Escape The Ordinary: 45 Hacks To Help Ensure Your Next Flight Can Reach New Heights

By Aakash M August 6, 2023

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

Some people love flying, while others would prefer to stay grounded. Everyone can agree that flying can be a stressful endeavor no matter how well-traveled you are. After finally booking your upcoming vacation, you can’t help but create a to-do list of everything that has to get done before you take off. To ensure you have the smoothest trip possible, we have gathered the most fantastic plane hacks that the internet has to offer. From tips on how to block out noise, the best way to pack, and even what to and not to eat on board, we have got you covered. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a thrilling and insightful ride with us as we show you 45 hacks only the most elite frequent flyers know about.

Stay Safe

As we mentioned before, some people love flying, and others hate it. If you’re an anxious flyer, turbulence can lead to a lot of stress and other problems like nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. That’s why you get those barf bags in the pocket of your seat.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Steve Morris

If you can’t deal with turbulence properly, you should try this hack out. First, always choose the seat above the wing of the plane. If you don’t get that, you should at least avoid choosing the back of the aircraft since you’ll feel it the most there.

Incognito Browsing

Here’s a fantastic idea to help you stay away from all those expensive flights while you book your next trip. Most of these flight booking websites track your cookies and note how many times you search for a particular flight on their site.

Image courtesy of Reddit/blek_blek

If they see that you have searched for a flight earlier, they hike the prices because they know you want to book this time. Therefore, search for your flights in incognito mode. This way, there will be no cookies, no hiked-up prices, and no extra paying.

Clean Clothes

If you spend a lot of time traveling, we assume you don’t spend too much of your precious time at the dry cleaners. We know that your dirty laundry must be piling up. This will lead to returning home with a smelly suitcase. Here’s a trick to prevent that.

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It’s straightforward! You only need to put a few dryer sheets in your bag before you take off. Those scented sheets will absorb all of the foul odors while also helping to keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh until you get home.

Say No To Soda

At high altitudes, carbonated drinks like soda aren’t the best option. These drinks can cause your intestinal tract to swell, leading to gas and making you feel very uncomfortable. It is best to steer clear of the soda to avoid burping while seated amongst strangers.

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That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink anything. There are many other options. You can try drinking water or juice on the flight and save the soda for when you’re on the ground. This way, you’ll save yourself from discomfort and embarrassment.

Ear Protection

Instead of sleeping before or just after takeoff, you should consider using this time to look after your ears. There’s a lot of air pressure, and our ears can’t regulate the rapid air pressure changes after takeoff. For that, here is a hack.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ People sleeping on planes

Use earplugs, take an antihistamine, chew gum, and relax. All of these tips together will help protect your ears during the takeoff. Once you’re cruising in the air, you can chill out and take that nap you had been waiting for. How’s that now?

Stretch Stretch

Did you know that flying can affect your body’s circulation, which can cause your feet and legs to swell, especially on longer flights? Yes, that’s true. But, there are some techniques that you can use to prevent all of this from happening on flights.

Image courtesy of Fitness reloaded/ Maria

You can start off by doing in-seat stretches. You should also get up and walk around the plane every now and then when you have the opportunity. It will help your blood flow better, thus, avoiding all of the swellings.

Shut It Out

Be it flying or any other means of transport; nobody likes to hear loud chatter, weeping babies, or other noisy sounds from other passengers. Everybody is trying to relax and looking forward to arriving safely at their destination without extra distractions. 

Image courtesy of Simple Flying/United Airlines

You can avoid frustration by bringing noise-canceling headphones and silicone earplugs with you in your carry-on. All of that is readily available, and it will help you block out unnecessary and unnerving distractions and let you enjoy your flight time.

Extra Pair

When you are on a long flight, the best way to make sure you stay comfortable is to pack an extra pair of socks and undergarments. If you don’t feel fresh or you are sweaty, you can change your intimates and feel instantly revitalized.

Image courtesy of Reddit/bugalooflu

As we all know, planes don’t have showers, so your best bet would be to change your underwear before landing. You should also consider packing an extra pair of clothes and some deodorant. It is not as good as a proper shower, but you will land feeling like the best version of yourself.


Why should you spend extra money on a tour guide who will probably take you to those basic touristy locations when you can spend that money on more traveling? You’d have to be your own tour guide, though. But Google will always help you with that.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@traveltumbler

Thanks to technology, apps have made traveling really easy and accessible. You only need to do some research before leaving the hotel. You’ll be ready to explore your travel destination! Don’t worry about getting lost because you can always use your phone or ask locals.

Problem Solved

What will you do if you accidentally forgot to charge your phone, but you have a long layover before your next flight? People-watching in the airport can only take up so much of your time. Without access to Spotify, Instagram, Netflix, Candy Crush Saga, or anything else, you are doomed.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@STN_airport

Don’t worry because terminals have got you covered. Many airports have charging centers like the one in the image. If you find yourself in an older airport, look for televisions. Most TVs have USB ports that you can also use to charge your cell phone!

Less Struggle, More Space

Most people always tell you to pack light before going on a trip. That’s good advice, but the best thing to do would be to pack intelligently instead of packing light. This trick will help you save a lot of space in your suitcase.

Image courtesy of Reddit/themissenigma

The tip is to keep the heavy and oversized items like sweatshirts and towels right at the bottom of the suitcase before packing other stuff. You can continue rolling up other clothes on top of that, except for the items that’ll wrinkle. Space saved!

Dress Up

Depending on where you are flying from, the atmosphere can get warmer or colder. The temperature will also depend on other things such as the altitude and air conditioning. Nonetheless, staying comfortable is still very important. Therefore, dressing for the trip accordingly will help.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@juggermelon

Wearing a t-shirt and jacket usually do it, but you can also wear more layers as a precaution. If it is warm up there, you can take a few layers off until you feel comfortable. Similarly, if it cools down, then you’ll still be comfortable! Sweatshirts and scarves make great clothing options to bring on the flight.

Middle Seat Hack

We don’t think anybody likes the middle seat, not even cuddlers on their honeymoon. The middle seat is much less comfortable than an aisle or window seat. It also gets squishy at times, especially when you’re traveling alone and sitting next to two strangers.

Image courtesy of Reddit/czy85

This picture of British strongman, Eddie Hall, depicts the situation quite hilariously. Many sites on the Internet will help you create a seat alert. If anybody tries to cancel their flight or change their seat, you will be notified, and you can switch your seat!

Skip The Queue!

Ever since the pandemic happened, there have always been a lot of rearrangements and cancellations of flights. If you have arrived at the airport to find out your flight has been canceled, we know that rebooking the flight simultaneously as all of the other passengers will take a lot of time.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@airmarketinggr

Don’t worry, though. We’re here to help you out. Waiting in those long lines for hours just to get disappointed to know that there aren’t any flights available doesn’t do much. Instead, consider calling customer service. They’d book the flight for you, so at least you don’t need to wait standing in line. Top secret!

No Ice

Earlier, we told you to avoid carbonated drinks and choose water. Now, anybody will agree that having a nice glass of ice-cold water is the best way to quench your thirst. But putting ice in your drink on a plane is a huge no. Here’s why.

Image courtesy of Facebook/A tall glass of ice water; with ice

It’s a massive misconception that the ice served on flights comes from the plane’s water tank. Instead, the ice is brought on board by a caterer. However, nobody knows about the hygiene of the food carts where it’s stored. Therefore, we advise you to be cautious. 

Keep The Air On

Suppose you want to protect yourself from germs while on the flight. It is best to keep the air conditioning above you on full blast, even if it gets a bit cold. This actually helps air circulation and is one way to keep the germs away. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/IvorDude

The air coming from the vents creates an invisible air layer around you which helps in preventing germs and viruses from hanging around and making you fall sick. Also, nobody wants to fall sick while traveling, so keep the air on, and don’t forget your sweaters!

Disinfect Yourself

Nobody wants to fall ill while traveling whether your trip is for business, pleasure, or perhaps a mix of both. Another suggestion to avoid getting sick is to be as sanitary as possible. This airline gives out wipes with the cute slogan, “don’t get sick, get there.”

Image courtesy of Facebook/planewipes

Just like air conditioning in the plane protects us from germs, packing a few disinfectant wipes will help you clean the seat and other surfaces you’ll be touching. This way, you’ll make sure that you’ll always be protected on the flight.

Dressing Appropriately For The Occasion

For many, sitting in the airport on a plane can be a crampy and uncomfortable experience. This is why it is essential to dress for the occasion by wearing the clothes you feel the most comfortable in. Remember, do not choose fashion over comfort when taking off.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Olivia Culpo

If you’re on a shorter flight, like an hour or two, and you need to rush somewhere straight from the airport, then, in that case, it’s okay to dress up a bit. But, wearing your favorite heels won’t be the most comfortable option for longer flights. 

The Pillow You’ve Been Searching For

If you tell us that you have the easiest time falling asleep on a plane, then we are waiting to hear your secret. For some of us, it takes a large sleeping pill, a bunch of blankets, and eye covers to even sleep one hour!

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Your life on a plane just got so much better, because now you don’t have to worry about adjusting your neck all the time or worrying about the person beside you. With this pillow, you can easily fall into a slumber to get optimal sleep on the plane.

Flight Issues

There are a lot of frustrating elements while traveling. For instance, you need to ensure that you don’t miss your flight. You also need to keep an eye on the flight’s departures and arrivals board, which is quite tedious, especially if you don’t even have a place to sit.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Ranta Images

Here’s what you should do. Instead of checking for updates on your flights, you can download apps that keep an eye on arrivals and departures. Yes, such apps do exist! These apps will do the job, so you don’t need to leave your seat every now and then.

Sacrifices Are Necessary

You found yourself on an overbooked flight. The airline is calling for volunteers to give up their seats. You then think about missing your flight and adjusting your travel plans, but you’re hesitant to be the person to sacrifice all that. What do you do?

Image courtesy of Tumblr/topinstagirls

Here’s what you should do. You should take our advice and give up your seat. Not only will the airline be grateful, but they could also treat you to free meals and nearby accommodations. They also might upgrade you when they rebook your flight!

Backpacking Hack

This tip is especially for all backpackers traveling worldwide and staying in a hostel for an extended period. You should consider unpacking your clothes strategically instead of unpacking everything when entering your temporary new home. Here’s why:

Image courtesy of Tumblr/hikingdreams

Try unpacking only the necessary things at that moment. This way, you won’t be fumbling to repack everything you unpacked, and you won’t be stressed about misplacing your belongings. Also, consider packing the things you need on top of your suitcase.

Running Over The Jet Lag

Jet lag is annoying. It makes you feel tired and irritated. Unfortunately, it lasts for many days, and sometimes it can even take a week to recover from. If you’re traveling, you should be alert so that you can enjoy everything in your new surroundings.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/lzf

Instead of drinking a lot of coffee and sleeping at random hours, get up early in the morning and go for a quick jog in the sun. The sun will set your internal clock perfectly. Therefore, you’ll know when it’s time to start the day. Plus, the exercise will make you feel revitalized!

Easy Peasy

We are sure that many of you can relate to that frustrating feeling when you’re in the rain with your luggage, and you have to make sure that the water doesn’t damage your belongings. Fear not because we have a waterproof solution for you even if you don’t have a waterproof suitcase.

Image courtesy of Facebook/SamsoniteSA

You only need to line the inside of your bag using garbage bags. When you do so, you’ll be avoiding the frustration of getting all your belongings wet. After that, you should let your suitcase dry out in the sun when it comes back out.

Who doesn’t want to sleep on a flight?

There are many people out there who are trying to find the best and most dependable way to easily fall asleep on a plane. From sleeping medication, fancy pillows, and more, it doesn’t work for everyone. And then, New Zealand Air came along…

Image courtesy of Adele Barbaro / Facebook

They decided to offer economy travelers the option to convert an entire row of seats into a comfortable bed. This is especially helpful when you have kids. Would you just look at how comfy they look? If this doesn’t sell you, then we don’t know what will!

Charging Solutions

Earlier, we said that you could use USB ports on the TVs to charge your phone in urgent situations. Luckily, most hotels have those as well. If you are at the hotel and you realize that your phone is low on battery, here’s what you can do.

Image courtesy of Youtube/Around The Home

When you arrive in a new country and do not realize that the wall plugs are different, check if the TV in your hotel has a USB port. You can then use the port to charge your phone until you find a permanent solution, or save a bit of cash and continue to charge your phone this way!

Handle With Care

If you are on a flight with fragile or other essential goods that could get damaged in the cargo area, we have a fantastic trick up our sleeves. This tip is a game-changer that will ensure that your luggage is handled with utmost care.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@americanair

You can mark your luggage as fragile while checking in. Not only will it ensure that your property is well taken care of, but it will also mean that your luggage will be on the top of the pile. That means that you’ll be the first to get your luggage from the carousel!

No Turbulence

If you suffer from discomfort during turbulence, you will try everything to avoid it to your best extent. As mentioned earlier, you should sit in the seat above the wing, but this tip is different and just as helpful.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@americanair

Here’s a fact. Morning flights have less turbulence because the heat hasn’t risen to a high point. The heat causes storms, winds, and other problems that lead to turbulence on planes. Therefore, booking the morning flight can be your best bet to avoid turbulence.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries can be of great help while traveling, especially when you’re in a place where there aren’t many luxuries. Therefore, you should always carry a battery charger so that you don’t have to keep on purchasing new batteries.

Image courtesy of: Reddit/badon

Batteries can be used for many things, such as your nifty new camera to capture your vacation or a portable fan system when it’s hot in the hostel. You can also use batteries for a flashlight when it’s dark and you can’t find any light.

Feel good!

If you are using an airplane bathroom and don’t have access to a shower, then the best way to feel refreshed in this condition would be to pack somebody care essentials in your luggage to clean yourself up during those times.

Image courtesy of Reddit/innoutberger

Body care essentials include face wipes, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and, as mentioned before, an extra pair of clothes. All of these can make a massive difference to your overall mood, smell, and appearance. You can also take a little make-up if you want to feel fresh and good.

Extra Seats

It’s a fantastic feeling when you find out that the middle seat next to you is empty during liftoff. If that hasn’t happened, here’s how you can do that. This method isn’t a sure-shot, but it is worth trying for those flying economy class. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/riddlemethischannel

Book the aisle and window seats if you are traveling with a plus-one. Now, if your flight is under-booked, the chances of someone picking a seat between those two seats are significantly less. This way, you’ll get some extra space!

Offline Hack

After a long flight, all we want to do is get to our hotel and freshen up as soon as possible. But, when you’re in an entirely new place, say a new country, it might be challenging to navigate. There are chances that even WiFi won’t be available.

Image courtesy of

But, you shouldn’t worry because Google will help you even if WiFi won’t, and here’s how. Fire up Google Maps before leaving your home, and download offline maps for where you’re going. That way, you have easy access to the maps without the Internet!

Say Bye To Blankets

This one is for the germaphobes. If you are one, or you easily catch infections, it is best to avoid using blankets handed out at the beginning of your flight. There are high chances that these blankets aren’t clean unless they come in a sealed bag.

Image courtesy of

So, if you are quick to catch a cold, then instead of using the blankets that the airline provides, you should pack your own blankets, dress a little warmer, and wear extra layers to protect yourself from the cold temperature.

Prompt Planning

Do you know what the worst thing is? It’s being bored when you’re on a plane that’s 30,000 feet in the air, and you have nothing to do. Therefore, it’ll be best to plan ahead of time and prepare what you can do while you’re on your flight.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Matej Kastelic

The longer the flight, the more the planning, and the more entertainment you’ll need to keep yourself occupied. So, download movies, take a book or two with you, and plan similar things to pass the time and not get bored or go crazy.

Carry Your Fragrance

We all love to enjoy the finer things in life, like taking our best perfume or cologne with us on our trips to feel refreshed throughout the day. However, fragrance bottles are fragile and bulky. If you don’t handle them with care, they’ll easily break.

Image courtesy of Reddit/essjay28

Here’s the solution to that problem. Use portable fragrance bottles. These bottles are small and easy to carry around. They are also far less likely to break. Most stores will sell them at a reasonable price. Next time when you’re going somewhere, don’t forget to use this trick!

Chill Out

Many people stress out about security checkpoints at the airport and the lines that go along with them. But there isn’t anything to worry about. You only need to properly plan your day and get to the airport at the right time so that you have enough waiting time.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Boston Logan

Airport security shouldn’t scare you. It should make you feel comfortable. They’re strict because they need to protect their staff and passengers in the airport from threats. Therefore, this part of your travel should make you worry the least.

Take Left

If you don’t like waiting in lines like us, there is a way to avoid waiting in the airport security line as long as you usually do. When you enter the line, turn to the left side. Here’s why you should always do so.

Image courtesy of Reddit/mrhoopers

People always tend to turn towards their dominant hand, and for the majority, it’s the right hand. So, the queue on the right will be longer. Therefore, you should save yourself some time by turning left and skipping the wrong line.

No Slicing Your Fingers

If you are like most of our world’s population, you must have lost or forgotten the plastic cover of your razor blade. Here’s a small hack to protect yourself from slicing your fingers while going through your bag of toiletries.

Image courtesy of travel channel/Akemi Hiatt

You will be doing yourself and your fingers a really huge favor by getting yourself some binder clips. These are an amazing substitute for the plastic cover, and they are also a way better investment than getting a new razor blade when you lose the cover.

Scan The Essentials

Even when you’re in your hometown, dealing with a lost document can be stressful, especially when you don’t even have spare copies. So, imagine not having a passport when you’re in a new city. It can be really problematic.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Kathbum

Therefore, you should always scan your passport, ID, and other essential documents. You should then email these files to yourself or save them on your device in a separate album for easy access. This way, you’ll still have proof of your documents and identity.

Socializing 101

If you’re planning a solo trip rather than a vacation with your family or friends, this tip is for you. You should consider meeting new people on your trip because it’s the best way to create cherished memories. Also, who is going to take travel picks of you?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@travelbuds4ever

Although randomly approaching a group of strangers can be a daunting task, social media can really help you out. There are so many apps that will help you connect with other travelers who are in your location so you can meet up with them!

Are You Hydrated?

Were you aware that your body dehydrates faster in the air? It’s true! That happens because the air’s moisture content is very low on a flight compared to when we’re on the ground. Therefore, it’s essential to keep yourself hydrated on flights.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@travelbuds4ever

So, even if you end up frustrating yourself and other people on the plane with your frequent bathroom visits, your skin and body will always stay hydrated and healthy, like nothing ever happened. Consider drinking at least a cup of water every hour.

Easy Hack

Here’s another excellent way to avoid pricey beverages at the airport. Many people don’t know much about this practical but little hack. Although liquids aren’t permitted before you enter the security check, frozen beverages are allowed. Surprised, right?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@JayDeAngel

You should ensure that the liquid is 100% frozen when you pass through the security. If not, you’ll have to leave the beverage behind. Also, the flight should be long enough for your beverage to defrost. If not, you’re carrying a frozen bottle for nothing.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you want to know about a city and its culture correctly, you should hang out with the locals of that location. They will also show you all the area’s hidden gems that most tourists won’t ever be aware of.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Meet The Locals

As mentioned earlier, some apps can connect you with many locals who can show you around the town. This way, not only will you see new places, but you will also be making a lot of new friends along the way!


We all know that things are really overpriced at the airport. But, since you’re not allowed to take liquids with you through security, you could be a little thirsty while boarding the flight. If you don’t want to feel like a nuisance constantly asking the flight attendant for water, we have an excellent tip for you.

Image courtesy of Gear Junkie/Yeti

Instead of spending the extra dough on water, tea, or other beverages, you can pack an empty travel mug and even teabags. Then, you only need to ask one of the employees or hostesses for cold or hot water once. This way, you’ll have an affordable beverage!

Pack Extra Snacks

The feeling of your stomach eating away at itself because of hunger is even worse than the boredom we mentioned earlier. There’s plenty of food on the flight, but let’s face it. Airline food is as bad as hospital food. Packing yourself some snacks will be a lot of help.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@stuartmarks

Furthermore, packing some of your favorite snacks will also save you the extra cash that you’d spend for those snacks at the airport. That’d be a lot since those same snacks cost three to four times their market price at the airport.


Here is what you should do if you’re an on-the-go type of person and you want to explore new places while traveling instead of pre-planning the whole trip. It is pretty exhilarating to be spontaneous about your endeavors. Here is how!

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/MUNGKHOOD STUDIO

If you are in an adventurous mood, many flight apps will scan your departing location to get you the most incredible deals available for your time range. You may end up heading out to a site you never heard of before to find out it is one of the most fascinating places in the world.

Portable Powerhouse

This device must be among the first things on your item list to pack for your trip for some people. A portable charger is a wonderful tool that can be a huge help when your phone is just about to die, and you’re out and about. A power bank, as many of you know, is a portable charger that you can use to charge all your electronic devices.

Image courtesy of Facebook/TECHNO WORLD

It’s an amazing thing to have, especially when you know the trip is going to be long and you do not have access to a plug point for a long time. Therefore, if you don’t have one with you and you’re planning for that long trip, this investment is a must.