No-Fuss Method To Get Dents Out Of Wood: Try This Easy Technique

By Martin B

Whether you’ve accidentally bumped into furniture or noticed a dent in a wooden surface over time, the good news is that there’s a simple and effective way to get dents out of wood. This technique involves using only water and an iron, making it a quick and accessible solution for many homeowners.

Source: @steveungermann/Unsplash

To begin, you’ll need to dampen the dented area with a few drops of water. The water helps to swell the compressed wood fibers, which are causing the dent. Once the wood is damp, cover the affected area with a thin, clean cloth, such as a cotton towel or an old t-shirt, ensuring it completely covers the dent.

Next, plug in an iron and set it to a medium heat setting. Make sure there is no water in the iron’s steam chamber, as steam can damage the wood. With caution, position the warmed iron directly over the dent on the cloth. Employ gentle pressure while moving the iron in circular motions for approximately 10 to 20 seconds. The heat from the iron will cause the damp wood fibers to expand and, in turn, help the dent to rise.

Once the time is up, remove the iron and cloth, and you should notice a significant improvement in the dent. The wood fibers should have expanded back to their original position, effectively removing the dent.

This method is particularly effective on unfinished or lightly finished wood surfaces. However, if the wood has a heavy lacquer or varnish coating, it may not work as effectively, as the finish can prevent the water from penetrating the wood fibers.

Source: @jankolar/Unsplash

Overall, this technique is a straightforward and non-invasive way to get dents out of wood, without the need for harsh chemicals or expensive tools. With just a small amount of water and an iron, you can revive your wooden furniture and surfaces, restoring them to their former glory and saving both time and money in the process.