Salt 2.0: Unknown Hacks For Using This Panty Staple

By Navkiran K

This article was originally published on morehackz

Salt is an invaluable mineral, and it’s been a pivotal part of human civilization for thousands of years. Once upon a time, in certain cultures, it was worth its weight in gold. Today, it’s a staple ingredient in most kitchens and a common ingredient in most dishes. But did you know that salt can also be used for a variety of other household and personal care tasks?

From cleaning to health and beauty, salt has a host of benefits that go beyond its culinary uses. In this article, we will explore some of the most useful salt hacks that you can try at home. Whether you’re looking to save money on cleaning products or improve your personal hygiene routine, this article has something for everyone. So, let’s dive in and discover the many uses of this humble ingredient!

Save your morning coffee

For all you coffee lovers, there’s nothing worse than forgetting that your pot is burning up the flavor in the coffee, and now it tastes awful. You get that horrible bitter taste which means you need to throw out the whole thing- but a pinch of salt can help. 

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Just add some salt into your mug o’ Joe – then marvel at how much less bitter it is! If your percolator is turning coffee bitter, then some salt can help. Add a pinch to the pot and enjoy.

Get relief from the pain of stings and bites

Salt can be a life-saver when you’ve been stung by bees, insects, or even plagued with poison ivy! If you get attacked by an insect, cover the entire area in saltwater and then finish off with vegetable oil for relief. 

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Likewise, if your skin has come into contact with poisonous plants such as pollen from wild parsnip or oak trees, to help reduce any inflammation from these plants on vulnerable areas of your body, you should try using hot saltwater. 

Keep your windows frost-free

It’s good to know that we can use salt for more than just to make food taste better. A simple salty substance is also a great way to keep frost from building up on our windows and other surfaces when the temperature drops. 

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You don’t need to wait until you have an ice storm or frozen windows before taking action against those cold temperatures. We can do plenty of things at home beforehand by using household items like sponges with table salt dissolved in water. 

No more grimy sponges

It’s not always easy to keep our sponges looking their best, but there is a way that we can clean them up and make them usable again! All you need is some warm water and salt. We can remove icky grime from the sponge overnight.

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You just need one-fourth cup of salt mixed in a quart of water to soak the sponges. When morning comes around, all those stubborn stains should disappear almost completely after you rinse them under fresh water. Your kitchen scrubber will look new once more!

Remove bright lipstick stains

For those who want their favorite lipstick to stay on while drinking from a glass, have no fear– salt is here! Certain lipsticks are formulated and specifically designed to stay on your lips by using particular types of emollients. But if you’re not wearing one of these, it can stick to your glass easily.

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However, when lipsticks come into contact with salt, the stains will come off easily. To make this happen before putting them in the dishwasher or hand washing them, put some salt around the edges, and voila! No more stubborn lipstick stains.

Prevent ants from coming in

If you have found yourself in the middle of an ant warpath, all you need to do is sprinkle some salt. Sprinkle it directly on their path or create a barrier that diverts them, and they’ll take one look at the crystals before changing their direction. 

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If this isn’t enough for your needs, though, sprinkling along the door frames and skirting boards also work well if they’re trying to get into your home – just make sure not to pour too much so as not to kill our little buddies!

Enjoy a crispy salad

Salads are the perfect lunch option, but they can quickly get soggy and wilted. Luckily there’s a simple solution! One of our favorite tricks for keeping salads fresh is to add salt before serving it up, keeping the lettuce nice and crisp. 

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Just grab your salad bowl or plate and sprinkle some salt on top right after preparing. The flavor will help keep things crispier for longer than usual. You’ll have more time to enjoy your greens without worrying about the salad becoming soggy afterward. 

Salt hacks to enjoy super-chilled drinks

If you want your drinks to remain ice-cold, then this is the hack for you. All it truly requires is a bit of salt! Just fill up your bowl with water mixed in with some ice cubes, or crushed ice pieces from the freezer will work just fine. 

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Now that’s taken care of, all we need now is our favorite ingredient: Salt! Pour as much salt into your mixing container as possible before stirring things around- It should take less than a minute until your drinks become icy cold.

Prevent your fruits from going brown

Have you ever cut a fresh apple and noticed that it browns as soon as it’s exposed to air? Sadly, this is because they oxidize when exposed. Use this hack if you want your apples or pears to remain fresher for longer. 

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All you require is some salt and water! Soak your cut apple in a bowl of water with a little bit of dissolved salt. However, if too little is used, the process won’t work to keep them fresh! This hack will come in handy if you’re prepping lunch for the day.

Get rid of the nasty grease

Grease is a nightmare when it comes to cleaning a pan, for example, But luckily, salt loves soaking up stubborn grease! If you have any greasy pans at home, sprinkle them with some salt until the grease shrivels up. 

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After, wash as usual, and your pan will be clean in no time. The next time you’re frying something delicious for dinner, make sure to sprinkle some sodium beforehand as well – this way, there won’t be so many oil splatters all over the stove or kitchen countertops either!

Remove wine stains from the carpet

Sure, spills happen to the best of us. But when it comes time to clean them up, there are a couple of right ways and many wrong ways! You might be tempted (understandably) to put white wine on the spill, thinking that it will help get rid of any stain or smell. 

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But this is actually not always true. It can dilute the color and flatten out stains while leaving an odor even worse than before you started cleaning with white wine. Instead, sprinkle salt over the area after 10 minutes, then vacuum for amazing results every time.

Remove mildew from your walls

So, you’ve got mildew on your clothes or your bathroom walls? Some salt is excellent for getting rid of it! If the mold has taken over some of your favorite clothing items, then soak them in a water, salt, and white vinegar solution. 

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Leave to dry, and there will be a salty crust that you can easily brush off with gentle strokes of a brush. You could also use this mixture to scrub any visible areas where dirt might have accumulated and left a stain.

Speed up the cooking process

If you find that it’s taking too long for your pot of water to boil, then you are not alone. It can feel like ages before you start to see bubbles rising from the bottom of the pot. Why does it always take longer when we’re hungry?

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While we cannot speed up the boiling process, we can make food cook faster in a whole boiling pot of water by adding a pinch or two of salt. Then, waiting for some magic to happen fast! Adding salt to the pot speeds up how quickly it will boil.

Cook the perfect poached eggs

Salt is actually the secret to cooking eggs. While many people find poached eggs challenging to make, restaurants have a trick that helps them keep their whites intact: salt! Simply sprinkle half a teaspoon on top of the boiling water. 

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Now, gently drop in your egg, and they’ll hold together during the poaching process. Some chefs even use vinegar or lemon juice for an extra tight seal around the edges too! But salt works even better for this. Trust us! 

Dandruff treatment for your scalp

One way to get rid of dandruff is by using salt. Dandruff can be a challenge, and it’s hard to tell what lotions or potions will work best for you. Luckily, the abrasiveness in salt helps scrub out all that pesky flaky stuff that you don’t want to see in your hair. 

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Use s salt scrub made of dissolved salt and water in your hair before rinsing your hair with shampoo and a conditioner. You can also use salt on other areas of skin such as elbows or knees–it works really well! Just mix it with some olive oil. 

Easily clean iron at home

Ironing clothes can be a pain. Especially if you have to iron something and your soleplate is all messed up from past disasters! The good news? A little salt will help fix it right up so that you don’t ruin more outfits. 

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This will get rid of any lumps or bumps on the metal plate of your iron. Here’s how: sprinkle some salt onto newspaper, turn on high, then run the hot irons over the top – this should work like a charm. 

Keep your towels brighter for longer

It’s not easy to find that perfect towel set for your bathroom. The color of the towels is important because it sets a mood and serves as a decor element. However, they can become faded during washing which makes them less appealing. 

Image source: Ana Cadena/The Spruce

Luckily there are some simple steps you can take to help prevent this problem from happening! Add salt when you first wash new towels or linens – one cup should do just fine. This will preserve those vibrant hues on fabrics. 

Clean copper decor items

Copper is a metal that’s fantastic and very versatile, but not without its downsides. It oxidizes when exposed to the atmosphere, causing your shiny surface to tarnish – but don’t worry; there’s an easy fix with just two ingredients!

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You just need to mix some ketchup and salt together and grab and clean towel. Start rubbing away on the surface of your copper belongings. Your copper decor items, utensils, and other things around the house will shine like new again. 

Salt out weeds from your garden

Weeds are a pretty common problem for gardeners. They have such an annoying way of popping up and turning your once gorgeous, weed-free lawn into a cluttered mess! However, we’ve got the solution to help you get rid of those annoying weeds.

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A quick and convenient way to get rid of your weeds without using any harmful chemicals is by covering them with salt. For a chemical-free way to get rid of those pesky little weeds, try sprinkling some on their leaves or roots.

Cheap DIY dishwasher soap

We’ve got a secret for you. Dishwasher soap and tablets are expensive, right? Luckily, all three of these next ingredients should already be sitting in your cupboard! The first is the usual dish soap that we use when hand washing. Next is baking soda. 

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Finally, of course, salt – just 3 or 4 sprinkles will do the trick! Just mix it with some detergent and then pop it into your machine’s dispenser drawer before adding dishes – voila: clean plates without breaking the budget.

Keep your sneakers fresh every day

Are you familiar with the feeling when your sneakers start to get a little stinky, especially in the summertime? There’s an easy way to make them smell fresh again. Sprinkle some salt into each shoe to soak up the odor. 

Image source: Brady Klopfer/Food Hacks

If you don’t like the idea of spending a lot of money on odor eaters and deodorizers, then try sprinkling some salt into each shoe at night. They’ll be fresh again by morning, and no one will know that your shoes used to smell funky!

Add salt to freshen up dairy

Saving food is a serious issue, but salt can help! There are many ways salt can help you preserve food, so it lasts longer. A pinch of it in milk or cream will keep your fridge and dairy products fresher for longer. 

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The best thing is that you won’t be able to taste it. This also works with cheese – just soak some napkins in salty water and wrap them around the block to keep any mold that might start growing away. Salt really does wonders when you use it right!

Get rid of nasty slugs and snails

Salt is a household staple that you can use to keep slugs and snails out of your garden. Unfortunately, these pests will leave you with more than just ruined plants if they get into the fruits or vegetables in your garden. 

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They’ll also ruin all your hard work by eating away all those nutrients! You can either sprinkle some around the perimeter of where you want them gone or use an even simpler method: cover them with enough salt to melt them.

Clean the kitchen and bathroom drain

Drain cleaning can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be with this next hack. There are tons of DIY recipes that use common household items like baking soda and vinegar with some salt thrown in for good measure. Mix one cup of salt and baking soda. 

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Add half a cup of vinegar to this solution as well. Simply pour the ingredients down your drain separately before pouring boiling water over them after ten minutes or so; this will effectively clean drains from top to bottom without any effort at all!

Enjoy fresh flowers for longer

You can really enjoy buying flowers from the store for your home, but not if they wilt after a day in the vase. Some florists may give you some flower food to help keep your plants alive for longer – and it is basically just saltwater.

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If you want your fresh flowers to look beautiful long past their prime, then all you need to do is add a little bit of both water and salt into your vase when filling it up with clean tap water every other week or so.

Easily clean the egg spills

You know the feeling of dropping an egg and watching it splatter all over your floor? We’ve all done it. Let’s be honest! And then we wail at the thought of having to clean up that mess. Who knew salt had a solution. 

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Just cover any spilled bits with salt for an easy cleanup process; this will soak up any moisture from yolk without making things worse by spreading across the room as you try to clean it up with a towel.

DIY fireplace extinguisher

Fireplaces are very comforting for the winter nights to keep you warm and toasty. But it can be a real pain when you want some shut-eye while the blaze is still burning strong! When that happens, just throw in loads of salt. 

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This will not only put out the flame quicker than letting it smolder by itself, but it also helps clean up the embers afterward without as much soot or residue left behind after sweeping away ashes and other gunk from the fireplace.

Stop the candles from dripping

One of the worst things about candles is when they drip wax all over the place. It ruins a good candlestick and can be difficult to clean up later. But if you’re sick of this problem, then this is one of the best salt hacks for you.

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First, try soaking them in really salty water (a few hours should do it) but make sure that the salt won’t dissolve to the point of saturation. Once done, let them dry before using again, so no moisture reaches other surfaces!

Relax with a skin-friendly salt bath

Salt baths are an age-old skin remedy, but they’re especially helpful for those tough winter months when dryness is at its peak. Make a salt bath by mixing one cup of sea salt into warm water and soak your itchy body. 

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You will feel the soothing mixture on your skin while you relax. This will add hydration to the skin and leave it feeling renewed! Besides, it will heal all those annoying rashes on your body without spending too much money!

Win the battle against poison ivy

You’re probably already are aware that salt can help relieve the symptoms of a poison ivy rash, but did you also know it can kill the plants? We found out that this mixture will actually kill certain types of plants. 

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The fascinating thing is scientists don’t even understand how! Make a salt spray for spraying down the pesky poison ivy plants. This salty solution will prevent poison ivy from growing in the future, so you don’t come in contact with them ever again. 

Make your own toothpaste

Making your own toothpaste with salt at home is a quick and easy way to ensure you’re not using any harmful chemicals. It only takes about 3 minutes of preparation time, plus it’s cheaper than buying commercialized brands!

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The benefits don’t stop there either – making homemade toothpaste will help you save money in the long run. Make your own toothpaste mix at home with these three ingredients to achieve fresh breath and pearly whites: mix salt, baking soda, and a drop of peppermint oil. 

DIY foot scrub

Your feet may get covered in dead skin and lead to cracks over time. You can not remove this with a gentle scrub. We have one of the best salt hacks to make an abrasive yet safe scrub for your feet. 

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Mix half a cup of salt in coconut oil. You may add some lavender essential oil for moisture and fragrance. Or you can add any essential oil you fancy. Now, scrub your feet with this scrub after soaking them in hot water to soften the skin. 

Freshen up your breath 

The best way to keep your breath fresh is by making a homemade mouthwash with only two ingredients. You can avoid the harmful chemicals found in store-bought brands with this easy hack! All that’s needed is one teaspoon of salt and 1/2 cup water mixed with baking soda. 

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This is one of the best salt hacks for an on-the-go solution. Simply gargle just like regular mouthwash before spitting it back out – this will help prevent bacterial buildup around your teeth and combat infection when dealing with canker sores or other dental problems!

Remove stains from cups

It always sucks when your favorite mug is stained with tea or coffee. Well, put that salt shaker to use and clean it right off! Just sprinkle some on the stain and scrub for a few seconds. It will melt away before your eyes.

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The stains should be lifted right out in no time at all – and if not? Shake more salt in the mugs until they are gone altogether! This will make your cups look new, and you won’t have to buy new ones after some time. 

Get rid of puffy eyes

Do you ever feel as if your eyes are looking a little puffy? Maybe this is because of the crazy night out or too much time spent in front of screens. Well, luckily for you and us, there’s an easy way to fix that! 

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You just need to add some salt to hot water – mix one half-teaspoon with one cup of hot water. Soak pads in the mixture, then press them gently against those puffy areas on either side below your eyelids and relax. 

Stronger nails and soften cuticles

This salt hack is great to revive your manicure and nail health. Besides, this nail hack will make your nails healthy. The best thing is that this only needs three ingredients. Mix a teaspoon of salt, baking soda, and lemon juice in half a cup of hot water. 

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Soak your fingers in this solution every day for at least a week. This will soften cuticles while strengthening nails with ten minutes of soaking time. Rinse the mixture away after scrubbing to reveal shiny nails! Apply hand cream and nail oil after this. 

Get rid of kitchen smelling hands

Do you know the smell of garlic, onions, fish, and other delicious but potent flavors? Well, here is the perfect solution to get your hands smelling like roses after working with these ingredients. You can quickly get rid of kitchen-smelling hands with a little help from salt. 

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All you require to do is wash your hands with it, and those stinky smells will be gone! Just add a bit of salt in some water with either vinegar or lemon juice. Vinegar will help remove any odor, while lemons are great for adding a fresh smell!

Take care of your new piercings

The healing properties of salt and water are well-known to most people, but have you ever considered how to use them for new piercings? Freshly pierced ears need plenty of moisture in order to heal properly without any bacterial infections.

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A salty saline solution is perfect for this! Just make sure that the ratio between sea salt and distilled water is 1:1 ratio. Now soak your piercing in this solution or gently clean it every day using clean hands or a spray bottle. 

DIY lens solution

If you’re out of lens solution, just use this hack to make a safe DIY lens solution. Saline solutions are typically made with boiled water and a salt mixture that has had time to cool before it is used. 

Image source: Monster-Marit/Instructables

Add half a teaspoon of table salt into the pot with the lid on the heat for 15 minutes at medium-low temperature until boiling has ceased. Let this solution cool down completely before you use it for your lenses.

Keep your windscreen free from frost

Keeping your car in good condition in the winter is a challenge. You need to protect it from snow and ice, but salt just makes things worse! So what’s an easy solution? Well, there are plenty of ways, actually – like checking for pressure leaks. 

Image source: Halfords Autocentres/

You may also check for tires appropriately inflated, use antifreeze additives, or care with de-icing agents. But, if you require something speedy that will take care of all those frozen windows, just rub a cloth bag filled with salt across your windscreen every evening.

Peel eggs easily 

Have you ever tried to peel eggs with lightly salted water? If not, you’ll soon find out that you are able to peel them with ease – perfect for your next sandwich, salad topping, or breakfast scramble with this next hack. 

Image source: Anson0618/Shutterstock

You may also roll the egg gently on a flat surface. This will break the shells and help them be easier to remove in one go. You will not waste any egg whites or accidentally consume eggshells if you follow these tips. 

Clean salad leaves quickly

If you’ve ever bought a bag of un-washed spinach leaves, then you know there’s no way to wash them and get all the grit out thoroughly. But here’s how! Fill up your sink with water mixed with 2-3 teaspoons of salt and swirl it around with salad leaves in the solution. 

Image source: Molly Watson/The Spruce Eats

Do this for at least twenty to thirty seconds by scrunching them together tightly against each other like an accordion. Rinse off any excess dirt that might still be leftover from washing once more in another bowl of cold, clean water. 

Salt hacks to refresh old chopping boards

You know that feeling when you chop up a lot of veggies, and your board starts to look all dull? Well, here’s how to keep it looking spiffy. First, wash it thoroughly with soap and water, then grab some salt from the kitchen countertop. 

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Wet an old tea towel or rag in water, sprinkle on some table salt, scrub away! Your chopping boards will be as good as new – cleaner than ever before, too, as this will get rid of stains. 

Give your fridge a deep clean

When it comes to your fridge, you are going to want a cleaning solution that is not only strong enough for the job but will also leave no trace of grime or much. To do this, mix half a cup of salt in 2 liters of warm water. 

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Now, use it on surfaces like shelves and walls using an old sponge or cloth. Caring about how clean our food storage area looks goes beyond simply looking good – so don’t be afraid to get down there when scrubbing!

Get some relief from sore throat pain 

One of the oldest but most effective remedies for sore throats is a gargle made out of salt and water. Take one tablespoonful of table salt and hot or warm water in an 8-ounce glass. Mix this to form a solution. 

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Gargle with this mixture to help soothe your throat pain while also removing irritants that may be causing discomfort from inside your mouth. Just make sure not to swallow the solution. Do this three to four times, and your throat will feel much better.