Unique Golf Carts That Turn Heads While Rolling Down The Green

By Jo Arazi

This article was originally published on sportzspace
This article was originally published on SportFoy

We probably associate golf carts with country clubs and middle-aged men in plaid outfits. Nothing too exciting. And before putting this article together, we assumed they were always made to look the same. Golf carts have unique designs that make them special compared to regular vehicles. Of course, they’re used in places outside of the golf course. They can be used for moving equipment to outbuildings, gardening, security patrols, commercial and farm property maintenance, etc. Ideally, they come with two to six seats to accommodate a few people, but we hadn’t realized they come in various colors like red, pink, black, and more. In this article, we’ll explore lots of unique golf carts that will prove they are a lot cooler than we ever realized.

New and Hot

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? This golf cart right here reminds us of a Ferrari. Another awesome thing is its hot red color which complements its classy style. Even before you sit, you can tell that it’s pretty comfortable at first glance.

Image source: golf.com

We can say this ride is exquisitely sleek and deservedly so too. Just imagine that you receive this golf cart as a gift; not only will it be the best gift ever, the trip to the golf course will never be the same. 

Helmet Golf Cart

This helmet golf cart is super cool. The design still incorporates the functions of a golf cart in it, although it’s unique. Whoever had the idea to build something this creative did a great job and really, really loves the Eagles.

Image source: profootballtalk.nbcsports.com

Apart from the creativity behind it, this golf cart also assures that you are safe, and this is because you would not need a helmet since you are already in one (just kidding!). Rest assured, everyone will know who you’re rooting for in the playoffs!


This black golf cart sure has a wild look. It looks like the kind of vehicle used in action flicks, and it’ll definitely drive you to victory. To add to the allure of this vehicle, it looks like a Batmobile used by the caped crusader.

Image source: thefunnybeaver.com

And, of course, that was the intention behind this funky Gotham vehicle. The designers were really into the Dark Knight franchise and decided the world needed a Batman-themed golf cart, and we could not agree with them more. It’s really sleek.

Ready to Rock and Roll

From the look of things, this raptor golf cart looks like it is ready to rock and roll. We see it has a mouth that truly makes you feel that he is prepared for anything that might come his way.

Image source: ford-trucks.com

One thing we love about this golf cart is its color. It has a combination of cool and warm colors, which suits it surprisingly well. When you feel confident that you are ready to hit the course in style, this cart is your best bet.

Black and Bold

One of America’s prominent long-haul truck manufacturers is Peterbilt, which was founded in 1939. They are known for durability and, most importantly, the comfort of their vehicles. Not only that, they are known to give confidence to the drivers as well.

Image source: golfaq.com

We didn’t realize making semi-truck-inspired golf carts was a thing, but this isn’t the only one out there. This golfer is ready for anything during this expedition. Here is some advice for you: make sure you don’t get in the way of this cart. 

Get Ready For a Classic Drive

Cars too can be loved at first sight, not only humans. The bodywork on this electric golf cart is so impressive, and it is also identical to the renowned Ford Mustang. The creator of this golf cart deserves serious accolades.

Image source: allesauto.at

What an inspiring view it would be if you saw a fleet of golf carts like this one with different colors in all their glory on the golf course. Perhaps, this should be another reason to attract people to the famed world of golf, thanks to carts like this.

Seriously, who are you gonna Call?

Just in case you are actually thinking of who to call in an emergency, this golf cart has got you covered. Anything can happen at any time, and you should be prepared. Luckily, the Ghostbuster cart is at your service, and you don’t have to worry.

Image source: www.pinterest.com/Tabitha Smith

Surprisingly, this golf cart also has a siren to show it is very ready to combat any emergency. It also looks like there is a little box used to catch ghosts. If you haven’t seen a golf cart with multiple uses cases, here you go.

Movie-themed Golf carts

It would not be out of place to say that everyone knows the delightful character of Lightning Mcqueen and his clique of talking cars. The release of Cars in 2006 propelled one of the most successful animated Disney-Pixar franchises ever. 

Image source: hotcars.com

The franchise generated $8billion in retail sales, which is a lot of money. A lot of children will surely go for this animated golf cart. And they chose the best character for the shape of the cart, plus it really looks cheerful.

This is Very Cool

The magnificent custom golf cart right here is modeled after Enzo Ferrari’s stunning, high-performance car. There is no doubt that this cart is very cool – just take a look at the design and color. And those tires! Someone understood the assignment.

Image source: excessivecarts.com

On another note, Ferrari was founded in 1940 in the racing aspect of Alfa Romeo, but it was not recognized as a sovereign manufacturer until 1947. So that means it took Ferrari seven years to become independent. It was worth it anyway and led to this fantastic cart.

Big and Small

Winnebago is an American manufacturer of motorhomes, a type of recreational vehicle people like to drive across America. They are known for their top-class RV system, but they’re not yet known for their golf carts converted from a club car.

Image source: Facebook/Pierce RV & Marine Supercenter

But you know, companies can get a little creative sometimes. For a quick exercise, if you were to spot the difference between the two vehicles, what would be the first thing you’ll notice? If you are eagle-eyed, you’ll see the difference between the design on the side.

Once Upon a Time…

Some designs catch the eye, and we can tell you this golf cart is among those that will have lots of people talking. Most people are familiar with Power Rangers series, and that is exactly where this golf cart got its design inspiration.

Image source: yeahmotor.com

Each ranger has a unique color, and their rides come in that color too. Without a doubt, this golf cart looks like it belongs to the blue ranger. And from the look of it, it is loaded from roof to tire, ready to battle some villains.

Hop in

Honestly, this cart will have you dreaming of the good life. Without delay, hop in and experience one of the greatest rides in one of the best golf courses. This Ford Mustang custom cart also has off-road capability, which is a guarantee that you will have a smooth ride.

Image source: golfcarsla.com

Black is Class, and this golf cart proves it. Sometimes, it could be very difficult to choose a particular color, especially when there is a wide range to choose from, but you can never go wrong with a sleek charcoal-colored cart like this.

Fire Engine Golf Cart

We forever appreciate the firefighters and every other emergency service worker who works very hard to ensure safety every day. The manufacturers of this golf cart thought it would be nice to create something along those lines, and they nailed it.

Image source: hotcars.com

It is also very impressive that the manufacturers paid utmost attention to details as this custom golf cart can be rated 10/10. From the design, colors, and the mini ladder at the side, no emergency is too big for this cart.

Extra Truck

Apparently, the manufacturers of this golf cart understand that there is a need to go extra sometimes. Let’s imagine you go grocery shopping. You buy many things – way more than you expected – you will need some extra space, right?

Image source: customgolfcartbody.com

Make this golf cart your first choice, and you don’t need to worry about where to keep your items because space isn’t an issue here. As simple as it seems, this cart does not lack in the luxury or creativity departments either.

Weird cart

What comes to your mind when you look at this unique golf cart? First, you may think this cart was designed with a comic character in mind, or the driver has to chin up and stop being nosy when on the golf course.

Image source: weirduniverse.net

There is a lot of creativity and beautiful aesthetics incorporated into this custom golf cart. However, due to how weird and unique it looks, not only will you get a lot of stares on the golf course, you’ll probably be the center of attention all day. 


We all love the Ford Bronco; there’s no doubt about that. Maybe the only thing cooler than a Ford Bronco is the cart-sized version. It could be that you have never played golf before or you’re still thinking about the sport that will suit you best.

Image source: luxurygolfcart.com

The fact is that seeing this golf cart can make you fall in love with golf immediately. Even if it hasn’t always been your preferred sport, this customized cart will make you look like a professional – they’ll probably think you’re on par with Tiger Woods.

Safe Ride

Back in the late 90s, everything seemed to be much simpler. Dallas Cowboys defensive player Deion Sander took a ride around the training field in his golf cart with his manager, Craig Brooks, on Wednesday, July 17, 1996, in Austin, Texas.

Image source: The Dallas Morning News/Milton Hinnant

The golf cart was a very common feature that had lots of uses. Here, the players used it to move from the dormitory to the field for practice. One good thing about Sander’s model is that it comes with a stereo and air conditioning.

A Patriot

Obviously, the manufacturers of this Yamaha golf cart must love their country a lot to have made a golf cart using the country’s flag colors and designs. Speaking of the colors, how can you not love blue, red, and those beautiful white stars?

Image source: pridecarts.com

Anyone taking a ride in this 4 x 4 golf cart may not be able to explain the confidence it gives. Honestly, each country should have its own customized golf cart, if not for anything, maybe just to show some patriotism.

High and Mighty

What can you say about this golf cart? It’s very cool, right? Of all the golf carts so far, this one is the tallest and mightiest. You can only wonder what people think when they see a man riding this huge machine.

Image source: toxel.com

Perhaps, this golf cart was supposed to be a monster truck but the designer changed his mind at the last minute. However, make sure you do not get in its way because nothing can stop this cart thanks to those massive tires. 

A Rare Kind

This is one very unique golf cart right here with pretty good features. First of all, it bears many similarities to your average sailboat. Also, it seems like whoever will drive this golf cart should be adept at driving with one hand.

Image source: golfaq.com

Seriously, how exactly is this golf cart driven? We are stumped, but pretty sure you use that white circle to steer. Anyway, if you check closely, you will notice the sturdy wheels that perfectly complement the front wheel so it does not tip over.

Pure and Vintage

There are certain things you may come across that can automatically bring a smile to your face. Sometimes, you hear a sound or see an object that reminds you of something that happened in the past, and it brings a warm feeling.

Image source: mygolfspy.com

A white golf cart tells a lot about the driver. The owner likes a state of purity, things that are free of dirt, and you’ll notice this car was manufactured with class in mind. It reminds you of the good old days when things were simple yet classy.

Bring your Friends

Just to be clear, this is a Hummer, H2 black and white golf cart that looks similar to the regular version. What a good look-alike we have here. Let’s imagine you have access to this cool golf cart. Would you go alone?

Image source: pinterest.com/laconceptcars.com

As you know, those seats cannot occupy themselves, and it would be much more fun for you to go with friends. You’d get to have a good time in this awesome golf cart, and you’ll get almost the same level of comfort you get in the real thing.


You can agree that this golf cart looks very impressive and is a beautiful evergreen. The idea behind this is a good one, and it reminds you of the ethereal alien. Truthfully, it looks like the kind of golf cart that belongs to a superhero.

Image source: plashlights.com

What superhero could that be? If you guessed the Green lantern, you are correct. This golf cart suits the green hero perfectly, and there’s room for a sidekick. We’re sure there’s a feature that shoots green laser beams in this cart.  

Jeep Wrangler

Here we have a Jeep Wrangler golf cart, and this is by far our favorite on this list (maybe aside from the giant head). This one screams adventure and off-road shenanigans. It has four seats, so you could take a few buddies out for some fun.

Image source: Facebook/Golf Cart Crazy

Imagine rolling up to the golf course in this. No one would be able to resist asking you all about it. We’ve all seen a customized Jeep, so we know they can get pretty wild. We’d love to start with this.

Scooby-Doo, where are you?

Okay, we know we said the cart above was our favorite, but of all the TV and movie-themed golf carts, the Mystery Machine replica wins hands down. The guy even dressed like Fred for the event, so we give him a 10/10.

Image source: Flickr/Steve

We know this was made just for a fun contest, but we sincerely hope the owners left it like this and proudly roll up to the golf course every Sunday afternoon armed with Scooby Snacks and answers to life’s mysteries.

A Special Delivery method

In 1907, UPS (United Parcel Service), an American international shipping, receiving, and supply chain management company, was founded. At that time, the United States Postal Services and other government entities were not functioning efficiently. 

Image source: pinterest.com/Scott Crouser

Speaking of UPS, the logistic company uses a golf cart as one of its means of transporting parcel packages to people. What a good choice! When you look carefully, you’ll see the sign that reads, “Golf Cart Parking Only,” which means the vehicle is in the right place.

A Delighful View

Colors are very important in all spheres of life. They add the perfect touch to anything, and they can give life to anything when combined properly. This golf cart is appealing, both in color and aesthetics. We’d love to take it for a joyride.

Image source: caddy-carts.com

The environment looks very serene, with beautiful buildings and the perfect cart to move around. The structure behind shows the class the owner exudes. It looks like a Spanish edifice graced with beautiful flowers, and this cart perfectly suits the environment.

In a hurry

Have you ever woken up late for work, a date, or a meeting? In truth, this can happen to anybody. Well, if you look at this picture closely, you’ll notice this man is speeding by. He forgot he had a plan to hang out with friends.

Image source: golfstinks.com

The good news is that when you have a golf cart as good as the Shelby mustang, you know you can get to your destination in record time. That’s not to say you should go beyond the speed limits, as you should always prioritize safety first.


When you think you have seen it all, here comes this magical sight. It is an understatement to say that this golf cart is extraordinary. Seems like it is ready to carry you to another as soon as you hop in.

Image source: ckdgolfcarts.com

You can only imagine the extent of engineering and hard work it took to construct this beauty. The amazing fact is that it has eight seats, and that means everybody can hop in. Make sure you don’t get left out. 

King cart

This cart sure looks like the king, with its lowered body making you know that although it’s down to earth, it’s ready for business. All its parts, features, and colors are properly combined. Check out the blue designs at the rear, which gives it another shade of cool.

Image source: carthrottle.com

The design added a bit of that classic pimp my ride feel to it. You’ve got to respect this cart. At the same, due to its design, it has to be driven carefully so that you don’t get a scratch on it. The chrome wheels are also a standout feature. 

Pink allure

Pink is a wonderful color that adds a splash of fun to anything. It is beautiful and matches almost everything, and it brings most objects to life. Take a look at this beautiful cart. Can you see how the pink accents make the cart attractive?

Image source: excessivecarts.com

Thanks to the pink hues, we might assume that this golf cart was for a woman. They can paint the town red (or pink) with this adorable cart. One thing is for sure: they will be the focus of all eyes and steal the show wherever they go.

6-seater Masterpiece

Thanks to advancements in tech, life keeps getting comfortable day by day. New ideas, new creations, innovations, and discoveries keep coming up all the time. At the same time, the environment and the state of the planet matter a lot too.

Image source: excessivecarts.com

Talking about ideas and the environment, just look at how this golf cart is designed. Every feature is well placed. In addition, taking a ride in this kind of environment in the cool of the evening will give you mental and emotional calm.

Patriotic Cart

One country that is popular for its use of golf carts is the United States of America. We have to give it to the manufacturers who keep bringing it on at every point in time, with different designs and colors to keep things fresh.

Image source: pinterest.com/Lisa Dixon

Perhaps a golf cart is considered a cornerstone of American sports culture, thanks to the array of carts at their disposal. This one is so nice that the only thing left is for you to hop in and go for a joyride. Aren’t the colors amazing?

Ghost Rider

This golf cart keeps screaming, “I’m on fire” We can see that. This cart is so hot that you just might burn. But on a more serious note, this golf cart is all shades of cool and will elevate you among your peers.

Image source: primegolfcars.com

Just as cool as the ghost rider, maybe this time in the form of a golf cart and not a person. So anytime you feel like looking hot in your golf cart, there is the perfect customized golf cart waiting for you, and it’s there for the taking.

Royal Blue

Have you been to a royal palace before? Like what they have in England. Everything is done orderly, and you see nothing is out of place. You’ll also notice how frequently they use golf carts to move around. Undoubtedly, blue exudes royalty, and this golf cart is a perfect example.

Image source: ecargolfcart.com

The two front seats are for a king and queen, and then the other seats will probably be for the princes and princesses. The design was spacious enough to accommodate more people than the regular golf cart, which is amazing.

Multi-purpose Cart

Nowadays, golf carts can be used for anything, including carrying items, just like in the frame below. Golf courses often cover a large expanse of land. Hence, it’s important always to have enough room to carry all the gear you need.

Image source: yeahmotor.com

This golf cart can serve multiple purposes, unlike the regular ones that are just used for moving around. Thanks to the extra feature used to carry large items, it can come in handy to help move things that would have been carried by hand.


You may not see this golf cart from a distance, thanks to its camouflage. Although it’s mostly used in the military, this design is popular among hunters. We obviously got this idea from animals whose fur, feathers, or skin allows them to blend into their surroundings and hide from predators.

Image source: southernmud.com

This is the design concept used for this cart, and we can tell you that it’s a massive hit. Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s also looking sturdy, and it looks like this cart can also be used even in the most rugged terrains.


Now, this is the kind of golf cart Jimmy Buffet fans will love. It is the perfect cart for a beach party in Margaritaville, and its presence will turn the party up a notch. You’ll have to agree that there’s a brilliant combination of colors here.

Image source: golfcarsofhickory.com

There are quite a few advantages when you use this kind of cart for outings. You get to meet new people who admire it you are sure to make new friends who can’t stop singing Jimmy Buffet songs as you pass by.

Pearl in Paradise

Did you know that pearls are precious gems formed in the shell of an oyster? Well, now you know. But did you know that people in the baseball industry also call a new baseball a pearl? Here is a 4 x 4 customized golf cart that embodies a pearl.

Image source: yeahmotor.com

We have here a big fan of the Indiana Hoosiers baseball team. Or maybe this is the cart used by the waterboy during practice. This is just our opinion, but we think every team should have their own custom golf cart.


Mistakes happen every day, and no one has control over them. If you have ever fallen into a ditch, you know the damage it can do to your car. At first glance, you would think this cart fell into a ditch, right?

Image source: clubhouse.swingu.com

Apparently, that’s not the case. The golf cart was made this way. How unusual! Maybe the manufacturers wanted to try something new and different, and they came up with this idea and decided to execute it. We’re not sure the reason, but it sure is unique.

A Little bit of Spice

In the late 1960s and 70s, wood-paneled cars became popular. Wood is a very important construction material used for housing and other things. It can also be used to construct golf carts, which is quite interesting. This one is honestly adorable.

Image source: pinterest.com/golfday

The wood used in constructing this golf cart added spice to it. The driver likes taking his chances, as you can see those beautiful red dice hanging right above him. The cart also features a mini boot to carry vital things along for the ride.

Bee Cart

If you are a car lover, then there’s every chance you’ll love this cart, which was inspired by the Dodge Viper. Its yellow and black color is reminiscent of the hard-working insect, and we’re sure the end product is as sweet as honey.  

Image source: babouchegolf.com

However, you have to be prepared to stand out when going out. It seems like the owners of this golf cart are more than ready to capture attention. This cart will sure announce your presence wherever you go in it.

Tractor cart

This golf cart may have several handy features, but we don’t think comfort is one of its strong points. What do you think of it? Well, it may have been made for a particular purpose, just like a bulldozer or a tractor used on a farm.

Image source: hotcars.com

This is definitely a special-purpose cart, and our guess is that it is used on a farm. More often than not, whenever you see dads admiring a cart like this, you don’t have to be told that they already imagine all the work they’d get done with it.


As time passes and the days go by, different inventions spring up that make mobility very easy. This means that our world is truly evolving at a pace that we may not be able to keep up with. That being said, have you ever wondered what the future would look like?

Image source: twitter.com/carttie

Perhaps, walking may be a thing of the past as the slightest distance can be covered with the help of machines. Although this isn’t like your regular hoverboard, this is more sturdy and can take you on a fun adventure.

K-9 Joyride

Honestly, some things are worth staring at, just like this custom golf cart right here. It looks like it is ready to go anywhere and across any terrain. Surprisingly, there is another very good feature that this custom golf cart has that will shock you.

Image source: yeahmotor.com

Not only does this cart have a military feel, but this cart was modeled after one of the most cherished military vehicles of all time. So prepare for a peaceful ride when you choose this golf cart. You’ll be getting lots of salutes from veterans also.