45 Clever and Amusing License Plates From Across the World

By Aakash M

This article was originally published on drivingtodays

One doesn’t have to be a driver to know that license plates are issued by the government. So, unless you modify your plate, it’s just a boring combination of letters and numbers. But it doesn’t always need to stay that way! In some countries, you can spice things up while also making sure that you follow the rules.

With that mindset, customized license plates came into trend. People came up with all sorts of combinations, from lucky numbers to their initials and funny words. However, that’s pretty common now, and to stand out among the crowd, you need to take things up a notch.

There are many car owners who have used their creativity and managed to create some hilarious license plates that one can’t help noticing straight away. They have truly used their sense of humor, and other drivers just had to take photos of these hilarious license plates.

Here are a few of them!

Hopefully not!

A funeral car with such a message on its license plate is literally the last thing you’d want to see! We have to admit that the message is kind of funny, but we would rather not come across this car. What if they’re foreseeing something?

Source: Reddit/ blargsnarg

The fact that this car was spotted in Ohio says a lot. We’re not even sure if this is an actual funeral car, but we suppose that this is quite a clever strategy to advertise one’s business. Let’s only hope that the person who took this photo wasn’t next.

That’s so creative

If this person was allowed to add a snake emoji on his license plate, he would’ve done that as well, and we imagine it would’ve looked pretty cool! We don’t think that would’ve been possible, though, but he did the next best thing he could think of.

Source: Reddit/ Freeornothing

The fake tongue is just the cherry on top! That’s certainly going to look unique when the driver is speeding down the freeway, but they still get kudos for being so creative. If we had to guess, we’d say this driver probably owns a pet snake.

Make no mistake!

If you were a teen or an adult in the ’90s and you lived in the USA, you likely remember the entire OJ chase situation on the white-colored Ford Bronco. That chase dominated all the news coverage channels across the entire globe.

Source: Reddit/ Working4TheSkinTrade

What’s even more surprising is that Domino’s recorded one of their highest sales from pizza delivery on that day. Lots of people were engrossed in the news, watching the chase unfold, and this driver is likely reminded of that constantly, hence the need for this very specific plate!

A strange coincidence

That’s what you call an extremely lucky coincidence. This image was captured near Lake Tahoe. The mother of the person who posted this image caught this bear crossing the road in front of a random car with that peculiar license plate!

Source: Reddit/ South_Lake_Taco

Come to think of it, the chances of spotting a car with a bear-related license plate at a national park aren’t really that low. However, moments where a bear is crossing the road, arguably in ‘EZ‘ mode, are definitely rare, and we’re glad they caught this on camera.

All good

You cannot refrain from answering a question when a car’s license plate is asking. The wordplay here is pretty clever, and the guy who thought of this deserves all the praise. When this car shows up in front of your car, it will surely make you chuckle.

Source: Reddit/ Starinkyness

The sad part is that you won’t be able to spot many cars like this one. That’s because Saab cars were discontinued long back. If you do find a Saab with a creative plate, consider yourself one in a million (or at least one in hundreds of thousands).


We’re sure that this guy isn’t a fan of Tesla or its CEO, and if that’s true, this license plate is a great way to throw some shade at Elon. But if they went through the effort of getting this specific plate, we have to say that Elon lives rent-free in this person’s mind.

Source: Reddit/ iLoveCalculus314

We would love to know what exactly drove this person to get this plate. Did Elon Musk personally upset this person, or are they feeling salty because they can’t afford to get a Tesla car? Either way, we do have to mention that the color scheme in this plate is pretty fancy.

Another coincidence?

This one is quite a coincidence because spotting two sports cars with the same number plate is rare. If you have an extremely niche idea for your license plate, chances are that most other people won’t think of the same thing. But these guys weren’t exactly creative.

Source: Reddit/ BanginBananas

Well, maybe the owners of these cars are trying to say something. Maybe they’re trying to say that the reason why they can afford Corvettes is that they don’t have any kids. If anybody asked them how they could afford this car, they’d just point to the plate.

Arrogant much?

That’s how you rub something in somebody’s face. Everybody can relate to car parking problems, no matter what corner of the world they live in. Getting enough space to park your car in a big city is like a blessing, especially if it’s New York.

Source: Reddit/ krunchyLeaves

In such situations, only little cars like this one can “fit” in some empty parking spaces. These cars won’t really face any parking problems, but don’t feel bad, because that’s probably the only advantage they have. Why not just leave your car at home and take the subway, though?

Suits well

If this car could speak, we can totally imagine it screaming, “omg, move,” to the cars surrounding it. That’s quite the tagline for a green McLaren. McLaren is a really rare car brand and also one of the most expensive ones.

Source: Reddit/ TeeWrecksArms

Getting a powerful sports car like this one is a blessing, but driving it in a big city with lots of traffic is basically a curse. How are supposed to speed in your ultra-expensive McLaren, then? This plate makes a lot of sense but is probably not useful at all.

Be happy

You might think that this isn’t a coincidence, and you’re right there because such situations don’t occur randomly. The owners of these trucks are good friends, and both have a great sense of humor. Whenever they go out together, people must be really amused.

Source: Reddit/ tylera61

The owner of the truck on the right saw his friend’s newest customized license plate, and it caught his eye right away. He just had to get a new plate in response. After all, what’s better than twinning with your best buddies?

What a clever mind!

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love dogs and those who love cats. You can tell that the owner of this car loves cats by just looking at the plate. Actually, you don’t even need to look at the license plate. Just take a look at the rear windshield.

Source: Reddit/ ContactHorror

This person had to put a sticker on their license plate so they could get access to the parking lot at their university. They obviously couldn’t miss the opportunity to show off their love for felines in the funniest way possible.


This number plate is quite interesting, and it’s a type of joke that not a lot of people would understand. In case you don’t know, Vlad the Impaler was a prince who often used cruel methods to torture his enemies in an attempt to assert his dominance.

Source: Reddit/ Captain_Chaos7

One would need to know a bit of European history to catch this reference, but it’s still a pretty good joke. We would like to ask this driver why exactly they chose to get this plate made, though. Was it just because they saw an opportunity they couldn’t miss or because they were Vlad’s fans?

They’re tired of the jokes

In every grown person, there is still a bit of that 5th-grader energy to make silly jokes. Whenever people see drivers cruising around in certain cars, they have this urgent need to crack some overused jokes and puns. If you own a Beetle, you know what we’re talking about.

Source: Reddit/ geekyspacegirl420

More often than not, people will make silly comments when they see a Volkswagen Beetle. This driver is obviously tired of the jokes, so they had to get this license plate. It’s amazing how we can literally sense the sarcasm in this combination of seven letters!

The joke’s on you

Whenever someone is driving behind this car, they might feel like this car is laughing at them, and for a good reason. We know it’s just a silly license plate, but we can definitely picture some hot-headed drivers getting mad when they see the laugh.

Source: Reddit/ PrestoMovie

But the opposite may also happen as well. This driver made a stupid decision on the road, and the guy who took the picture was really mad about what happened. But then he saw this car’s license plate and calmed down almost immediately.

Who doesn’t?

It’s very difficult to disagree with what this license plate says. Maybe it’s a bit silly, but the truth is that everybody loves bacon! What’s more surprising is that this is the plate on a police vehicle. We didn’t even know they could do that.

Source: Reddit/ Shubarnz

The explanation is simple, though. This police vehicle was decommissioned, so it was put up for sale. It must be a really cool yet scary experience driving this car as a civilian. People will be impressed, but some might not be too happy to see you.

The perfect description

Let’s just say that the person who snapped this image was at the perfect place at the perfect time because it’s quite rare to come across a DeLorean these days. This car is something that looks like it was transported from the future.

Source: Reddit/ Papi_Queso

The doors open up in a really fancy way, and back when the DMC DeLorean was manufactured, only a few thousand were produced. According to estimations on the Internet, there could be around 6,000-6,500 left. Quite timeless indeed, and a moment worth capturing!


When you look at this truck and think about the driver, ‘tired’ could be one of the first words that might pop up in your mind. There must be a lot of manual labor involved in this profession, and of course, the driver would get tired of it at some point.

Source: Reddit/ SelectAll_Delete

But the truth is that they are not tired of their job at all. They simply thought of the best pun to put on their license plate. The driver’s job is to transport tires, and he always has a bunch of them in the trunk. Get the joke now?

Are the rumors true?

You know what people say about cars: the bigger the car, the smaller the driver’s private parts. Apparently, folks believe that guys need to drive big cars to compensate for the stuff they’re lacking, and this theory simply infuriates them.

Source: Reddit/ footdeep_milelong

While some angry guys just help further prove the theory, there are some men who can take a joke. This guy, for instance, drives a huge truck around town. Instead of being mad at the small PP joke, he decided to turn it into his license plate!

Explains itself

Self-explanatory; that’s exactly what this number plate is. For those who aren’t that active on social media, let us explain the meaning of the word on the license plate for you. And no, this is not related to the book/movie at all.

Source: unknown/Imgur

When you post anything on social media with the intention of showing off to a love interest, you’re gatsbying them. We’re not sure if this guy had this intention, but he actually became quite popular in his city as people tried to decipher his plate.

He’s stating the facts

Even if this guy’s license plate didn’t read “LITT,” that word would’ve literally been the first one that would pop up inside the minds of whoever came across this car while it was parked on the street. There is no other way to describe this dreamy car.

Source: Reddit/ Daboss985

This sky-blue Lamborghini model is a Huracan Performante. The guy who clicked this image spotted it on the I95 in Massachusetts. According to the person, it’s a rare sighting over there. Honestly, such a car with such a license plate is a rare sighting everywhere.

Playing with words

If you don’t know how to play around with words, here’s a little inspiration for you. The person changed only one letter, but we got the message. And even if you ignore the double meaning, there’s a genuine meaning to this expression.

Source: Reddit/ shumaibaby

For those who are unaware of it, a corn star is somebody who is very good at playing cornhole. The game is incredibly popular these days, so maybe the owner of this truck is a local cornhole celebrity or something. And let’s not talk about the double entendre.

Messing with the wrong crowd

Earlier, we saw a Toyota license plate taking a dig at Elon Musk. Well, this Tesla license plate is the perfect response to that one plate. Instead of calling out people who dislike Tesla’s CEO, this driver decided to laugh at every non-electric car owner.

Source: Reddit/ Sassafras_albidum

Gas is a fossil fuel, and its prices are constantly increasing. Not everybody can keep up with them, so in that case, switching to an electric vehicle may be the best choice. But Teslas are quite expensive, so this driver definitely knows what they’re doing with this plate.

Have a little patience

When you’re on the road, it is in your best interest to be a patient person since your patience will often be tested. You’ll encounter heavy traffic and, in some cases, people who don’t drive properly. You need to keep your calm in all situations.

Source: Instagram/ funnyoddlicenseplates

This driver likely hears a lot of car honks and insults whenever they’re driving, or else they’d never have the need to get such a plate. We know that there’s nothing quite as annoying as slow drivers, but being a little more patient is not that hard.

The classical “smol” sound

There’s no way this license plate won’t bring a smile to your face. The owner of this car surely knows all the memes that are trending. If you haven’t seen the meme of the pigeon flying with the “weeee!” sound effect, you need to check it out!

Source: Instagram/ vanity_of_maine

We don’t know why, but this car with that license plate gives out a very cheerful vibe. Once upon a time, people wouldn’t stop making fun of Mini cars, but lately, these cars have been gaining popularity among TikTok users. Soon enough, they’ll be the hottest car in town.

As you wish

Well, if that’s what this car wishes for, we should comply with it. Some people are just way too good when it comes to thinking of genius wordplay. We definitely don’t want to explain this silly joke, but you’ll probably get it straight away.

Source: Reddit/ xordis

The car is a Hyundai Kona. It’s a five-seat electric SUV that has great performance, as it can go from 0-100 KM/H in just 9.7 seconds. Just make sure you ‘plug’ the car often to supply it with the electric juice it needs to function properly.

Alternative options

Sometimes, you can think of the funniest idea for a new license plate only to find out that you can’t use your idea. On top of following the rules for license plates, there are real chances that someone is already using your idea!

Source: Reddit/ Teeth4321

This driver owns a black Lambo, which arguably looks like Batman’s infamous vehicle. However, he was informed that the “Batmobile” license plate was already in use. He had to think of the next best thing, and this was the best he could come up with.

So sassy!

It’s pretty crazy to think that people can convey so much in just a few letters. While some license plates are not that funny or remarkable, some of them just hit the perfect spot, and this one is the perfect example of that.

Source: Instagram/ just.lozza_sign.spotter

We don’t even know who owns this car, but the fact that their plate literally says, “says who,” tells us that this driver is one sassy person. Having a conversation with them must be extremely entertaining, and we’d love to meet them.

Tell us you love donuts…

Well, you better hide your donuts because the volunteer “glazed” firefighter is doing the rounds. This must be another decommissioned cop car, but this one was turned into a vehicle for the donut patrol. Whoever owns this car certainly loves donuts.

Source: Reddit/ alikissjoy

This is yet another driver with whom we would love to have a chat. We would love to learn about this donut passion of theirs and what drove them to turn a former cop car into a donut patrol car. And yes, we do get the actual “cops and donuts” joke here.

A little inaccurate

What is the point of getting a green Jeep if you are not going to compare it to Yoda? We know that not everyone is a Star Wars fan, but we’re pretty sure that everyone who sees this car is going to understand the joke.

Source: Reddit/ TK-Pickles

These days, Baby Yoda is more popular than ever, and even non-fans love the little guy whenever he shows up on social media. This driver couldn’t miss the opportunity to get that iconic license plate and use it along with a perfect plush toy!

How do people come up with this?

The owner of this car is an elder citizen, which makes this license plate all the more wholesome. They’re quite creative because the car is a Vista, and we can imagine the senior person driving the car while other people admire them.

Source: Reddit/ careerpathlost

Seeing this car speeding down the road and leaving you behind must be an incredibly humbling and hilarious experience. The line “hasta la vista” was immortalized in the movie Terminator, but it also means “goodbye,” which makes this joke even funnier.

Well said!

This Lamborghini Urus points towards a very real issue. Many people purchase such cars or other expensive things to impress people or to look a certain way. That might not be a problem at the beginning, but it certainly becomes one.

Source: Reddit/ Scandi07

Can you imagine buying a Lamborghini when you can’t actually afford one? The driver will forever be indebted – unless they win the lottery or something. Not every Lambo owner is willing to admit this, but we’re also guessing that this guy is pretty rich and is just joking.

It’s alright

Dealing with Karens is not fun at all – for any of the parties involved. We do feel bad for the nice ladies who are called Karen, but the joke is just too funny for us to let it die, to be honest.

Source: Reddit/ SquishyBatman64

This person is either chronically online and loves the joke way too much, or they have had problems with Karens in the past. We’re guessing that a Karen must have made this driver’s life absolute hell, and they decided to keep that kind of energy away with this plate.

How I Met Your Mother?

Fans would easily get the reference in this one, and after looking at this license plate, we can only say one thing: Barney would’ve been proud of this driver. It literally took two numbers and two letters for this person to create a masterpiece of a license plate.

Source: Reddit/ shadowvox

Using the license plate of the car to make something creative is one thing, and it takes a lot of thinking as it is. But thinking of something as clever as this plate takes an extremely creative mind. We absolutely love it!

At least it gets the meaning across.

We don’t exactly know all the rules, but sometimes, the rules of a state for a license plate might not give you the flexibility you need to print the word or number of your choice on your customized plate. But that shouldn’t disappoint you.

Source: Reddit/ deltadeltadawn

You can always play it cleverly and think of better words. If you came up with nothing, you can also try modifying the existing word by changing one or two letters. Remember the guy with the “Badmoble?” Well, this is the “vampire” guy, and we love his solution to his license plate problem.

Blending in

Sarcastically speaking, this car would blend right in if it was used for an undercover mission because it kicks the suspicion away the instant you look at its number plate! It’s hilarious, but we know many of you are thinking about how there’s a letter missing.

Source: Instagram/ vanityplates42069

Sometimes, you do have to compromise on getting the grammar perfect if you want to customize your license plate according to state laws. If you want to prove that you’re not a cop even though you’re driving a cop car, that’s the way.

Fill in the blank

To all those who don’t know what the model of the car is, and also to those who haven’t watched Dora as a kid, the name of this Ford car is Explorer, and that sums it up! If there’s one thing about this car, it’s that it’s quite the comfy SUV.

Source: Reddit/ suri_not_siri

This person only had seven letters and a dream, and they did the best they could to make this perfect pun. We love this license plate, and we bet that all kids (as well as adults) will get a good laugh after coming across this vehicle.

Want some?

Don’t Google the answer already. Hint: It’s something most people crave for. It’s something they need in the morning and whenever they feel tired but need to get some work done. Too much of it would affect your sleep and make you feel jittery!

Source: imgur

Everyone who didn’t know the answer right away probably guessed it with the hints we gave. This is the molecular structure of caffeine, and it’s probably the smartest license plate on the entire list. If you can’t write caffeine on your number plate, you might as well write its formula. It’s cooler.

Why, though?

We appreciate the positive energy radiating from this license plate, and we also like how the person who thought of this is likely a really cheerful person, but the condition of their car contradicts everything that they’re trying to convey.

Source: Reddit/ ahippybaby

Although just a part of the vehicle is visible, it’s enough for us to see that the car is old and visibly dirty with scratches and possibly not well maintained at all. From that perspective, the license plate is the best thing about it. Always find the good in the bad.

Gaming feels

If you think you’re wasting a lot of time playing video games, look at this image and try to get inspired by it. This image is of an Ultima RS. It’s not an image from a racetrack or a photo shoot, or a game. Somebody was driving this beast on a freeway.

Source: Reddit/ Bananablackmp

Gamers know that this is the car featured in one of the most-played racing games out there, Forza. Games are often looked at as an escape valve, but they can motivate you to always work really hard and live your video game fantasies of driving this car! 


People with a technical background might have read this number plate as “Audi-OS” and not “Audios,” which is fine because it’s for a good reason. Kudos to the owner of this car for sparking confusion in random people’s minds as they’ll read the license plate.

Source: Reddit/ MBMN

You can say what you want about this plate, but it’s impossible to deny the fact that it’s a pretty clever customization. This Audi owner was incredibly on point with this joke, and they managed to even make us feel a bit confused!

Bacon love

We all love bacon, but not everybody loves it as much as this guy does. If you can customize your license plate and make it look like it’s saying bacon, know that you’ve taken your love for bacon to the next level.

Source: Instagram/ funnyoldlicplates

Most people won’t customize their license plate to add the word “bacon” because it’s a bit random, and we don’t deny that. You have to look deeper, though, because we’re sure that if we had a front and a side view of this car, we’d probably see a bacon sticker.

A tribute to Rick and Morty

We don’t think this number plate is about the technical meaning of Shwifty, so the only possible explanation is that the owner of this car is referencing the famous catchphrase from the show Rick and Morty. Fans of the show would be happy if they came across this car in real life.

Source: Reddit/ SandwichTsunami

For those who haven’t seen the show and don’t know the meaning of the word, it means to completely let yourself go while partying. There’s nothing else, and honestly, this word has been made up in the show. Do you know how to get schwifty?

True that

There’s nothing to argue about this one. Texas is bigger than we think, with an area of 695,662 sq. km. We’ll lay out some more fascinating comparisons for you. For starters, France is almost the same size as Texas, but the Southern state is almost eight percent larger.

Source: Reddit/ RavenReisinger

If you look at the UK, Texas is about 2.8 times bigger. Because the state occupies such a large amount of landmass, you can fit around 10 European countries in Texas (not the larger ones). It is the second biggest state in the USA after Alaska, which is quite impressive.

I’m sorry?

This plate doesn’t make a lot of sense, right? It will in a moment, though. The couple that owns this car got drunk one day, and they decided to get this customized license plate. This is a mid-range car that has an awesome license plate, which is not that rare but still pretty cool.

Source: Reddit/ cam295

The couple doesn’t remember what led them to get this license plate in their drunken stupor, which means that they were having the time of their lives when it happened. Well, at least they didn’t regret the license plate and decided to keep it.

Laying out the facts

That’s what you call ‘making a statement.’ When this car shows on the block, you know who’s coming. Even the car has that kind of vibe, and we’re sure that the owner probably received a lot of compliments for the customized license plate.

Source: Instagram/ vanityplates42069

However, it would’ve looked even better if the plate was black and white, but it’s fine. BMWs are indeed the perfect car. There’s comfort, there’s performance, and to top it all off, for this guy, there’s also a super-cool license plate now.