40+ Dryer Sheet Hacks To Use For Everything But Drying Clothes

By Iulia P

This article was originally published on morehackz

Dryer sheets- that one object that you can find in every pantry. And for those out there who don’t know exactly what a dryer sheet is (Europe, we’re looking at you!), let us explain. In the U.S., electric dryers are a household necessity, and so are the dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are pieces of fabric that make your clothes softer while helping to reduce the static, and not only that, but they will make your clothes smell awesome too. Not only this, but it turns out that these pieces of fabric do many cool things outside of the dryer. Do you need to clean the greasy oven racks? Dryer sheets are the answer! Do you need to freshen up the couch? Dryer sheets will do an awesome job. Here are some ways that we can use these special sheets other than putting them in the dryer!.

Old books

While some really love the smell of old books, some will be able to close a good book just because of its not-so-nice smell. And that is alright; we are not here to judge but to bring a solution.

Photo courtesy of thekrazycouponlady.com

And as you might have guessed, the solution for this is nothing else but a good ol’ dryer sheet. Not only the scented piece of cloth will make your book’s pages smell good, but it will serve you as a bookmark too.

Bed sheets

Everybody loves the feeling of freshly washed bedsheets. And you have to agree with us, that the fresh smell those cold sheets give you the first time you go to bed after making the bed is the best thing ever.

Photo courtesy of flickr.com/photos/kmsiever

That fresh smell does not last for too long. But not if you use dryer sheets both in the dryer and stacked in your in-between your folded bedsheets. We guarantee that you will feel like your sheets are freshly washed every time you go to sleep.

Cleaning glasses

Summer is the season of sunglasses, and every person who loves wearing them has the same problem: the fingerprints that somehow always leave a mark on those lenses. Sunglasses or prescription glasses, those fingerprints need to go.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Alexander/Pinterest

And what better way to clean them than dryer sheets. They will make your glasses look new, and those fingerprints will disappear in a second. And guess what? They work magic on safety glasses too. They won’t leave any scratches.


There is nothing more annoying than spilling flour or powdered sugar on the floor. And this is because it is such a headache to clean all that powder that ends up all over the furniture. One literally has to deep clean the whole house after.

Image courtesy livingproofmag.com

But not if one has some dryer sheets in their laundry room. Because it turns out that dryer sheets work exactly like a magnet to those little particles of flour and sugar. If you don’t have dryer sheets in your house, you better get yourself some.

Buh-bye mice!

There is this trend nowadays in which people sell their flats and houses to get themselves campers, make it their house, and travel the country. So far, this might be one of the best trends going on. However, how do these people always keep it clean?

Photo courtesy of motherearthliving.com/

But as usual, there are some ups and downs to living in a camper. And this is because apparently, not only humans love them, but mice do too. So to keep them away, put some dryer sheets all over your camper and say Buh-bye, mice!

Stay away, bees and ants!

Picnics are fun, but having uninvited guests there is not that exciting. And by “uninvited guests,” we mean bees and ants. As important as they might be for our environment, they are quite annoying when one is trying to enjoy a picnic.

Image courtesy of pennlive.com

Because we know they are important beings on the great chain of the animal (or insect) kingdom. We don’t want to harm them in any way. So in order to make them stay away in the most non-harmful way ,dryer sheets are the solution.

Glitter polish

Unless you’re a woman, you don’t know the struggle that is behind glitter nail polish. It takes ages to dry and a week to take off your nails. It doesn’t matter how good the nail polish remover is. Removing it is nothing but a headache.

Photo courtesy of Home Hacks/Pinterest

But it turns out that using dryer sheets instead of the usual cotton pads works wonders. Sure, one will still struggle a bit to take off the nail polish, but not as much as one would if dryer sheets were in the picture. Skip the nail polish remover and give this a try.

The laundry basket

Sometimes, the laundry basket absorbs all sorts of smells from the dirty laundry. One might not pay much attention to it, but a smelly laundry basket can make a whole room smell some type of way that is not the most pleasant. Nobody wants that.

Photo courtesy of craftforest.com

And that’s why we have this special hack for you. Yes, you guessed it right! Dryer sheets will work magic on your clothes to make those odd smells disappear in a minute. Now both your laundry basket and your room will smell fresh. Make sure you change them often, though.

Bye, bad odors!

If dryer sheets can keep the laundry basket and the closet smelling fresh and clean, why not using them for our luggage too? They will keep away the stale odors, and they will provide the clothes a nice fragrance too.

Photo courtesy of sondretravel.com/

Use them while you’re traveling, and also after as well! Leaving some dryer sheets in your luggage after unpacking to keep your suitcase smelling fresh as new. It’s fair to say that dryer sheets are the worst enemy for the bad smells.

Christmas decoration

Taking down the Christmas decorations can be really depressing. Not only do you now have to wake up every day to your normal reality, but it is also the time one says goodbye to their decorations because most of them might be a bit damaged for the next holiday.

Photo courtesy of dadpatrol.com

And this is because most of it will break or lose its glittery design during packing and during transportation to the attic or the basement. Either way, to prevent any damage, try wrapping your decorations in dryer sheets. Not only will they protect them, but it will make them shiny and smell good too.

Hobby time!

If you are into embroidery, then you will like this one. Or, if you are interested in learning how to embroider, then this is definitely for you because it turns out that dryer sheets are a perfect canvas to start with if you’re a beginner.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Berkemeyer/Pinterest

Now that you have a cheaper canvas to embroider on, and not only cheap but good-smelling too, go ahead and let your creativity take the wheel. We are sure some awesome projects can be completed on these simple dryer sheets.

Squawky sneakers

Getting new shoes is the best feeling ever. Wearing new shoes, on the other hand, can be such a pain in the neck. New shoes can hurt your feet, and on top of this, they can make all sorts of sounds while walking while you’re trying to break them in.

Photo courtesy of thekrazycouponlady.com

While dryer sheets can not stop the shoes from hurting you, they can sure stop them from being squeaky. Apparently, the softener in dryer sheets works magic against the squeaky sounds that nobody likes to hear. Nobody besides babies.

Paint brushes

Cleaning paintbrushes can be a tricky task, especially if the brushes are made out of real hair. Real hair brushes are difficult to clean. If the water is too hot or the chemicals you use are too harsh, then those brushes will be good…to chuck in the rubbish.

Photo courtesy of Koliadzynska Iryna/Shutterstock

But not if they are washed in water where some dryer sheets are soaking. The softener in the dryer sheets will make the brushes nice and smooth, and they will help to melt the paint away. You have to try this!

Couches and chairs

If you have pets, then the chances are that your furniture might wreak funny smells from them constantly jumping on it. But worry no more, dryer sheets are good for this issue, too. Really now, what are these tiny pieces of cloth not good for?

Photo courtesy of Reddit/***quachrescue

Not only will they make your chairs and sofa smell good, but they will also help you clean all the hair your beloved four-legged babies leave on your furniture. Dryer sheets will act as a magnet for pet hair, however, they contain chemicals that are toxic to dogs, so please always ensure to keep them out of your pet’s reach.

Swiffer sheets

Out of Swiffer sheets? Worry less because we might have found a little hack that will temporarily do the work until you take the time to buy some from the shop. You never knew this would work. We didn’t think so either, but this makes sense.

Photo courtesy of DIY HOME SWEET HOME/Pinterest

Dryer sheets – and it makes sense because they act exactly like a magnet when it comes to dust and pet hair, and once wet, they are amazing as wet wipes too. On top of this, they will leave your house smelling awesome and fresh.


This one is for smokers who live in a rented place where smoking is not allowed. We do not support this activity that can be harmful to one’s health. However, we have found a solution for those who have this vice and problem.

Photo courtesy of redeyesonline.net

Someone out there (we don’t know who, but we should thank him) invented the “spoof,” a handmade device meant to cover the cigarette smoke. All you need is a toilet paper roll, some good ol’ dryer sheets, and voila! The cigarette smoke will come out the other end filtered by the dryer sheets, making the cigarette smell disappear.

Garbage cans

Nobody likes trash cans, especially when the trash bag breaks and some of the garbage falls directly in the can, making the room smell nasty. It turns out that someone hates this so much that they came up with a great idea for preventing it.

Photo courtesy of DIY HOME SWEET HOME/Pinterest

After washing your trash can, make sure to put some dryer sheets on the bottom. They will prevent the trash bag from sticking to the bottom, and they will make it easier to clean if trash spills. In general, they will make your trash can smell good.

Greasy racks

Removing the grease from the oven racks can be such a long mission to undertake—a mission that implies a lot of scrubbing, washing, and scrubbing again. And just when you think you’ve finished, you see another stain of grease that needs scrubbing, again!

Photo courtesy of onecrazyhouse.com

Who knew that you could actually get rid of the grease by using dryer sheets and dish soap without all the scrubbing and sweat you usually experience. Just let the racks soak in water with dish soap and dryer sheets. You will be shocked by the result.


We would never have thought that the dryer sheets we have in our laundry room can actually work for the toilets too. They will make it shiny, kill the germs and bacteria, and on top of this, will make your toilet smell amazing too.

Photo courtesy of boredomtherapy.com

All you need to do is let them soak in the toilet water for a while to kill the germs and then wipe the toilet vase clean. Voila, now you have a clean toilet vase! Make sure you don’t flush them, however! They might clog your toilet.

Air vents

The air in your house is not that fresh? Maybe it’s time to clean those old vents from all the dust and grime. However, in order to keep the air fresh in your house, place some dryer sheets inside the vents. This hack never fails.

Photo courtesy of The Krazy Coupon Lady/Pinterest

Also, besides the nice smell, you’ll receive from placing them in the vents, it will also make it easier for you to clean your vents and stop them from getting blocked from all that dust. Remember, dryer sheets are like a magnet for dust.

Camping gear

Camping can get pretty dirty, especially if the weather is not on your side. You know that a wet tent can mean a moldy and musty smell, and nobody wants their camping gear to smell bad. So we might have a solution for you. And you probably know what’s coming.

Photo courtesy of skyaboveus.com

After washing your gear well, try placing some dryer sheets inside both your tent and your sleeping bags. You can also place them between the rest of your clean stuff, like folded clothes. Now, you can say goodbye to any bad odor in your tent!

Glass and mirrors

Is it just us, or is cleaning windows a mission that takes most of the day? We say this because nowadays, they don’t make the same window cleaning solutions anymore like back then. Solutions readily available are usually really soapy, and they leave many marks if you’re not careful.

Photo courtesy of Maria Stikeleather Patterson/Pinterest 

To get rid of those annoying soapy and streaky marks, make sure to use some dryer sheets to polish right after you clean the windows. Trust us on this one! They will leave your windows shining brighter than they do in the commercials.

Smelly shoes

We all have been in this situation at least once. It’s awful not to be able to wear those comfortable shoes that are your favorite item in your closet just because they are stinky. And as you know, the answer to all our problems here is that box of dryer sheets you have in your laundry.

Photo courtesy of The Krazy Coupon Lady/Pinterest

All you need to do is to place some new and fresh smelling dryer sheets in your shoes when you are not wearing them. They will smell as good as new, and you won’t hesitate to take your shoes off next time you’re visiting friends.


Mice are cute and all, but not when they decide to live rent-free in your house. The audacity, right? As cute as they might be, these little rodents can be really dangerous and destructive if they decide to chew on possessions and furniture.

Photo courtesy of Nataliia Maksymenko/Shutterstock

We don’t want to hurt them, but we do want them to leave us alone. So, in this case, what we can do is use some dryer sheets and place them where the mice might have made their nest. The strong, scented smell of the dryer sheets will make them run and never look back.

Safety glasses

If dryer sheets work for prescription glasses and sunglasses, they also work for safety glasses. And when we say they work, we mean it because it turns out that the sheets will scare away all the dust that always gets caught in your safety glasses.

Photo courtesy of familyhandyman.com

So now that you know, make sure to use some dryer sheets to clean your safety glasses and polish them too. The sheets will do such a great job on those lenses that you won’t even know you are wearing glasses.


Dryer sheets keep the mice, bees, and ants away. This means they will definitely keep those pesky bugs away too. No more bug bites while you are out enjoying your picnic. And no more flies being annoying by trying to land on your food.

Photo courtesy of pesthacks.com

Place a couple of dryer sheets in your pockets and your picnic basket. While we’re on it, put them in all the places in your house where you notice bugs like to “hang out.” Who knew that dryer sheets are such a must-have for our houses.

Goodbye, thread tangling!

If you sew a lot by hand, this tip might be of great help to you. Sometimes the thread we use for sewing can get extremely tangled, and if you too are not into the meticulous activity of trying to untangle it, follow this tip!

Photo courtesy of Joyce Romsos/ Pinterest

Make sure to add some dryer sheets to your sewing box. Whenever you finish sewing, all you need to do is sew the thread that was left on the dryer sheet first. We guarantee, if you love sewing, you will love this dryer sheet hack.

Car freshner

If the dryer sheets work for the vents in your house, you best believe that they will work for your car too. And trust us, the scent in your car will be strong and fresh, and it will last longer than the scent of regular car fresheners.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/2gluj4

Put one or two dryer sheets inside or in front of your car’s air vents, and you will be convinced that dryer sheets are better than the usual car fresheners. Your car will smell fresher than newly washed clothes.

Greasy trays

The name of the scariest horror movie ever – greasy trays. No one in this world wants to deal with greasy trays because they take a lot of work to make sparkly clean. Maybe that is why everybody postpones cleaning them, the thing that makes the grease stick to the trays like glue.

Photo courtesy of seattlegummy.com

In order to make the process of cleaning the trays much easier, try using some dryer sheets while you let those greasy trays soak in hot water. The softener and the water will make that grease melt off the trays in no time.

Nicely smelling sachel

If you are into DIY crafts such as making sachels, what item is better to use other than the dryer sheets. They work perfectly as wraps for your little sachels. The fabric is pretty solid, and the contents of the sachel will not fall through it.

Photo courtesy of anastasiapollack.blogspot.com

Decide on a good herbal mix, such as lavender and thyme, then wrap them up in a dryer sheet that preferably has a smell that compliments the mix inside the satchel. Now, you will have a freshener that you can put in your closet, bathroom, and even in your purse.

Toilet room freshener

There are never enough toilet fresheners in one’s bathroom because, in order to keep the bad smells away, it is necessary. We have a tip that you may not have heard of: dryer sheets and toilet paper. This combo works like magic.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Bucks County Cleaning, Inc.

Put some dryer sheets inside your toilet paper roll. Not only will your toilet paper smell nice, but every time someone spins it, the dryer sheet inside will freshen the air. This trick beats all the other toilet fresheners out there and will cover any bad smell.

Hair brush

There is nothing worse than seeing a hairbrush full of hair. One should always make sure to clean their brushes regularly. Even though we agree that cleaning a brush can be a meticulous job sometimes, here is a trick that can help you.

Photo courtesy of Josie Young/Pinterest

After you thoroughly clean your brush, place a dryer sheet on top of it. This way, all the hair that’s tangled in your brush will be easy to remove. On top of this, it will make both your hair and brush smell delish. Oh, and let’s not forget about the static too.

Polish chrome

Dryer sheets work for windows and glasses, so we see no reason why they wouldn’t work on chrome and stainless steel, too. All those stains and fingerprints on these silver surfaces that you love to show off will disappear in a second.

Photo courtesy of onecrazyhouse.com

All you need to do is clean them and make sure you polish them right after with a dryer sheet. And, get ready, because your chromes will look so good you will think that they are brand new. And so will the other people.

Soap scum

The soap scum that always ends up on the shower doors is seriously one of the most annoying things to clean. Once the soap dries on the glass, you feel like you need to scrub it for hours in order to make it go away.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Home Cleaning Solutions

For a quick and satisfying result, grab your dryer sheets because it turns out that they work magic against soap scum too. Make sure to dampen the dryer sheet in some warm water before using it, and you will see how easily the soap scum disappears.

More friendly fire starters

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to refrain from fire starters. And with good reason, because they are loud and they scare our pets, babies, and even adults. We do have to admit that fire starters are really cool to watch.

Photo courtesy of preppingtosurvive.com

To not scare anybody and still be able to watch some fire starters, we might have found a more friendly solution: dryer sheets and dryer lint. All you need to do is put them into a toilet paper tube and set the tube on fire. Enjoy your friendly and easy fire starters!


There is nothing more annoying than wanting to iron your favorite shirt, only to stain it with the bottom of your iron. Sometimes that build-up gunk can stain our clothes so badly that it is practically impossible to make the stain vanish.

Photo courtesy of The Krazy Coupon Lady/Pinterest

So the clothes are compromised. To avoid staining your clothes forever, make use of the dryer sheets that you have in your pantry and make sure to iron with them. The heat and the dryer sheet together will make the gunk come off the iron.

Hat fresheners

Some hats have this “ability” to absorb all sorts of smells and oils from our hair. While some hats can be easily washed, some should stay away from water at any cost. Well, for these hats, we have a solution. You knew it! Dryer sheets!

Photo courtesy of Flickr/mustangjoe

Just put a couple of dryer sheets in your hats to keep them smelling fresh and prevent the static that’s created that made you take the hat off in the first place. And this means no more crazy hat hair. Hip hip, hooray!

Dusting furniture

Since dryer sheets act just like a dust magnet, it’s only fair to use them on our furniture, too, right? We did, and it turns out that they work indeed. They clean better than the dusters out there, and they polish better than furniture polishing spray.

Photo courtesy of Azure Pizzleoni/Pinterest

Not only will they clean the furniture well, but they will leave behind a residue of softener that will make the dust stay away for a while. If you do not have a box of dryer sheets in your house by now, it’s about time to get one!

Crayons and pens

Kids are usually very artsy and have a lot of imagination. But one thing that they do not have is the knowledge that art should stay on the sheet of paper that they have in front of them and not on the clean white walls of their house.

Photo courtesy of wimammoth/Shutterstock

If it’s too late and your kid has already drawn on your walls, don’t freak out because we got your back! Us and the dryer sheets too. Use some damp dryer sheets in order to clean the crayon marks that your little one left on the walls.

Dried bugs

Maybe you’ve noticed it, but most cars have dead, dried bugs stuck to them. Unfortunately, speedy cars and bugs do not get along very well to the point that sometimes, one really needs to scrub their car in order to clean them off!

Photo courtesy of wikihow.com

As you may have already guessed, the answer to this problem is, again, the infamous dryer sheet! A dryer sheet, some water, and some patience are all you need in order to clean your car and make the process faster than normal.

Clean phone

First of all, one should always clean and disinfect their phone from time to time. We are on our phones so much that it is proven they carry all sorts of bacteria that can eventually be harmful to us in one way or another.

Photo courtesy of sugarcoated.com

For a strong, deep clean, you can use a dryer sheet to wipe your phone. The fabric will clean your phone thoroughly and make it smell delish. And you can also use it to polish your screen after you cleaned it. Isn’t this great?

Dirty scissors

Over time, like anything else, scissors get dirty and really hard to use. But worry no more, because as you may have already guessed, we have another dryer sheet tip that will save your life…or at least the life of your scissors.

Photo courtesy of blog.gradeslam.org

All you need to do is to run a dryer sheet over the blades of your scissors. The sheet will remove any residue, and the softener will work exactly like a scissor lubricant, making them guide smoothly. Your scissors will now be as good as new.

Fan air freshener

If the dryer sheets work for the vents, they will work magic for the fan too. And trust us, there is nothing better than using your fan and your dryer sheets together. Your whole house will smell so good; you would not even believe it.

Photo courtesy of thekrazycouponlady.com

And if you ask us, we think that this method is more efficient than using the dryer sheets on the vents in order to refresh your house. No matter where and how you want to use your dryer sheets, they will surely do their job.

Pet hair

If you need a pet hair magnet, here it is. Slim, easy to use, and very nicely scented, the dryer sheets will impress you with how good they can clean your furniture and even your carpets. Use them on all furniture so your house will be pet hair-free.

Photo courtesy of The Krazy Coupon Lady/Pinterest

We all know how annoying it can be to see a mess of dog or cat hair on our furniture, especially after we had just cleaned. This is an easy hack to take care of this problem. Just make sure the dryer sheets are made with natural ingredients that are friendly to the environment and your pet too, as most dryer sheets are toxic to dogs.

Deodorant marks

Putting a T-shirt on after applying your deodorant always ends with some ‘deo’ stains somewhere on your fresh shirt. Sometimes, those stains are so stubborn. One just has to go and change their top for another one. Next time, try this!

Photo courtesy of thespruce.com

Take a dryer sheet and softly rub it against those stubborn stains. They will disappear in a second. No more changing tops because of this. Dryer sheets will work their magic on other stains too. Goodbye, stubborn stains!


Dryer sheets don’t only work well on cleaning your tires or the body of your car; they are amazing at keeping your windscreen clean, too. This is great if you have been accumulating tree sap or dead bugs on your windscreen.

Photo courtesy of southernhomeexpress.com

You will just need to dampen the dyer sheet a bit and then place it on the portion of the windscreen that you would like to clean. After a few minutes, remove the dryer sheet and wipe the dirt off. It is super easy and won’t leave your car with scratches.