fox News vary greatly, this sticker serves as a tongue-in-cheek reminder of the ongoing debate. While we may not fully align with the notion that it’s a purveyor of fake news, we appreciate the hilarity of expressing such thoughts on your bumper.

Image courtesy of maltamur/Reddit

While some may deem political bumper stickers tacky, we couldn’t care less about such judgments. If it means brightening up our mornings, especially before that much-needed caffeine boost, then these spirited stickers have found their rightful place on our car’s bumpers.

#8 Those pesky aliens!

Kudos to the genius behind this sticker because it has secured a spot in our top 5 all-time favorites! We’re talking superhero-level brilliance here. Buckling up is the ultimate life-saving move, and the minds behind this sticker deserve a standing ovation!

Image courtesy of KnotiaPickles/Reddit

Listen up, Earthlings! Protect yourself from mischievous alien abductors and their experiments. Seat belts are your ultimate defense, like a force field against extraterrestrial mischief. Stay buckled up, stay safe, and frustrate those aliens!

#9 Can’t argue with the sticker

Unlike those pretentious individuals on the road, this guy is refreshingly honest about his less-than-stellar parking skills. At least he’s true to his word, and how many can boast such authenticity? Let’s give credit where it’s due and embrace the rare breed of honesty behind the wheel.

Image courtesy of PopsGG/Reddit

The burning question remains: did the driver proudly slap on this sticker themselves, or was it a cheeky bystander who couldn’t resist highlighting their sideways parking shenanigans? Odds are, most folks are leaning toward the latter. Leaving two parking spaces occupied with a sideways vehicle practically begs for some sticker-based commentary.

#10 This is epic

Even if you’re not the man’s biggest fan, you won’t be able to resist cracking a smile at this one. Say hello to the unbeatable charm of Liam Nissan—whether we’re talking about the legendary actor or the trusty vehicle, you can never go wrong with a dash of Liam Nissan in your life.

Image courtesy of accidental-stuntman/Reddit

Proceed with caution; this driver might just channel Liam’s infamous line and declare, “I will look for you, find you, and… well, maybe not kill you, but definitely give you a stern talking-to!” So, don’t mess with the Liam-loving driver, and let them strike fear (or a chuckle) in the hearts of onlookers.

#11 We’re confused as to who’s 9

This sticker has us scratching our heads in confusion, pondering whether it refers to the driver’s age or the car itself. Common sense suggests it’s probably the car, as no sane parent would allow their 9-year-old child to take the wheel on the open road.

Image courtesy of jakefrommyspace/Reddit

In a sea of bumper stickers that often ignite road rage, we must admit this one stands out as a calming oasis. Unlike its fiery counterparts, this sticker has the power to prevent others from losing their cool, refraining from opening their windows to unleash a torrent of obscenities.

#12 Not a nice friend

According to the original post, the additional words “by my dad” on the sticker were the doing of the vehicle owner’s friend. We can’t help but feel that this wasn’t the wisest decision. Even if your friend is still financially reliant on their parents, who are you to reveal that information to the world?

Image courtesy of Das_Mojo/Reddit

On a lighter note, we absolutely adore the original sticker’s message! Tattoos can be a form of self-expression, and many individuals with stunning ink also possess exceptional work ethics. Let’s celebrate the intersection of artistry and diligence, leaving personal matters to them.

#13 Yes, old folks have a right to life too

We’re all familiar with those bumper stickers proclaiming the presence of babies or children on board. They are everywhere—day in and day out. Well, this sticker serves as the adults’ response to that phenomenon. We may not have the smoothest bottoms or the cutest laughter, but we deserve our place in this world too.

Image courtesy of sabrinaj87/Reddit

It’s a lighthearted reminder that adulthood comes with its own unique qualities and value. So, let’s embrace our right to live and enjoy a good laugh, even if it’s not as adorable as a baby’s giggle or as squishy as a baby’s bottom. We’re all on this journey together, after all.

#14 Would you like to connect?

Finally, someone came to our rescue and labeled those mysterious objects at the back of trucks that had us scratching our heads in confusion. We owe a debt of gratitude to this visionary individual who bestowed upon them the names we’ve been longing for: HDMI 1 and HDMI 2.

Image courtesy of skywalker3165/Reddit

This sticker serves as a stern warning to all who dare to approach too closely. You see, it’s like the vehicle’s HDMI ports; you should never be within connecting distance. In simpler terms, it’s a high-tech way of saying, “Don’t even think about tailgating.”

#15 We agree with this

While we cherish those unexpected encounters with warm-hearted individuals, we can’t deny that the world can be a harsh and unforgiving place. If you’re not equipped with resilience, it’s all too easy to sink into the depths of despair when life veers off course.

Image courtesy of

That’s precisely why we find solace in the company of our beloved pets. Unlike humans, they don’t complain about our driving skills or rat us out to the authorities when we sneakily breeze through red lights at night. They offer us unwavering loyalty and a non-judgmental presence that is priceless.

#16 Okay, we’ll let them merge

While we typically have a strict policy against allowing people to merge, we find ourselves making an exception in the case of this car adorned with an adorable cat sticker. How can we resist that irresistible face? We’re willing to set aside our biases and consider this furry friend’s request.

Image courtesy of Ricemetal/Reddit

Forget about the conventional wisdom that advises you to drive on the right to avoid merging mishaps, because that strategy doesn’t always hold true. Instead, why not put this sticker on your car and embark on a daring social experiment?

#17 They cost a lot of money though

Let’s face the brutal truth: kids are expensive! You must spend your hard-earned moolah on milk, diapers, food, and fees once they start attending school. That’s why we can’t help but sympathize with the car owner sporting this hilarious sticker.

Image courtesy of gumzilla/Reddit

Now, some might argue that it’s time to peel off this sticker once the kiddo starts reading, thinking they’ve outgrown the financial burden stage. Being able to read doesn’t magically transform kids into money-saving wizards. Those little munchkins can still be quite the financial tornado.

#18 Is this a dad joke?

Ah, the beloved realm of dad jokes, where the humor can swing between hilariously on point and cringingly corny. It’s like the tale of the dyslexic devil worshipper who inadvertently struck a deal with the wrong holiday figure, selling his soul to Santa instead.

Image courtesy of Rybo13/Reddit

We can’t help but sympathize with this individual. We, too, have had our sleepless nights pondering the profound mysteries of existence, like whether the universe contains a dog. Does the universe provide us with an answer? Alas, it merely listens, reveling in the enigma of unanswered questions.

#19 Perfect placement

We must admit we’re shamelessly biased when it comes to our love for dogs. Those furry creatures are irresistible, and our hearts have an entire wing dedicated to them. Now, this particular doggo might not be rolling in dough, but it’s rolling in style with its very own Dodge.

Image courtesy of galactictides/Reddit

This delightful sticker was strategically placed to bring daily smiles to all who encounter it. Hopefully, its charm can also serve as a gentle reminder to keep road rage at bay. We all know that not everyone on the road possesses a Zen-like demeanor.

#20 Fuel for road rage

This sticker might be funny to some, but for other people on the road who have a short fuse, this might start a horrible episode of road rage where folks get terribly hurt. Do we want that? No. But do we want this sticker? Yes!

Image courtesy of

If you find yourself lacking in patience, perhaps it’s best to reconsider your role as a driver. The roads can be unpredictable, and maintaining a calm demeanor is crucial to avoid unwanted encounters with law enforcement. After all, you wouldn’t want your commute turning into a high-speed chase with the sirens blaring.

#21 We love that movie!

We’re letting you in on a little secret about our age, but we proudly declare ourselves die-hard fans of Brendan Fraser and his incredible Mummy movies! With a blend of thrilling action, side-splitting comedy, and a touch of romance, these films had all the ingredients for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Image courtesy of cal_gif/Twitter

They may not be critically acclaimed, but they raked a lot of money at the box office and even performed better than Tom Cruise’s take on the Mummy franchise. Yup, we don’t want to be stuck in traffic and we’d rather watch movies.

#22 This made us sing

Ever since coming across this sticker, we can’t escape the kids’ jingle playing on repeat in our heads. And, yes, we’ll sheepishly confess to singing along with it too. But fear not, this sticker isn’t one to spark road rage; instead, it might just transform fellow drivers into enthusiastic singers!

Image courtesy of Nutschell/Reddit

Regardless of your religious inclinations or taste in Christian music, you can’t deny the undeniable catchiness and pleasant melody of this song. We challenge you to give it a listen and try to resist bobbing your head or resisting the urge to sing along.

#23 What if we don’t have a cat?

This sticker would have been perfect if we were cat owners, but we are not. However, if we had a feline companion, they would probably show gratitude for this summoning call. It’s as if these sacred words hold an irresistible power, luring cats in with their enchanting melody.

Image courtesy of ginapsallidas/Reddit

“Pspsps,” we whisper, hoping to catch the attention of our feline friends. If we could understand their meows, they might respond with something like, “You summoned me? I am here, human.” We did a little research, and this sound is used because felines have a hearing frequency higher than humans.

#24 Chicken lickin’

Hmmm, this bumper sticker offers a clever wink to a certain recreational activity without drawing too much attention. It’s a subtle nod to a specific herbaceous delight, and we are not talking about the culinary kind that seasons your chicken. No judgments here if you’re a fan of that particular green.

Image courtesy of internmediate/Imgur

Heaven forbid they take away your herbal remedy, and you’re left with chronic pain. We wouldn’t want anyone suffering to the point where they can’t even make it to the bathroom and end up relieving themselves in bed. That would be a rather unpleasant situation, both literally and figuratively.

#25 At least they’re warning people

Driving a manual car, or stick shift, requires manually shifting gears to accelerate the vehicle. Dealing with rolling backward or stalling on uphill slopes is a common challenge, which is why many opt for the convenience of an automatic transmission.

Image courtesy of clatte/Reddit

Indeed, it’s best to keep a safe distance from this driver while tackling uphill roads. The sticker’s content might be amusing, but it’s a clear indication that their hill-driving skills might be a bit questionable. Stay far, far away to ensure a smooth journey for yourself.

#26 We can read too

Usually, we’d give a standing ovation to those who can read, considering the state of literacy these days. But this sticker? It’s like a secret code that’s better left unsolved. We’d rather hear someone say they see absolutely nothing than witness them flawlessly decipher the mind-boggling message on this sticker.

Image courtesy of v310cirapt0r/Reddit

If you can effortlessly read the words on this sticker, it’s a clear sign that you’re way too close for comfort. And let’s face it, insufficient safety clearance can lead to big problems. So, do yourself a favor and back up until those once-readable words become nothing but a delicious bowl of alphabet soup.

#27 More bumper stickers than we can count

We’re trying to uncover the mastermind behind the bumper sticker revolution. When did it become cool to unleash a barrage of insults and passive-aggressive messages on our vehicles? Don’t get us wrong; we appreciate a good dose of humor and witty comebacks, but sometimes these stickers leave us scratching our heads.

Image courtesy of nudedesertrat/Reddit

This sticker seems like a classic case of stickerception. Why waste perfectly good sticker paper on a message that doesn’t even make sense? It’s like announcing to the world that you have a bumper sticker as if that’s some kind of groundbreaking revelation.

#28 Yup, it’s not that effective

When did stickers become the new authority? Unless they say something like, “Indulge in all the deliciousness. Life’s too short,” advice from a sticker is usually met with a shrug. Bumper stickers aren’t meant to sway opinions; they’re just self-promotion billboards for the driver’s beliefs.

Image courtesy of c00pdawg/Reddit

We’re inclined to side with the wise soul who birthed this gem. Seriously, why waste your profound advice on stickers? They won’t grant you an eager audience. Save the self-help chatter for your next best-selling book. Trust us; it’ll have a better chance of reaching the masses that way.

#29 No baby means license to get into an accident?

This sticker makes a valid point—people seem to be cautious only when a baby is on board. It’s as if not having a child gives them a free pass to embrace recklessness, throw caution to the wind, and engage in all sorts of mishaps.

Image courtesy of GomerP19/Reddit

Is this bumper sticker giving other drivers the green light to disregard traffic laws and drive as they please? We can’t help but wonder about the implications for insurance. And even without this bumper sticker, a faded “Baby on board” sign is often seen as a sign that the vehicle is primed for a collision.

#30 This is a little passive aggressive

We’re aware of many individuals who would happily spend their hard-earned cash to sport this sticker on their vehicle. It’s a clever method of signaling to other drivers that they’re encroaching on your personal space without stepping out of your car and engaging in a potential brawl.

Image courtesy of balasurr/Reddit

Indeed, this sticker falls under the category of classic passive-aggressive humor. Alongside other gems like “I’m sorry, I’m not breaking the law enough” and “Sorry, I was talking while you were interrupting,” it’s a witty addition to any collection. We recommend getting a few of these. There’s always an occasion for them.

#31 We don’t approve of Twilight, period

While we understand that Twilight fans may find resonance with this sticker, we must confess that we aren’t particularly fond of the baseball scene or the movie itself. It didn’t strike a chord with us, despite our appreciation for books and films featuring blood-sucking creatures.

Image courtesy of Ellie May Parsons/Facebook

Indeed, it’s quite an imaginative twist on the vampire lore. We can almost envision Vlad Tepes rolling over in his grave at the peculiar behavior of his supposed descendants. No impalements or traditional vampiric activities? Instead, they engage in baseball during thunderstorms?

#32 Yes, there’s only room for one

This sticker brings a wave of nostalgia, evoking fond memories of our youth spent watching the iconic TV series Highlander. It’s always a delight to come across references to this beloved show, particularly when they are executed with taste and creativity. Ah, those childhood days.

Image courtesy of

The word “Highlander” never fails to conjure images of immortals battling it out, with one name coming to mind: Duncan MacLeod. Week after week, we eagerly awaited the next episode of this captivating series. We may not be fans of the car, but we’re fans of the show!

#33 Don’t listen to the voices

If you hear voices in your head, you shouldn’t probably drive, but if all your friends are drunk, you have no choice but to take the well. At least put this bumper sticker on your car to warn people that you talk to the voices.

Image courtesy of BunInTheChamber/Reddit

Hey, buddy, don’t fall for Krallesh’s tricks. He enjoys playing mind games and feeding you false information just to keep you puzzled. It’s best to steer clear of him and avoid being influenced by his deceitful ways. Stay away from Krallesh, and don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

#34 Crisis averted

Honking your horn might seem tempting when you’re at your wit’s end, but it’s important to remember that excessive honking can push you closer to the brink of insanity. A car horn aims to alert drivers who are sluggish or signal urgency when time is of the essence.

Image courtesy of chainjourney/Reddit

Honking might be considered rude in some places but not in other countries. Sometimes they honk just for the fun of it. What else will you do with a horn but use it, right? It’s just one of the few things we can press as much as we want!

#35 We can only focus on the typo

While we appreciate the humor behind this bumper sticker, we couldn’t help but notice the typo in the message. “This a is just a….” It’s safe to say that the person who owns this car has watched Tenacious D’s music video way too many times.

Image courtesy of Runt92/Reddit

We know it’s a car model released by Mazda in 2000, but all we can think about when we see this sticker is Jack Black half-talking and half-singing, Kyle Glass trying not to laugh while strumming the guitar, and the devil. Indeed, it is the greatest song in the world.

#36 We’d do the same

If you find yourself in the blissful realm of retirement, hurrying becomes a thing of the past. There’s no longer a need to race against the clock to reach your workplace or join in celebrations after conquering deadlines. Life takes on a leisurely pace, tempting you to slow down on the road.

Image courtesy of Go_Green_Bay12/Reddit

Label us as mischievous if you will, but we’ve learned a thing or two from the retirees who relished in making us late during their leisurely drives. When our own time of retirement arrives, we’ll gladly embrace the chance to pay it forward.

#37 They sold the kids

Well, well, the mystery of the sticker unfolds—maybe they sold the kids to fund their travels! But jokes aside, we understand that parenting isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Kids can indeed be quite demanding, leaving you feeling like you need toothpicks to keep your eyes open.

Image courtesy of Great_Horny_Toads/Reddit

Ah, yes, the “free labor” myth—they say kids are great little helpers around the house, but that’s not always the case. While some children may lend a hand with chores and responsibilities, others might need more convincing. But hey, every child is unique, bringing their own joys and challenges into the mix.

#38 Well, this is alarming

Not everyone who has a license is good at driving and not every driver learned how to navigate the roads through driving class. Some learned how to drive through video games, or so this sticker says. We are inclined to believe it.

Image courtesy of BrainyRedhead/Reddit

With all the road accidents happening left and right and drivers not signaling when making turns or not stopping at red lights, it’s evident they have had too many video games or GTA, perhaps. This should be warning enough to always wear your seatbelts.

#39 We highly recommend this

We highly recommend not believing everything you think, especially if you tend to be paranoid. For all you know, your mind could be telling you something that is far from the truth. The last thing you would want is to be committed to a mental institution.

Image courtesy of theofficialreality/Reddit

So take this bumper sticker as a PSA, reminding you to question your thoughts until you are satisfied that they are true and correct. However, there is an exception for those occasional days when you genuinely feel good about yourself.

#40 This guy’s an amateur

Well, whoever chose this sticker might not have realized their mistake. Only 26.2 Oreos in one sitting? Those are rookie numbers! If you want to beat the best of the best, you need to pump up those rookie numbers because it won’t get you anywhere. We’ve seen people devour a whole pack in one go!

Image courtesy of wildblood859/Reddit

We’re still determining if they’re referring to actual Oreos with this sticker or another kind. Either way, these numbers are rookie. They’ll need to step up their game if they ever want to gain recognition for their impressive Oreo-eating skills. Are there any professional Oreo eaters out there? It might be time for some serious competition!

#41 There is no shortage of terrible cars and stickers

These days, there are plenty of terrible cars or terrible drivers. Some days are worse than others, and you witness the perfect combination of both. Perhaps this driver could have rounded things up by adding another sticker that says, “My other sticker is even funnier.” To keep the humor rolling, you know?

Image courtesy of actinginacave/Imgur

People did not find this one funny, and many commented that the car was a Corolla. Of course, the driver would feel terrible driving it and couldn’t find anything funny. But what’s wrong with a Corolla? We’d like to know.

#42 Nobody does it like Rick Flair

This sticker had us in stitches. It might have to do with the fact that we used to watch wrestling and couldn’t get enough of this man when he came to the stage. Nobody does it like Ric Flair and does “Wooos” better than him.

Image courtesy of RudyWillingham/Reddit

There might be a debate about who the superior wrestler is, but when it comes to delivering the trademark “Woooo!” there’s no doubt about it—no one does it better. Even though he’s no longer actively involved in wrestling, his legacy lives on, and people still fondly recall his iconic catchphrase.

#43 Surprised, yet?

We never saw this colossal vehicle coming, let alone overtaking us. It was a shocker! As if the driver’s audacious maneuver wasn’t startling enough, they also decided to unleash three consecutive honks, just for the sheer amusement of it all. It was an unforgettable experience, and we couldn’t help but laugh at the unexpected spectacle.

Image courtesy of sashaatx/Reddit

They certainly have a knack for making grand entrances. While subtlety may be the preferred approach in life, this car has missed the memo entirely. It boldly declares its presence, startling bystanders and causing them to grip the steering wheel more intensely.

#44 We can only imagine his size

Several individuals, particularly gentlemen, might strongly disdain this sticker. They vehemently argue that the dimensions of their masculinity and the dimensions of their automobile are in no way correlated. Let this serve as a valuable lesson, reminding us never to assess the size of one’s pickup truck solely based on the extent of their, well, you know what.

Image courtesy of Dawn-fire/Reddit

No, we have no intention of proving or disproving the statement on this sticker. We’re content with our current activities and won’t delay our to-do list to fetch our measuring tapes and commence a measuring spree. We have more pressing matters to attend to, like contemplating the mysteries of the universe or perfecting our pancake-flipping skills.

#45 Not all people are cultured

When we say someone is cultured, we mean they possess good education, refined manners, and exquisite taste. Please note that we’re not being mean, but it’s evident that some individuals lack such refinement. They are so delightfully crass that the creation of this sticker became a necessity.

Image courtesy of butnowimsohigh/Reddit

Bacteria may not be the type of culture most people have in mind, but hey, it’s still culture, right? Someone might need some burn cream after witnessing this or a dose of antibiotics. A sticker may do the trick if you can’t say it out loud.